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Limited liability companies are attractive for many reasons. LLCs can be easier to establish than other types of companies. As the name implies, they offer protection from certain liabilities. They are also typically more affordable to maintain. Some business owners opt to enlist help from an LLC formation service.

An LLC formation service can help with filing paperwork and obtaining business licenses. Inc Authority specializes in providing resources to fledgling LLC startups. Read on for more Inc Authority reviews. You’ll also find information to help you decide whether it’s the right service for your business.


Form an LLC with Inc Authority

Assistance With LLCs and Incorporations

Inc Authority is one of the top LLC and incorporation specialists. The company serves businesses of all sizes. If you’ve considered starting a business but aren’t sure where to begin, Inc Authority can help. Inc Authority helps you navigate the system and get the licenses you need. With the help of Inc Authority, you can establish your company. Free entity setup and affordable packages make it simple to incorporate or start an LLC. New customers can start the process here.

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About Inc Authority

Inc Authority has over 30 years of experience in the LLC formation service industry. The company wants to “take the fear, confusion and high cost out of business formation.” Hundreds of thousands of Inc Authority clients have launched an LLC with the company’s help. Inc Authority’s headquarters are in Reno, NV, but it serves businesses around the U.S.

Core Services

Inc Authority’s primary service is helping with the establishment of LLCs. It also assists with the incorporation of a company. LLC formation service reviews report the following core services:

  • Business name verification
  • Service by registered agent
  • S-Election document filing
  • Cloud-based document storage
  • Support from expert staff
  • Tax planning consultation

All these services are part of Inc Authority’s service packages. Clients who pursue incorporation or LLC formation can enjoy these benefits.

Additional Services

Inc Authority offers far more than basic business services. The company also offers a range of more specialized business services. These services assist clients with more complex issues. Some of these issues include helping businesses maintain tax and license compliance. Inc Authority’s more services include:

  • Business credit coaching
  • Credit building help
  • Business license reporting
  • Tax consultations
  • EIN assignment

These services are part of Inc Authority’s higher-priced premium business packages. These packages are discussed below.


How Much Does Inc Authority Cost?

Inc Authority’s fee structure is unique because its most basic service is free! Inc Authority waives all labor costs and service fees.

Inc Authority’s free service includes the following:

  • Business Name Check
  • Registered Agent for 1 year
  • Digital Storage & Delivery
  • Tax Planning Consultation
  • Entity Formation with the state
  • S-Election Form (optional)
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Free Business Checking Account

Clients who want to upgrade can buy a bundle package starting at $399 plus state fees.

Inc Authority Packages

In addition to free entity setup services, Inc Authority offers three premium-level packages. These packages promise to provide specialized support to new businesses. Clients can enjoy more extensive help throughout the business establishment process. Inc Authority offers to take over tasks such as filing paperwork and obtaining an EIN. The following packages also include creating a record book.

Starter Business Bundle

$399 + State Filing Fees

The Starter Business Bundle is Inc Authority’s first upgrade package. It offers an array of benefits that new business owners can take advantage of:

  • State-filed articles
  • Ownership certificates
  • Company seal
  • Record book
  • Meeting minutes and resolutions
  • Tax ID/EIN
  • Business credit consultation

These services are a great launchpad for business owners. If you want help getting started, this package is great. It allows you to maintain involvement in establishing your business.

Executive Business Bundle

$499 + State Filing Fees

The Executive Business Bundle is one step up from the Starter package. It offers all the same benefits, plus some additional perks, including the following:

  • Website domain name
  • Business license report

Both of these benefits offer businesses an extra advantage. A website domain, especially, is a vital resource for establishing an online presence. This package is great for assistance with establishing, marketing, and maintaining your brand.

