What types of forms do I need to get an EIN?

What Types of Forms Do I Need to Get an EIN?Most businesses need an employer identification number (EIN), but you may be confused about how to get one. The good news is it’s easy. All you need to do is submit an SS4 form to the IRS with the help of GovDocFiling. Our online EIN application form is easy to understand and quick to complete. Once you submit the form, you’ll get your EIN quickly and you’ll be ready to use it for legal, banking, and transaction purposes. Here’s a guide to filling out your SS4 form online.

What Do I Need to Get an EIN?

  • You’ll want to have the following information ready before you fill out your tax ID application:
  • Your company’s name
  • What business structure you’ll be forming (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, non-profit, trust, estate of a deceased individual)
  • Whether you’ll have employees within your first year of conducting business

Once you have these details prepared, you’ll be ready to apply for your EIN.

What Information Is Required of Me?

Our EIN application form will ask you for some details, including:

  • Personal Details: Full name, Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), and title.
  • Business Details: Legal name, doing-business-as (DBA) name, date business started, the reason for applying, primary business activity, and the number of employees or members if applicable.
  • EIN Recipient Information: The name, email, and phone number of the person who will be responsible for legal matters.

There are a few unique questions for each entity type, but this is the basic information you’ll need to submit when you apply.

How Will I Receive My EIN?

Once you have completed your application, we will process it and email your EIN to you within one hour. You’ll want to save this email and perhaps even print it out for recordkeeping purposes.

GovDocFiling makes it easy to receive an EIN. Get started on your EIN application today.