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When starting a business, you have many choices to make regarding the structure of your new company. You also have options on the company you partner with to guide you through the process. Toward this end, we provide Northwest Registered Agent reviews to give you the best information to make an informed decision on many aspects of your company.

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An Overview of Northwest Registered Agent

This family-owned and operated company focuses on providing top-notch business formation services. A few features in the way the company operates set it apart from others. It places a high priority on privacy and promises to never sell company data, and it has a reputation for solid customer service from agents across the United States. It also claims it does not engage in upselling of products.

NW Registered Agent reviews give the company credit for a unique pricing approach that offers only one paid plan for its registered agent service and LLC formation. The company’s overall approach comes with many positives:

  • Streamlined pricing
  • Easy checkout process
  • Clear fees
  • Favorable customer reviews
  • Privacy protection

The agency does offer upgrades, which can add to the overall price of the plan. These include EIN filing, compliance filing, mail forwarding, FCC registration, virtual phone service, virtual office and several other add-ons. Most companies starting a business would not need all of these add-ons, but they can provide convenience for some new owners. Some new companies might balk at the company’s lack of BBB accreditation and a missing business license library/report.

A Closer Look at Northwest Registered Agent

Whether you want an LLC provider comparison or more basic information, we seek to help you understand your options. A comprehensive glance at Northwest Registered Agent can assist companies in making a good decision. Understanding how the company operates, what is the availability of its resources and how it charges fees all become important components for comparison.

Customer Service

Northwest Registered Agent reviews generally provide high marks for the customer service aspect of the business. The company shows pride in the human touch, making an effort to engage clients with a live person on calls. Customers who must leave a voicemail should expect a response in under two hours during a normal business day.

The service company also receives praise from its customers for a variety of reasons related to customer service. Support services respond promptly whether through online, email or phone platforms. The company avoids upselling pressures and even has a catchy trademarked slogan: “We’re just not annoying.” The company does not charge late fees.

Payment Options

NW Registered Agent reviews highlight the diversity of payment options offered by the company. This can help new businesses struggling with costs as they strive to get a company off the ground. Payment features for the main plan or add-ons include distinct options and benefits:

  • A $39 fee to file for an LLC
  • Automatic, integrated payment for state filing fees
  • A Pay in Full option for the main plan
  • A VIP service that allows for monthly payments
  • Free document scanning for five documents a year
  • Notification of price changes

Not all financial matters provide exceptional value to clients. For example, the annual service plan does not allow for refunds for services purchased or rendered. This could leave a company paying for services it did not use if it chooses to go with another service.


The basic plan through Northwest Registered Agent prices out at $225 a year. This ranks about in the middle of affordability when compared with other business formation plans. Clients can also purchase other features during the check-out process.

These options require an opt-in selection that adds to the transparency of the fee structure. The following list includes possible add-ons:

  • Compliance filing for $100
  • Certified copy of Articles of Organization for $55
  • Corporate supplies for $15-$100
  • Trucking agent coverage for $125
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • S Corp filing for $50

All of these provide potential benefits for new businesses and should be considered during an LLC provider comparison. Some add-ons, such as an EIN filing for $50, deliver convenience rather than a necessary service.


Northwest works hard to limit the exposure of your documents to third-party services, making privacy a priority. The company may work with outside attorneys and couriers when filing legal documents, but otherwise it provides other services in-house. It promises not to share or sell information to other companies.

A Glance at Other Considerations

Favorable Northwest Registered Agent reviews from customers suggest the company meets the needs of its clients. Its unique approach to pricing could work well for many businesses. While the company does not offer free filing for LLC creation, it gives members access to a forms library. This library explains the forms and the process and allows clients to download the forms and complete applications at no extra charge.

Certain principles of the company may resonate well with users. These features include pricing that allows companies to choose which services they most need, without any pressure to buy more. For those looking for strong customer support, Northwest has a solid reputation for timely and valuable responses.

A Side-by-Side Comparison

An LLC provider comparison shows that NW Registered Agent has similar standards to ZenBusiness and Inc Authority. The pricing structure shows Northwest falls in the middle, with fees just $10 below ZenBusiness and $39 above Inc Authority. The service times for all services vary by state and the package.

For other business formation services, Northwest gains a favorable outlook and compares well with the other top services in the field. Its registered agent service costs $26 more than the other two companies, with Inc Authority offering a free first year.

ProviderFree PlanPaid Plan CostsRegistered Agent Service
Northwest Registered AgentNo$225$125
ZenBusinessYes$49 to $299$99
Inc AuthorityYes$399 to $799$99 (free first year)

Comparing NW Registered Agent and LegalZoom

While these two companies cover much of the same territory, they do have a few differences. The pricing structure shows that NW has a starting price point that at $39 begins much lower than LegalZoom’s price of $149. However, the companies offer different items in service packages, making it important to closely compare plans.

Once again, NW comes out favorably when comparing customer service factors. LegalZoom remains a popular choice and can boast a solid track record with its many customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

With its unique pricing approach, Northwest Registered Agent gives clients flexibility in pricing. The final cost depends on what features you select. The basic package for LLC formation services costs $225 a year. This package includes the registered agent fee, which runs $125 by itself. Clients can pay annually or monthly.

The monthly billing package runs $37 a month and includes EIN filing and state filing fees. The monthly cost could change depending upon what state you register your company in.

A registered agent performs many important services for your company. Many of these services fall into the essential category and provide significant value to many business owners, particularly those with limited experience in business formation. A registered agent can make sure your company remains compliant with financial requirements.

A registered agent can also accept correspondence on behalf of a company. These documents include tax forms, government notifications and legal notices.

NW Registered Agent reviews indicate the value varies for each company when it comes to having a registered agent. A business owner cannot operate as the business’s own registered agent. In addition to offering the basic services, NW Registered Agent also seeks to go above and beyond in these areas:

  • Business maintenance tools
  • State compliance notifications
  • Customized software
  • A secure online account

By looking at the information in Northwest Registered Agent reviews, you can get a better sense of the services this company offers. You can also get a sense of its costs and those of its competitors. This should give you a good foundation for your decision. You can also visit the company’s website.

Deciding on a registered agent and LLC formation provider involves many personal considerations. You should consider a variety of factors:

  • The overall pricing and fee structure of a plan
  • The quality of customer service
  • The information from customer reviews
  • The reputation of the company
  • The number and quality of services offered

If your company operates as an LLC, it must have a business address and a registered agent address. A virtual business address is acceptable so long as the registered agent has a physical address. This real address can accept the important legal documents required for business compliance.

NW Registered Agent provides a virtual office for an add-on fee of $49 a year. A mail forwarding fee of $40 a year provides extra security for receiving important notifications.

The company is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in business formation services. It does not rank as the largest company offering these services, but it does generate positive reviews from past customers. It has a good reputation, especially in the areas of customer service support and privacy matters.

The company began as a registered agent service. It opened offices in every state, eventually growing into a national registered agent service. Over time, the company expanded to business formation and compliance services.

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