Tycoon Business Bundle

$799 + State Filing Fees

Inc Authority’s top-tier benefits package is the Tycoon Business Bundle. This package builds on the benefits included in the Executive bundle. It offers services tailored to meet the needs of bigger businesses or businesses in the process of expanding:

  • Expedited processing
  • Business credit coaching
  • Multi-tier credit building
  • D&B credit bureau registration

These services are ideal for a business that’s looking to expand operations. It’s also useful if you’re obtaining funding. Inc Authority’s credit counseling services help businesses establish a strong credit rating.

Is Inc Authority a Good Choice for Your Business?

Reading LLC formation service reviews can only provide so much information. Other customers rave about Inc Authority, but is it a good choice for your business? To answer this question, you need to assess what your most pressing business needs are. Weigh those needs against the services that Inc Authority offers. If it seems like a good fit, then Inc Authority may be a great option for your business.

Inc Authority is an ideal provider for businesses that want affordable or free help. The company’s free entity setup is a great service for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Inc Authority isn’t just for beginners, though. Its premium packages prove that it can offer in-depth help. This is great for complex business matters.

Pros of Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers an array of great benefits to clients. When you start an LLC with Inc Authority, you can enjoy pros such as the following:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Free and low pricing available
  • Serves customers nationwide
  • A year of service from a registered agent
  • Reliable and accessible customer service

Cons of Inc Authority

The benefits that Inc Authority offers are clear. Still, there are some cons that prospective customers should consider, too:

  • Some customer reviews report upselling
  • Premium services may be pricey for new businesses

These cons ultimately don’t outweigh the pros. Inc Authority is still a top provider for free and low-priced services. This is true even if its premium packages do cost more.

Inc Authority Reviews from Around the Web

Reviews from Inc Authority’s prior clients are a great resource. Inc Authority is widely reviewed and highly regarded across several different review platforms. Some of the stats that may interest prospective clients are as follows (updated october 2021):

4.6out of 5

“I was able to get everything started with ease! They offer so much help in a lot of different ways. Chance, my business advisor, was extremely helpful! He actually seemed to have my best interest in mind.”

– David H.

4.8out of 5

“Service is top notch, they have everything you need to accelerate your start up. And amazing customer service representatives like Melanie make navigating and understanding the applications very easy!”

– Karen A.

FAQs about Inc Authority

Judging from the wealth of enthused client reviews, yes. Most customers would say that Inc Authority is worth the investment. Customers report that they receive exceptional service at each price point.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they can do what an LLC formation service can do. This isn’t the case. By law, all LLCs and corporations must have an address to receive legal notifications. A registered agent provides this address. They also act as an authorized recipient of your government mail. Most business owners lack the qualifications to perform this service for themselves.

A registered agent is a person or entity who receives your government mail, but they do much more than this. Registered agents offer privacy to businesses. They do this by forwarding legal notifications to a designated business address. This address is used rather than the physical location of your business.

One or more individual owners operate an LLC. A group of shareholders owns a corporation. These shareholders vote to dictate the operation of the company.

Whether you should establish an LLC or a corporation depends on your business. LLCs are easier to establish and manage, but a corporation may have easier access to capital than an LLC. Inc Authority can help business owners decide which option is best.

Every business is different, so there’s no set timeframe for when your business will be up and running. A business that has only one employee and requires no funding will have a shorter timeframe. A business that requires a lease on a large building, a loan, and inventory will take longer. Inc Authority does offer expedited service as part of its Tycoon Business Bundle. This is great for entrepreneurs who are eager to start.

Inc Authority offers free entity setup as a service to small business owners. It is also a gesture of trust-building. The company hopes to establish a relationship with clients. Inc Authority wants to earn the continued business of clients who enjoy this service.

You need several things to start an LLC or corporation. First, you need a business concept. You also need a business plan. Finally, you need a license to operate.

Why Choose Inc Authority?

You’ve probably seen a number of Inc Authority reviews on the web by now, and if you’re like us you haven’t found a comprehensive source yet. We built this page to summarize the critical information you need as a business owner to make a final decision about whether Inc Authority is the LLC formation provider that is best for you.

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