Is Inc Authority Right For You? Read Our Comprehensive Inc Authority Review and Find Out

Limited liability companies are attractive for many reasons. LLCs can be easier to establish than other types of companies. As the name implies, they offer protection from certain liabilities. They are also typically more affordable to maintain. Some business owners opt to enlist help from an LLC formation service.

An LLC formation service can help with filing paperwork and obtaining business licenses. Inc Authority specializes in providing resources to fledgling LLC startups. Read on for more Inc Authority reviews. You’ll also find information to help you decide whether it’s the right service for your business.


Form an LLC with Inc Authority
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About Inc Authority

Inc Authority has over 30 years of experience in the LLC formation service industry. The company wants to “take the fear, confusion and high cost out of business formation.” Hundreds of thousands of Inc Authority clients have launched an LLC with the company’s help. Inc Authority’s headquarters are in Reno, NV, but it serves businesses around the U.S.

Core Services

Inc Authority’s primary service is helping with the establishment of LLCs. It also assists with the incorporation of a company. LLC formation service reviews report the following core services:

  • Business name verification
  • Service by registered agent
  • S-Election document filing
  • Cloud-based document storage
  • Support from expert staff
  • Tax planning consultation

All these services are part of Inc Authority’s service packages. Clients who pursue incorporation or LLC formation can enjoy these benefits.

Additional Services

Inc Authority offers far more than basic business services. The company also offers a range of more specialized business services. These services assist clients with more complex issues. Some of these issues include helping businesses maintain tax and license compliance. Inc Authority’s more services include:

  • Business credit coaching
  • Credit building help
  • Business license reporting
  • Tax consultations
  • EIN assignment

These services are part of Inc Authority’s higher-priced premium business packages. These packages are discussed below.


How Much Does Inc Authority Cost?

How Much Does Inc Authority Cost

Inc Authority’s fee structure is unique because its most basic service is free! Inc Authority waives all labor costs and service fees.

Inc Authority’s free service includes the following:

  • Business Name Check
  • Registered Agent for 1 year
  • Digital Storage & Delivery
  • Tax Planning Consultation
  • Entity Formation with the state
  • S-Election Form (optional)
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Free Business Checking Account

Clients who want to upgrade can buy a bundle package starting at $399 plus state fees.

Inc Authority Packages

In addition to free entity setup services, Inc Authority offers three premium-level packages. These packages promise to provide specialized support to new businesses. Clients can enjoy more extensive help throughout the business establishment process. Inc Authority offers to take over tasks such as filing paperwork and obtaining an EIN. The following packages also include creating a record book.

Starter Business Bundle

$399 + State Filing Fees

The Starter Business Bundle is Inc Authority’s first upgrade package. It offers an array of benefits that new business owners can take advantage of:

  • State-filed articles
  • Ownership certificates
  • Company seal
  • Record book
  • Meeting minutes and resolutions
  • Tax ID/EIN
  • Business credit consultation

These services are a great launchpad for business owners. If you want help getting started, this package is great. It allows you to maintain involvement in establishing your business.

Executive Business Bundle

$499 + State Filing Fees

The Executive Business Bundle is one step up from the Starter package. It offers all the same benefits, plus some additional perks, including the following:

  • Website domain name
  • Business license report

Both of these benefits offer businesses an extra advantage. A website domain, especially, is a vital resource for establishing an online presence. This package is great for assistance with establishing, marketing, and maintaining your brand.

Tycoon Business Bundle

$799 + State Filing Fees

Inc Authority’s top-tier benefits package is the Tycoon Business Bundle. This package builds on the benefits included in the Executive bundle. It offers services tailored to meet the needs of bigger businesses or businesses in the process of expanding:

  • Expedited processing
  • Business credit coaching
  • Multi-tier credit building
  • D&B credit bureau registration

These services are ideal for a business that’s looking to expand operations. It’s also useful if you’re obtaining funding. Inc Authority’s credit counseling services help businesses establish a strong credit rating.

Detailed Inc Authority Services Review: An In-Depth Look at Its Key Features

As we’ve already discussed, the service line of Inc Authority ranges from LLC formation to business license reporting. Let’s review all the Inc Authority services in detail.

This Inc Authority review should help you make the right decision while picking Inc Authority as your company formation service provider.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

LLC Formation Service Review

If you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with things like state-specific laws and guidelines for LLC formation and Article of Organization, filing through Inc Authority is a great move.

LLC formation is the cornerstone service provided by Inc Authority. The service allows entrepreneurs to file their Articles of Organization online, boosting convenience. While conducting research for this Inc Authority review, we found that in addition to the LLC formation, Inc Authority also has an online form for setting up Corporations.

If you’re not sure whether to go with an LLC or form a Corporation, better consult Inc Authority before making a call.

Moreover, if you want to apply for your organization online, just select the organization type and your state. The online form will ask you for the owner/co-owners/partners’ details and some other basic information.

After you fill in the basic information, you’ll be prompted to add additional services like EIN and custom bylaws to your free plan. The description provided for every service makes it easy for you to decide whether you need the service or not.

