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Rocket Lawyer’s Legal Services for Businesses at a Glance

Having great legal support doesn’t have to take an army of lawyers and tens of thousands of dollars to achieve.

Gov Doc Filing is proud to partner with an extremely talented and experienced team of lawyers because we believe that every small business should have access to high-quality legal services formerly only available only to big corporations.

This legal team was designed to be highly efficient due to the fact that their attorneys uphold a practice that includes both transactional work and litigation.

As a result, they bring to the table the invaluable experience of having both drafted numerous contracts and litigated a multitude of contractual disputes.

Get informed. Stay protected.

Why You Need Legal Services for Your Small Business

Unlike large corporations, most small to medium-sized businesses do not have dedicated lawyers for their legal needs. This is because, after registration, they largely only need legal services occasionally.

These legal needs increase as the business grows, and only then do most of these businesses seek legal services. Usually, it’s on a need basis as hiring lawyers can be expensive.

However, online legal service companies like Rocket Lawyer have made things easier for businesses with smaller budgets. Most of these businesses now get help from these online companies that provide legal services for your small business, as they’re affordable.

Such services include:

Creating, examining, and maintaining contracts

Sending, tracking, and responding to claims

Overseeing the business registration process

Preparing the required documentation

Offering overall legal advice and assistance

Protecting your business’s intellectual property

Representing businesses during an inspection

Ensuring a business complies with all regulations

Avoiding Litigation for Your Small Business

Most small business owners do not view legal counsel as a necessity and only seek legal services when problems arise in their businesses. While this is a common misconception, it’s ultimately an expensive decision.

Here are some strategies to avoid (or Survive) litigation for your small business:

Memorialize agreements in writing.

Research who you do business with.

Invest in legal advice.

Insure your business.

Invest time planning your business structure.

Having legal counsel for your employment and contractual needs upfront saves you from the costs of having to mitigate losses when problems arise.

Rocket Lawyer: Providing Legal Support Since 2008

Rocket Lawyer is one of the most credible online legal tech firms in the service industry. It was started in 2008 to make law simple and affordable to even the smallest of businesses and individuals.

Having served over 20 million businesses and individuals, they’re committed to making legal services for businesses affordable and easily accessible. Rocket Lawyer operates in the United States, the UK, and parts of Europe and South America.

The company provides different services including:

Business formation

Legal documentation

Legal consultation

You’ll get a chance to talk to highly qualified lawyers for legal guidance on anything from estate planning to copyright protection.

At low monthly subscription fees, you can easily get all the documentation you need to start your business.


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Countries Served

Business Incorporation Services

Rocket Lawyer takes care of the paperwork involved in forming an LLC, non-profit organizations, S-Corporations, and C-corporations. The upside to forming LLCs with Rocket Lawyer is the level of expertise they deliver, as they have experienced lawyers.

To get started, you’ll only need to answer a few questions related to your business. Then, Rocket Lawyer will:

  • Review the regulations involved depending on your state
  • File documents on your behalf and every paperwork involved
  • Conduct a name search and help reserve your business name
  • Offer affordable legal services for your growing business

The fee involved can be costly if it’s the only service you’re subscribing to, as you’ll pay $99.99 excluding state fees if you’re a non-member. However, you can get the service for free as a new premium member and at 25% off thereafter.

Business Incorporation Services
Registered Agent Service

Registered Agent Service

In the US, every business is legally required to have a registered agent during formation to act as their point of contact with the state. Rocket Lawyer provides registered agent services in all 50 US states.

If you’ve formed your business with them, then it’s easy to have them as your registered agent. As part of this package Rocket Lawyer will:

  • Receive your tax notices, annual report forms, and other legal papers
  • Ensure compliance with state-specific statutory regulations
  • Keep track of your legal notices and standard operating procedures
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your personal information
  • Access all your legal notices and inform you timely

Overall, Rocket Lawyer registered agent services will shield your business from any adverse legal outcomes such as default judgment.

You’ll only pay an annual fee of $149.99 and $112.49 if you have a premium membership.

Legal Advice

Rocket Lawyer is one of the few online legal firms that give you access to a panel of experienced lawyers at a low cost.

You’ll get to connect with real-life experienced lawyers on the phone, via chat, or via email, and have your legal questions answered.

The rates are affordable if you have a premium membership, which only costs $39.99 a month. With that, you can:

  • Ask a lawyer legal questions for free
  • Book a free 30-minute consultation on new legal matters
  • Hire an attorney on call and get 40% off
  • Connect with on-call lawyers beyond business hours
  • Drop an email and get a response in 1 business day

However, it gets expensive without a membership as you’ll pay $49.99 per legal question and $59.99 for a 30-minute consultation on new legal issues.

