Easily obtain your EIN/Tax ID number with a simplified application process.


The price for all EIN/Tax ID filing services is $195.

  • You will receive your EIN securely via e-mail on the same business day* unless submitted after 3:00 pm PST or on the weekend, the application will then be processed on the next business day.
  • We do not charge any additional fee for expedited processing, that many other filing services do.
  • Gov Doc Filing is committed to processing your application quickly, securely and accurately.

The price for all LLC and Corporation formations in all states and Puerto Rico (excluding Nevada and South Carolina**) is $250.00.

The mandatory state administrative fee varies depending upon the state and entity type. All state administrative fees collected are paid to the state and are non-refundable once submitted to the state.

The Price to have Vcorp Services act as your Registered Agent is $129.00 annually.  Registered Agent services are a recurring fee, if elected, Vcorp Services will contact you directly for yearly renewals.***

*Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

**The price for LLC and Corporation formations for Nevada and South Carolina is $350 and includes the required Initial Report.

***All terms and conditions pertaining to Vcorp Services Registered Agent services can be found at https://www.vcorpservices.com/terms-of-use/.

***By purchasing Vcorp Services Registered Agent services you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Vcorp Services Terms of Use.

Vcorp Service Registered Agent Service and Payment Terms

States require a corporation or LLC to have a registered agent to forward Service of Process and any official correspondence from the Secretary of State or equivalent office. You will be billed for registered agent service annually. To ensure uninterrupted service, Registered Agent Service customers are urged to pay online as soon as they receive the renewal invoice. Vcorp Services also offers an auto-pay program. This program includes leaving an active credit or debit card on file with Vcorp Services which allows Vcorp Services to charge the credit or debit card for renewal of the Registered Agent Service subscription. You recognize and agree that the cost of service is a good faith estimate. The renewal charge is the current published rate for Registered Agent Service for one year or multiple year terms as applicable. Vcorp Services reserves the right to increase all service fees at any time without notification to you. We will, however, notify you of any increase in service fees prior to renewing your service.

You may cancel the Registered Agent Service at any time. All cancellations of Registered Agent Service require proof (in writing) that the company has a new registered agent on file with the state. If notification of cancellation is not received in writing prior to the renewal date, you agree that Vcorp Services may charge the full fee for the renewal service term. If you cancel your Registered Agent Service prior to the expiration of your term, you will not be entitled to a pro-rata refund.

If less than the full fee is paid, any accepted partial payment by Vcorp Services will be considered an incomplete order until full payment is received by Vcorp Services or, at Vcorp Services’ sole discretion, a reduction in the Registered Agent Service term. Such accepted partial payment orders may be subject to additional installment payment processing fees.

In the event that Vcorp Services does not receive full payment based on the terms dictated on your invoice, Vcorp Services reserves the right to terminate Registered Agent Service. You agree to bear any risk and under no circumstances will Vcorp Services or its parent, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, successors, assigns, agents or representatives, be liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by termination. You agree to pay reasonable collection costs, if necessary, in the event of non-payment, plus interest on any such amounts at a rate of 1.5% per month.

Refund Policy for our EIN Services: 

We will do everything we can to process your application in one business day, provided all information provided to us is accurate. If we cannot complete the EIN process and no EIN is assigned due to an unfixable error, we will provide a refund minus a $10 processing fee.

If we do complete the application and an EIN is successfully assigned (service is provided), no refunds can be issued.

For incomplete orders due to inaccurate information, the customer will be contacted via email by us to rectify the issue, and we will try one additional time to obtain your EIN. If at that point there is another error, the customer will be refunded on the next business day less a $10 processing fee.

SS4 Fax – Ref 101: For EIN applications resulting in a Reference 101 error from the IRS, Easy Doc Filing, LLC will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to complete your EIN application via fax of mail.  Easy Doc Filing, LLC will issue a refund of the service fee, minus a $10 processing fee.  For EIN applications that are bundled with a state formation, we will attempt to correct the Ref 101 error upon completion of the state formation by faxing a signed SS4 to the IRS.  If Easy Doc Filing, LLC is unable to successfully acquire the EIN after 21 business days, we will refund the bundled price of the EIN minus $10 processing fee.

Refund Policy For our State Filing Services:

If an order is canceled after payment has been taken but before a preliminary name check has been completed, Easy Doc Filing, LLC will refund the total order amount less a $50 processing fee. If the order is canceled after the preliminary name check has been completed but before the incorporation documents have been sent to the state for processing, Easy Doc Filing, LLC will refund the total amount of the order less a $75 processing fee. Money paid to Easy Doc Filing, LLC that has already been paid to the state for filing fees is not refundable.