Based on your requirement, you can skip these if you don’t want them at the moment. If you don’t want any add-ons, the Corporation or LLC formation service by Inc Authority is entirely free. This is a big plus point for Inc Authority in our review.

However, you’ll have to pay your state fees for business formation, which is usually around $50-$400, depending on the state. The entry-level service bundle also includes Inc Authority’s registered agent service for one year.

One feature the online form lacks is that it doesn’t show the expected TAT (turnaround time) for the formation process. You can see the turnaround time prediction at the checkout screen, though. The average processing times are allotted depending on the state.

In most cases, we’ve seen a turnaround time of 10 days to 15 days on average.

LLC Formation Service Review
Registered Agent Service Review

Registered Agent Service Review

The registered agent service by Inc Authority is entirely free for the first year. The service charges are $99/year, second year onwards.

Before we get into the specifics of the registered agent service that Inc Authority offers, let’s understand why this service is necessary.

Registered Agents (RAs) are businesses or people who act as points of contact for an organization’s official correspondence. The organization itself appoints them to make sure that it doesn’t miss any critical information or correspondence from the government.

At the time of registration, all corporations and LLCs are required to nominate an RA. the RAs have to be available for correspondence throughout the year.

In case you forgot to appoint an RA or your RA isn’t available during office hours, your business might face legal penalties. In the worst-case scenario, you can even lose your business.

Although the business owners can appoint themselves as RA, it can result disastrously for your business. The regulatory requirement of RAs creates a considerable burden for business owners, making them unable to focus on business operations.

This is where the registered agent service by Inc Authority comes in handy. You should definitely hire a registered agent under the following conditions.

  • You travel a lot and don’t have a single address where you’ll always be available
  • You don’t reside in the United States but have a business entity here
  • Your business has several locations
  • You don’t want your contact details to be public.

Inc Authority can be your registered agent without any charge for the first year. While doing this Inc Authority review, we learned that the service renews automatically, so if you don’t want to continue using it, better cancel it before your plan ends.

Looking at Inc Authority’s terms of service, you will learn that the company isn’t providing the RA service by itself. Instead, it acts as a partner company for other RAs. Still, it’ll be convenient for you to use their registered agent service because it’s free for the first year and it comes as a part of the Inc Authority Suite.

What makes Inc Authority the best pick for registered agent service is that it offers digital notifications, which means that you get important documents and information instantly.

Document Filing and Support Service Review

The Inc Authority’s line of free services include document preparation for the start-up and filing them with the respective departments.

While doing this Inc authority review, we also found that the company provides reliable support to keep their customers in confidence.

Document Filing and Support Service Review
S-Election Document Filing Service Review

S-Election Document Filing Service Review

From deciding whether to form an LLC or S-Corporation to filing Articles of Incorporation, the legal procedures often overwhelm entrepreneurs. Hence getting help from a document filing service provider becomes necessary.

During our Inc Authority review process, we found that all of their plans include the option to file IRS Form 2553, aka S-Corp election.

Although the process for filing an S-Corporation online is very similar to filing an LLC, you’ll still require to fill out the info about your company and founders.

Similar to LLC formation, the S-election document filing service by Inc Authority is completely free of cost and that’s a great advantage.

Document Storage and Delivery Service Review

During our Inc Authority review, we found it fascinating that they provide cloud storage for free. If you use their services, you can store your start-up documents for easy and anytime access.

Not only this, the Inc Authority delivers your start-up documents in physical copy as well as to your online storage. This is another plus point that we wanted to share with you in this Inc Authority review.

At this time you might start wondering how could a company provide businesses with all these services for free. We’ll cover this in a later section of this Inc Authority review.

Document Storage and Delivery Service Review
Tax Planning Consultation Service Review

Tax Planning Consultation Service Review

Although it’s not a lifetime consultation for corporate taxes, the service is quite lucrative considering it comes free of cost with all the formation packages.

During our Inc Authority review process, we tried seeking solutions for some of the common tax problems businesses face and the support staff was excellent at providing the answers.

However, you cannot compare the free tax planning consultation with more specialized services. These freebies are aimed at selling tax services and are not full-fledged services in their own right.

What we understood during our review is that Inc Authority provides both dedicated tax consulting services and free consultation.

Generally, though, we recommend businesses to use a dedicated tax consultation service, the free consultation from Inc Review can still be of value.

Talking about the dedicated tax planning consultation, the Inc Authority can help you with business tax prep, accounting, and expert tax advice.

The reason why you should choose dedicated tax planning services from Inc Authority is that it’ll save you time and money on taxes and bookkeeping.

Corporate Bylaws or Corporate Agreement Service Review

Corporate Bylaws, aka corporate agreement, is an essential document for LLCs. Although not all the states in the US require LLCs to have a Corporate Bylaws document, it’s still helpful in guiding start-ups throughout their operations.

Only a few states in the US, including Delaware, Maine, California, New York, and Missouri, require LLCs to have a corporate agreement. The LLCs are required to have the document in hand; there is no need to send the agreement to state government bodies.

