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Gusto is a full-service HR and payroll platform that is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses.

Its hiring and onboarding tools can simplify your hiring process and help you find and hire the best candidates.

Gusto’s talent management tools help you track employee performance and enable learning & development.

Online Payroll Services Offered by Gusto

Gusto was launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll, an online payroll service for US-based startup companies. It has since grown into an automated payroll and HR platform serving over 20,000 customers.

Gusto is one of the best online payroll services that provides simplified payroll and employee benefits to businesses through an integrated, easy-to-use platform.

All Gusto accounts include:

  • An all-service automated payroll for workers
  • Online employee hiring and onboarding tool
  • Employee benefits management solution
  • Contractor and employee self-service profiles

Gusto automates most HR and accounting compliance tasks, saving your business a significant amount of time and money.


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Online Payroll Services Offered By ADP

Formed over 70 years ago, ADP is a leading market expert providing online payroll services to companies globally. Their client base spans 140 countries, with over a million global users under their belt, both startups and multinational enterprises.

Besides its all-in-one payroll tool, ADP provides a comprehensive human capital management solution encompassing:

  • Employee recruitment and talent management
  • Time tracking and employee attendance management
  • Accurate tax compliance and management
  • Flexible employee benefits administration and more.

Struggling with HR and payroll? Outsource your business needs to ADP’s team of experts and enjoy their professional insights and unmatched experience.


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Online Payroll Services

They both offer online payroll solutions that make managing employee payroll easy and adaptable to the demands of your business. While Gusto’s platform mainly supports small businesses and startups, ADP caters to large enterprises as well.

Here’s how you can benefit from this feature:

  • Depending on your compensation arrangement, specify hourly rates or salaries for each employee, and run automated payroll as needed.
  • Run manual or automated payroll for employees and contractors in all 50 states and provide a self-service portal for workers.
  • Automatically files your taxes. While other online payroll services charge separately for this, Gusto includes it in the package.
  • Payroll tools integrate with all other online tools and third-party software, such as your ERPs, HR tools, and time-tracking solutions.

Keep your online forms like W-2 and 1099 organized, keep up with state tax regulations, conduct auto tax calculations, and use time-tracking and attendance features to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Employee Benefits

With our partners, you can do more than just pay your workers. You can offer your team affordable employee benefits and build loyalty. Here’s what you’ll get:

    • Health benefits: Get group health insurance plans for your employees and administer them through either the Gusto or ADP online platforms. Employees can opt in or opt out at will.
    • Retirement plans: Our partners work with affordable providers for low-cost retirement plans such as 401(k), SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, etc. Encourage your employees to save for their future with these plans.
    • Other custom benefits: Our partners let you create custom benefits for your employees, such as housing allowances, commuter stipends, et, as well as track and tax them accordingly.
  • Easy access: Employees can access and manage their accounts online. This includes viewing their paystubs, W-2 forms, and 401(k) accounts to monitor their contributions.

Pick your online payroll service today and help your employees build their financial futures.

Hiring and Onboarding

Our partners help small to large businesses hire employees, onboard them onto their online system, and manage them. Here’s what it offers:

  • Job offers: Create job listings and post them publicly for interested prospects. Track every application and interview, and send offer letters to successful candidates.
  • Onboarding checklist: Get a simple checklist to help onboard new employees including forms to be signed. You can also add other items to this list.
  • Hiring integrations: Easily integrate your payroll software with other hiring and onboarding solutions and sync up your data. These include Ashby, Breezy HR, and so forth.
  • Document sharing: Store and export your important HR documents online. Share these documents with your team and request online signatures from anywhere in an instant.

These payroll services give you many ways to manage your teams. Hire, compensate, insure, support, and grow your team from a singular online platform and watch them thrive.

Tax and Compliance

Our partner online payroll service providers also provide taxation services. When you run employee payrolls, they automatically make the necessary tax deductions.

  • Create and distribute W-2 and 1099 forms each year for tax returns. File contractor W-9s and employee W-4s as part of your profile setup process.
  • When you hire a new employee, you can also decide to have your payroll service automatically file a brand-new employment report in their state.
  • To keep your business compliant, your online payroll service keeps you informed and immediately notifies staff of any changes in legislation.
  • Get constant support in maintaining compliance with regional labor regulations. Print labor law posters, or send e-notices to employees.

If you’re not sure whether an employee is an independent contractor or not, you can check with the IRS o make sure you comply with the right tax requirements.

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Online Payroll Services: Advantages

Here are some benefits your business stands to gain from using our partners’ online payroll services

Advantages of GustoAdvantages of ADP
Gusto provides responsive customer support during and after onboarding for all its plans. Their experts will quickly respond to your queries.ADP encourages growth, providing features at different levels to let you scale. You can start small and be sure ADP will grow with you.
Its online payroll service interface is easy to use for both experienced and novice users. Despite having robust features, the application isn’t bulky.It’s a comprehensive HR solution with many extra tools besides payroll. For instance, ADP has a full HR management suite.
You won’t need to pay the full price for your plan. You’ll only pay for features you need, and access more payment options.ADP is convenient as it lets employees easily access and update information, view their payments and benefits and track contributions, etc.
Gusto’s pricing may not be competitive but is still affordable compared to other online payroll services for small to medium-sized businesses.ADP has custom tools to suit your business needs. This flexibility lets you use the tools you need, e.g. combine payroll with other HR functions.
Gusto provides employees with personal finance management tools. They get to track their payments and save with Gusto Wallet.It’s accessible by both employees and employers from both desktop and mobile phones. You can run your payroll functions on the go.
Whether you have hourly contractors or employees, Gusto lets you run payroll as much as you need and create varying pay schedules.Their payment plan charges per payroll. This is good for large businesses, as opposed to charging a flat fee plus a per-employee fee.

