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Do you want to form an S-Corp in New York? Inc Authority, our trusted partner, can help simplify the process for you, offering step-by-step guidance and assistance for free! They also provide free registered agent services for one year.

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Inc Authority offers 100% free S-Corp formation services in New York.

Add-on services include business funding, legal planning, marketing, etc.

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What are the Benefits of Forming an S-Corp in New York?

With over 4 million S-Corps registered in the US, it continues to be one of the popular business structures, mainly for tax purposes.

Whether you have an LLC or a C-Corp, you can convert it to S-Corp in New York easily with Inc Authority’s assistance.

Here are some of the key benefits of forming an S-Corp in New York:

    • By converting your business to an S-Corp in New York, you can avoid self-employment tax plus state and federal taxes.
    • Shareholders can write off any business losses in their income statements and report it on their individual tax returns. 
    • Shareholders enjoy double income—once from the company’s profits and once by taking a reasonable salary as an employee.
    • The formal management structure helps ensure that the business is run in a professional and efficient manner.

By forming an S-Corp in New York, small business owners can enjoy the best of both worlds—the tax savings of a Sole Proprietorship and the flexibility of an LLC.

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Ensure You Meet The Criteria

Before filing for an S-Corp in New York, you must register your domestic business either as an LLC or a C-Corporation. A business entity with up to 100 shareholders and one class of stock is eligible for S-Corp tax designation.

If you are unsure about which type of business structure is right for you, Inc Authority offers plenty of resources that explain each structure. Apart from reading informative blogs, you can also leverage live support to get answers to queries.


Pick a Unique Business Name

As per naming rules for S-Corp in New York, the business name you choose must be unique. The name must contain words such as “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” or “Limited,” or their abbreviations at the end.

You’ll need to also avoid words like “assurance finance savings” and “bank guaranty surety.” With Inc Authority’s free business name check tool, you can check if your S-Corp New York name in available in seconds.

Register Your Business

As mentioned above, if you have not yet registered your business as an LLC or C-Corporation, you will need to do so before you can convert your existing business into an S-Corp in New York.

Inc Authority will help you form an LLC or an S-Corp in New York by handling all the paperwork. This includes assistance to fill and submit the Articles of Incorporation and other forms.


Obtain an EIN

To form an S-Corp in New York, you will need an EIN (Employee Identification Number) per New York state tax law to be able to hire staff, open a business bank account, set up payroll, and pay taxes.

An EIN also helps you pursue other crucial goals, such as establishing credit and  applying for permits and licenses. You can rely on Inc Authority to fill out the Form SS4 and obtain an EIN.

File the Federal and New York S-Election Forms

Once you have registered your C-Corp or LLC, you will need to take the next step to be considered get the S-Corp tax status. To do this, you will need to submit Form 2553 of the IRS and Form CT-6 to the concerned New York department.

This process should be completed in the previous tax year or 75 days before the end of the tax year. Inc Authority handles the entire process of filing the election form to ensure your business gets the a New York S-Corp status.


Announce Your New New York S-Corporation in Newspapers

New York S-Corporations have to take an extra step before they can start operating as an LLC or as an S-Corp in New York. They have to publish a notice of their formation in two newspapers as part of the business formation process. 

The publication has to be done within 120 days of forming an LLC in New York. The notice must be published for six consecutive weeks, and must contain information such as the business name, date of formation, and address.

Why Do You Need a Formation Service for New York S-Corp

There are multiple benefits of working with an experienced business formation service. Apart from expert professional guidance and support, they will ensure you are able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with this business structure.


Helps You Stay Compliant

When forming an S-Corp in New York, you must comply with state laws and regulations. Business formation services can help ensure that you meet all the requirements for an S-Corp in New York, such as filing the necessary paperwork and obtaining licenses.


Free and Hassle-Free Formation

Inc Authority offers free services for forming an S-Corp in New York. Yes, it’s truly free! You will only need to pay the state filing fees and Inc Authority takes care of the rest. You will also get other free services such as Registered Agent services and tax consultation.


You Can Get Multiple Services

In addition to business formation services, Inc Authority also offers a range of S-Corp New York services that you need in the initial stages of running a business. These include business planning, credit coaching, funding assistance, and website building and marketing.

Form Your S-Corp

No Hidden Fee

If you’re looking for an S-Corp New York service that won’t break the bank, Inc Authority is the perfect option. Most other business formation services will charge a hefty fee upfront and their free services will involve hidden costs.

Inc Authority’s free forever package includes everything you need to get your business up and running, including a registered agent service, access to their online platform, and tax consultation. Plus, there are no hidden fees.

Rich Experience

Inc Authority has been providing LLC, C-Corp, and S-Corp formation services for over 30 years. This has allowed it to gain a deep understanding of the legal requirements involved in forming an S-Corp in New York.

In fact, Inc Authority assists in forming 25,000 corporations and LLCs each year. The goal of the company is to ensure the process of forming an S-Corp in New York is not intimidating, confusing, or stressful for entrepreneurs.

Next-Day Filing

When it comes to S-Corp New York formation, every second matters. Inc Authority understands that time is of the essence when starting a new business and offers an expedited filing option to get your business up and running quickly.

Their team experts will help you through every step of the process. They will file all documents, such as Form CT-6 and articles of incorporation the next working day, so you can focus on what’s important—running your new business!

Working Capital

One of the key reasons to choose Inc Authority for S-Corp New York formation is that they offer a wide range of funding options and can help you get quick access to working capital of anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000.