Legal Advice
Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Besides letting you form your business and helping you secure your business name, Rocket Lawyer also offers trademark registration services. You can hire a lawyer to guide you through the filing of a trademark and take care of the paperwork for you.

Here’s the procedure you should follow:

  • Consult with your trademark attorney: Get in touch with a trademark lawyer after you’ve signed your legal services agreement.
  • Your lawyer conducts a trademark search: This is to find any conflicting trademarks and make recommendations on changes if any.
  • Your lawyer files your trademark application: Your lawyer will write up your trademark and then file your application with USPTO.
  • Wait for a response: It takes roughly 6 to 9 months for USPTI to respond.

This costs $699.99 plus the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) fee or $349.99 with a premium membership.

Online Document Library

One of the most important legal services this business offers is providing customizable legal documents for almost every legal purpose.

All you need to do is answer a few questions about the legal document you have in mind and they’ll help you customize it to fit your business needs in minutes.

You can sign these documents online and make them legal. Also, you can download and print them out at any time.

Some of these documents include:

  • Business contract
  • Operating agreement
  • LLC operation agreement
  • Corporation bylaws

With a premium membership, you can create your documents for free. For non-members, the charges are $39.99 per document.

Gain access to some of the most popular and necessary legal documents and forms. With simple, easy-to-follow instructions, you can create your own.

Online Document Library

Simple and Easy

If you’re a new business owner and have little knowledge of how business law works, Rocket Lawyer makes everything easy for you. This process is quick and straightforward. Here’s how.

  • The system generates relevant legal documents that you can customize.
  • You just pick a form and fill out the details as asked.
  • Once these papers are available to you, you can sign them online.
  • You’ll get both Word and PDF versions to either edit or print.

A lawyer will thoroughly review your business paperwork and check for any legal inconsistencies and update all the appropriate clauses.

Simple and Easy
Fast and Convenient

Fast and Convenient

Rocket Lawyer, unlike many other online legal services, has on-call attorneys you can contact online with your legal questions. You’ll get a specialized lawyer who will tackle your queries in detail.

You can:

  • Reach out via phone from 6 am to 6 pm PT
  • Reach out via email or chat any other time
  • Provide a detailed description of your problem

As a premium member, you’ll get 40% off if you hire a lawyer from their network. This is convenient if you’re already using their legal services, and also affordable compared to hiring independent attorneys outside.

All your sensitive details are treated with confidentiality and your information is kept safe.

Great Customer Support

Here’s how the Rocket Lawyer customer support is better than most other online legal services out there:

  • It is available beyond regular business hours.
  • A variety of contact options including chat, email, and phone.
  • You can get an email response within one business day.
  • It has great customer service reviews by existing customers.

It’s also notable that clients get to interact with real people, who are also professional and knowledgeable lawyers.

Great Customer Support
An Intuitive Form Builder

An Intuitive Form Builder

Rocket Lawyer is known for providing customizable legal documents of all kinds. Its form builder feature, which enables customers to produce different documents, makes this possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • You specify the document or contract you want to be drawn
  • Answer a few simple questions about your business
  • A few pop-ups will appear explaining the laws in your specified state
  • Safely sign your documents and share them online and offline

The form builder makes sure your legal documents comply with the laws of your state. Rocket Lawyer teams ensure these documents are legally binding.

You can always make revisions to and copies of these document templates as many times as you like.

Document Defense

This is another unique feature that sets Rocket Lawyer apart. Document Defense is a tool that is integrated with Rocket Lawyer’s form builder.

It’s meant to help you in case another party fails to comply with your custom contracts.

Here’s how it works.

  • If you come up with a contract on Rocket Lawyer’s form builder, and the other party does not comply, you’ll get an attorney to assist you.
  • They’ll come up with a demand letter on your behalf to persuade the other party to cooperate.

This way, you’ll have someone by your side when a dispute arises. This add-on however, is only included in your premium plan.

Document Defense
A Free 7-Day Trial

A Free 7-Day Trial

With the free trial feature, you get to try Rocket Lawyer’s services for 7 days before committing financially to their monthly premium membership. This gives you a chance to:

  • Experience their services such as their legal consultations
  • Test their features and tools like the form builder
  • Interact with their interface and decide if you like it

You’ll also get to interact with business attorneys at no cost and find a suitable one for your business. If you get charged by mistake after your free trial, you can always reach out to customer support and have the transaction reversed.

A Rocket Lawyer App

Another advantage that Rocket Lawyer has is its android and iPhone application. Businesses can access their documents as well as legal services on the go. This makes it all the more convenient.

Furthermore, the application has great reviews on Google Play Store with a 4.7-star rating for over 2.59k reviews and has been downloaded over 100k times.

A Rocket Lawyer App

Premium Service

As it’s a premium service that offers much more than other affordable services, some of Rocket Lawyer’s prices may seem a bit much, especially so for non-members.