From automation and integrations to robust payroll and employee management features, enjoy the best of online payroll software with Gusto, if you’re a small business and ADP if you’re looking to scale.

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Gusto Pricing Plans

Gusto has pricing plans for businesses looking to have full-time employees, or part-time contractors, or both. You’re free to choose any plan, switch between plans or cancel your subscription at will.

Here’s a quick look at Gusto online payroll services pricing plans:


PlanPricingKey Features
Simple$40 per month plus $6 per month per person
  • Basic hiring and onboarding tools
  • Employee health benefits administration
  • Full-time employees and contractor payroll for one state
  • Employee profiles and self-service
  • Accounting, time tracking, and other integrations
  • Basic customer support
  • Custom admin permissions
Plus$80 per month plus $12 per month per person
  • Employee and contractor online payroll services for multiple states
  • Advanced hiring and onboarding tools
  • Next day direct deposit capabilities
  • Paid time off management
  • Full customer support
  • Time and project tracking tool
  • Employee and contractor management tools
PremiumExclusive custom pricing
  • An HR resource center
  • Regulations and accounting compliance alerts
  • Access to Gusto’s certified HR experts
  • Full-service payroll migration and account creation
  • Integration with broker health insurance
  • Exclusive pricing and discounted fees
  • Employee performance review, surveys, and insights
Contractor-Only$35 per month plus $6/month per contractor
  • Unlimited multi-state contractor online payroll services
  • 4-day direct deposit
  • Annual 1099-NEC forms available
  • New hire reporting, if needed
  • Add-on available for international contractor payments
  • Does not include:
  • Any contractor withholding required by states
  • Any other plan add-ons besides the international payment one.

This pricing system also includes an add-on for priority support and access to expert HR services. At an additional $6 per person, you can get these services on the Plus plan as well.

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ADP Pricing Plans

TADP offers multiple plans for different business needs. You can contact their sales team to find out the prices. Here’s what each plan offers

PlanKey Features
ADP RUN (up to 49 employees)Essential Payroll
  • Extensive payroll reporting
  • Mobile and desktop payroll capabilities
  • Direct deposit payments
  • Recruitment reporting
  • Tax filing and payment
  • W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Employee access
Enhanced Payroll
  • State Unemployment Insurance management
  • Labor law poster compliance
  • Employee discounts
  • Employee background checks
  • Benefits administration add-ons
Complete Payroll & HR Plus
  • Human resources helpdesk
  • Salary benchmarking capabilities
  • HR documents and forms
  • Hiring and training tools
  • Human resource tracking
HR Pro Payroll & HR
  • Advanced HR helpdesk support
  • Advanced employee handbook support
  • Employee and employer training
  • Sexual harassment prevention training
  • Marketing tools and live advice
ADP Workforce Now (over 49 employees)Essential
  • Employee performance and compensation management
  • Payroll and tax
  • Intelligent self-service
  • Digital record keeping
  • Advanced analytics and insights
  • Talent acquisition
  • Everything on Essential plus simplified benefits administration
  • Everything on Enhanced plus automated time tracking with Workforce Management

ADP’s plans allow you to scale into a large enterprise with over 1,000 employees with its feature advanced tools. The plans accommodate all types of businesses.

Grow With ADP

It isn’t easy to run a business, but our partners are here to help set your employees up for success from the start.

Whether or not either tool is right for your business depends on your size and needs. Here are some reasons to consider Gusto online payroll services.

  • Customizable onboarding checklists built to keep you organized. You can send offer letters, e-sign and store new-hire paperwork, and set up the software in just a few clicks.
  • Keep everyone happy and healthy. Get help finding health benefits that fit your team and budget. Already offer benefits? Move your plan over so it’s all auto-deducted from payroll.
  • Pay employees for their hard work. Our partners make payroll easy. With just a few clicks, they calculate and file your payroll taxes. From there, everything syncs automatically — time tracking, new hires, benefits plans, and more.
  • Synchronize with your favorite applications and streamline your workflows with accounting and HR integrations. Access your billing data, employee recruitment details, and HR management information.

Get the right tools and services for your business and your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gusto is especially good for small businesses and startups that are constantly scaling and working with both employees and contractors. It’s suitable for businesses looking to automate as much of their payroll functions as they can.

However, Gusto is capable of adapting to your growing business needs and can scale with your business. So, Gusto’s online payroll services can be used by all types of businesses.

Gusto provides its customers with a mobile application called Gusto Wallet. Using this app, employees, or contractors can view their payment details and access other banking and budgeting functions such as debit cards and savings plans.

However, Gusto does not have a mobile app for its online payroll services. This means that users can’t use the online payroll services on the go, which is one of the few drawbacks of Gusto.

ADP provides a time-tracking tool that your hourly or salaried workers can use to clock in and out, track hours, and manage their work. Using this tool employees can view their schedules and even request time off. 

It also has a geo-fencing feature that ensures employees are within a set distance from the workplace when tracking time.

ADP has features suitable for businesses of all sizes from startups and medium-sized businesses to enterprises. Regardless of the industry, you operate in, you can run your payroll and HR functions on the ADP cloud-based suite.

Gusto helps you file quarterly reports with the IRS for withholding for contractors, employee contributions for Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal wages, and other tax deposits. With Gusto’s online payroll services, you can stay in compliance with all laws and regulations.