They will connect you with a certified underwriter and guide you on pre-application compliance to ensure your funding application is accurate. They will then submit the application and offer ongoing support to fasttrack approval.

Trademark Services

A key benefit of using Inc Authority’s trademark services is that they can help clients avoid common pitfalls in the trademark registration process as part of their S-Corp New York formation services.

In addition to helping you search trademark databases, Inc Authority connects business owners with a trademark specialist to streamline your application filing process and alert them of any infringements.

Hassle-Free Compliance

One of the benefits of using Inc Authority’s business license report services is that their team of experts can help clients navigate the often-complex landscape of business licensing requirements.

As part of their S-Corp New York package, they offer business licensing reports that list the licenses your business requires in New York. The reports are based on a detailed analysis of the client’s location and industry.

Website and Marketing

To run a successful S-Corp in New York, you will need a compelling website and marketing strategy. By providing a dedicated marketing specialist and a website design consultation, Inc Authority stands out from other formation services.

Marketing specialists will assist you in designing SEO-based content to boost your website’s ranking in search engines. What’s more, you can get professionally designed business cards and logos and location listing services.

Credit Coaching

Want to improve and establish your business credit? Inc Authority offers a variety of services to help get your S-Corp in New York on the right track. With one-on-one credit coaching, you can build an A+ business credit.

You can also take advantage of their multi-layered credit development system that helps you build credit efficiently and quickly. The platform lists customized, updated, and pre-screened, credit vendors at each tier to help you get ahead.

That’s not all. Inc Authority scores over most S-Corp New York services by also offering private banking specialists and personalized business advisory services. You can confidently form your S-Corp in New York by partnering with Inc Authority.

Forming an S-Corp in New York with Inc Authority: What Will It Cost?

With a free plan in addition to two paid plans and several ‘a la carte’ options, Inc Authority has the most flexible pricing plans for S-Corp New York formation.

Take a closer look at the free and paid plans:

Free Package

As we said earlier, Inc Authority’s free plan is truly free and gives you access to a wide range of valuable services such as:

    • Business name search
    • Tax consultation by a tax professional
    • Registered agent service for the first year
    • Digital document storage
    • Preparation and filing of all business formation documents
    • Preparation and filing of S-Corp election form
    • Business credit and funding analysis

Starter Business Bundle

Inc Authority provides these services in addition to what the free plan offers:

    • Obtaining EIN or Tax ID: Once you provide basic information about your business, Inc Authority will prepare and file the paperwork with the IRS.
    • Stock/Ownership Certificates: Inc Authority will customize ownership certificates with your company’s name, logo, and other relevant information.
    • Minutes of Meeting: Included in the Starter Package is assistance with preparing and filing the necessary initial minutes of meeting and resolutions.
    • Deluxe Record Book: Store all important information in a custom record book with an embossed seal that Inc Authority will help create.
    • Operating Agreement: Inc Authority drafts a custom operating agreement that describes the company structure and the ownership.
    • Annual Compliance Notifications: Stay on top of compliance with notifications from Inc Authority that remind you of important deadlines and requirements.
    • Corporate Forms Package: You can access all the forms you need for your business with Inc Authority’s bundled corporate forms package.
    • Professional Tax Consultation: Get expert tax-saving guidance with a detailed professional tax consultation offered in the Starter Package.
    • Web Domain and Email Addresses: In addition to a domain, you can also get five business email addresses to get started on a professional note.

Fasttrack Business Bundle

In addition to all the features in the Starter S-Corp New York package, the Fasttrack bundle also offers:

    • Private Banking Specialist: Get exclusive banking assistance from Inc Authority’s private banking specialist included in the S-Corp New York package.
    • INC Success Advisor Package: A dedicated advisor assigned to each customer provides personalized support and guidance throughout the business formation process.
    • Personalized Business Advice: A dedicated business advisor handles the research and business planning processes. You’ll also get a business funding analysis.
    • Expedited Filing: With the expedited filing service offered by Inc Authority, you can form your S-Corp in New York as quickly as possible.


An S-Corp in New York is a special type of corporation that is specifically designed to provide certain tax benefits. It gives business owners the flexibility to structure their business while also having the ability to take advantage of corporate tax benefits.

Shareholders can pay income tax and report losses through their individual tax returns while enjoying double income.

Yes, New York state does recognize S Corporations. Companies that already are registered as LLCs or corporations must take certain steps to become recognized S Corps in the state.

These include filing and submitting Form CT-6 with the Department of Taxation and Finance. Inc Authority can help you form an S-Corp in New York in a quick time.

Forming an S-Corp in New York is easy with Inc Authority. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure you have registered a limited liability company or a C-corporation
  • Find a business name for your New York corporation
  • File articles of incorporation/organization
  • Obtain an EIN
  • File the S-Corp election form with the internal revenue service
  • Publish your New York LLC news in two newspapers

When it comes to deciding between an S-Corp in New York and an LLC, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. While both offer benefits such as limited liability, S-Corp in New York offers tax savings and avoids double taxation.

As an S-Corp in New York, your business can avoid corporate tax and self-employment taxes while writing off any business losses in your personal income filing.

Starting a New York S-Corporation is easy with Inc Authority. As our trusted partner, they offer free filing services for all business owners in the state. Their online service is simple and secure, allowing you to quickly navigate the filing process with ease.

A bonus point is the free New York registered agent and tax consultation services they offer. They also offer add-on services such as business planning, credit coaching, and funding analysis to help new business owners get started with an S-Corp in  New York.