However, with a premium membership package, you’ll get multiple discounts making these services just as affordable as any other firm.

Fixed Plan

Rocket Lawyer only has one membership option that’s affordable for most businesses. Standalone services can be expensive and need to be paid for separately by non-members.

But overall, the premium membership is great for businesses that need regular legal services and want the best service their money can afford.

Credit Card Details

Rocket Lawyer asks for your credit card information before you sign up for their seven-day free trial, after which the monthly payment is automatically deducted.

However, if you are not interested, you can have a hassle-free cancellation without paying anything,no questions asked.

Who Should Use Rocket Lawyer’s Legal Services?

While it’s one of the best online legal services in the market, some companies are more likely to benefit from Rocket Lawyer than others.

Rocket Lawyer is both affordable and reliable for the following types of businesses:

Any business looking for consistent legal advice

Those who regularly deal with different legal forms and contracts

Any type of business looking for quick legal help

Anyone who needs legal advice for business or personal needs

For such businesses, a subscription of $39.99 per month is significantly less expensive than employing a local attorney on a need basis.

Who Should Not Use Rocket Lawyer

Even with all the expertise Rocket Lawyer provides, it may not be the best legal service. The $39.99 monthly fee they charge is affordable for businesses that need consistent legal assistance. Rocket Lawyer is, however, not suitable if:

Your small business only needs one-off legal advice

You do not need access to legal documents and contracts regularly

You’re looking for business formation and registered agent services only

You do not need many of the services included in the premium membership

For one-time services, a membership may not make sense as you may not need most of their legal services.  But if you need regular legal services, Rocket Lawyer is your best option.

How Rocket Lawyer Ranks Among Competitors

If you’re thinking of getting legal services for your small business, Rocket Lawyer should be at the top of your list of companies to consider. As the name suggests, they are dedicated to providing fast access to legal documents and advice.

Rocket Lawyer is suitable for both business and personal legal matters. Compared to other legal service firms, they provide an unmatched level of expertise with their panel of experienced attorneys and 14 years of industry experience.

They have vast resources for a variety of business needs. This includes documentation for virtually every legal need for small businesses.

For members, these services are affordable considering how fast you can access them and the legal expertise you get in return.

The site has numerous positive online reviews, most of them praising their solid customer support and their document generation feature.

Here’s a summary of Rocket Lawyer’s online ratings from top consumer review sites.

Rocket Lawyer Ranks Among Competitors

According to the above reviews, Rocket Lawyer ranks highly in the legal technology market.

How To Cancel Your Rocket Lawyer Membership

Rocket Lawyer offers a 7 day free trial, after which if you’re not satisfied with their services, you’re free to cancel. You can also cancel your membership with them at any time for whatever reason.

Here’s how you can easily do it from your account.

Log in to your account

Find the “current plan” section

Go to your account dashboard

Click on cancel your premium subscription

Click on account settings

For free trials, unless you’ve canceled your subscription, you will be automatically charged after the free trial period is over. However, in case you get accidentally charged, the company will refund your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most small businesses, legal services include:

  • Business formation or incorporation
  • Drafting legal documents e.g. NDAs
  • Creating, examining, and maintaining contracts
  • Sending, tracking, and responding to claims
  • Registered agent services
  • Offering legal advice
  • Ensuring a business complies with all legal regulations

Businesses need legal advice at every step of the way from business formation to staying in compliance with government regulations.

Many businesses do not invest in legal services on an ongoing basis and leverage these services as and when the need arises. This can be expensive and you may not always get the best legal services on short notice.

That’s why you need to invest in ongoing legal services, preferably with a company like Rocket Lawyer that provides an online legal service option.

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service provider that gives you access to lawyers on call. It offers a premium, hassle-free, and quick way to get online legal services for your small business.

Here are some other reasons to invest in legal services by Rocket Lawyer:

  • An intuitive form builder
  • Great customer support
  • A free 7-day trial option
  • Availability of a mobile app
  • Quick and easy access to legal advice
  • 14+ years of experience and expertise
  • Option to get online legal service

The short answer is that it is completely your choice.

You can hire a full-time lawyer if you think you’ll need legal advice on a daily basis. However, that can be expensive for a small business and not entirely necessary.

A better alternative is to get a membership for a legal service provider like Rocket Lawyer. It provides online legal services, helps with legal documents, and offers advice on other business legal matters.

With Rocket Lawyer’s premium membership you will get access to highly-qualified lawyers via phone calls, email, or chat to get legal assistance.

Agreements are crucial for businesses with more than one owner since they set the tone for operations and prepare businesses for any unforeseen future occurrences or conflicts.

For instance, a proper agreement specifies what happens in case there’s a disagreement, financial contributions, profit sharing, etc.