If you’re planning to start an LLC in these states, it’s better that you create a corporate agreement. However, even if you aren’t located in the states where corporate agreements are necessary, it’s always recommended to have one.

This document contains useful information like:

  • How your LLC will be managed
  • How you will distribute the profits
  • How the ownership is divided among the members
  • What’s the procedure for a member who wants to exit your LLC
  • What if a member passes away
  • And more!

Such written laws and operational agreements will help you manage your LLC effectively.

During the Inc Authority review, we found that the company doesn’t provide operating agreement drafting service with its entry-level free service bundle. You can contact Inc Authority to get your corporate agreement created. The price for this service was $89 at the time when we did this Inc Authority review.

Corporate Bylaws or Corporate Agreement Service Review
Business Credit Coaching Service Review

Business Credit Coaching Service Review

Financing their startup has always been an issue for entrepreneurs. It gets even more challenging considering lenders and banks use business credit reports and ratings to evaluate a startup for financial feasibility.

In addition to helping lenders and financial institutions evaluate the credit status of the business, startups create business credit reports to:

  • Separate personal credit from business credit
  • Meet their lending needs
  • Forecast future credit needs
  • Measure their financial health
  • Extend their cash flow
  • Build business credibility
  • Avail lower interest rates

If you’re new to business financing and don’t know how and where to get the finances, you should opt for the BizCredit Express Package by Inc Authority. This package includes three months of credit coaching, a multi-tiered development system, and credit learning software designed to enhance your startup’s creditworthiness.

During our Inc Authority review, we found that the company has a well-thought process to coach startups for business credit. Following are the steps to the Inc Authority business credit coaching program:

  • Step 1: Inc Authority determines the goals for a startup’s business credit.
  • Step 2: Conducting business financial analysis to assess current business credit profile and create a plan.
  • Step 3: Assess the business credit profile to make sure the company possesses the key elements for business credit.
  • Step 4: Helping startups to obtain more trade lines.
  • Step 5: Applying for credit based on your startup’s profile.

Overall, bundled with other services, the business credit coaching service by Inc Authority is quite useful and was worth mentioning in this Inc Authority review.

Business License Reporting Service Review

It’s true that businesses can face penalties or closure if they don’t meet the license requirement. Almost every business requires licenses to meet federal, state, county, and local government requirements and legally run their business.

During our Inc Authority review, we found that both Executive and Tycoon bundles provide business licensing reports for the majority of licenses a business would require. The report consists of business license reporting software that tells you which licenses you would need for your business based on your niche and location.

Although this software solution doesn’t file for the licenses for you, it can be a lifesaver for your business by helping you understand what licenses you need.

Business License Reporting Service Review
Business Credit & Funding Analysis Service Review

Business Credit & Funding Analysis Service Review

The Inc Authority website states that their entry package includes a free “Business Credit & Funding Analysis” service, while their higher-tier bundles include “Business Credit & Funding Evaluation.”

Although we couldn’t identify how the former differs from the latter for this Inc Authority review, they both appear to involve loans and credits. Of course, the credit line will depend on your business type and scale.

Another thing is that Inc Authority is not a lending company. Therefore the business financing services are provided by its third-party partners, which include Tap Local, NAV, and Bank of America).

For business owners who don’t have any idea about how to get business finance, the business credit and funding service by Inc Authority can be very helpful.

EIN Filing Service Review

If you plan on hiring employees for your business or opening a bank account, you have to file for EIN (Employee Identification Number). We got introduced to the EIN filing service by Inc Authority during our review.

EIN is a number assigned by the IRS department for tax purposes. In layman’s terms, EIN is your business’ own social security number.

The company charges $49 for the EIN filing service, which can be very affordable and convenient for businesses of all scales.

You don’t have to buy the service on the Inc Authority website separately; it’s an add-on service that you can get during checkout when you’re purchasing the entry-level formation bundle.

Moreover, the EIN filing service is included with all other higher-level bundles offered by Inc Authority.

EIN Filing Service Review (1)

How Can Inc Authority Offer a Variety of Services for Free?

Coming to the most important part of this Inc Authority review we’ll discuss how it’s able to offer free services.

The entry package of Inc Authority includes a variety of services that are very useful for start-ups. During our review, one thing we weren’t sure about was why the company provides these services for free.

One of their customer representatives confirmed that Inc Authority’s goal is to earn their customers’ trust so they remain with the company for a lifetime. As the company is the one-stop-shop for most of the services a business would require, they make money via other service bundles and add-ons.

If you’re a startup with low capital in hand, go with the entry package of Inc Authority to review their service effectiveness. You can opt for more advanced services later.

Well, that brings us to the end of this section of the Inc Authority review. In the next section of this review, we’ll give our final verdict on whether you should give Inc Authority a try and will mention its pros and cons.

Keep reading this Inc Authority review.

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Is Inc Authority a Good Choice for Your Business?

Reading LLC formation service reviews can only provide so much information. Other customers rave about Inc Authority, but is it a good choice for your business? To answer this question, you need to assess what your most pressing business needs are. Weigh those needs against the services that Inc Authority offers. If it seems like a good fit, then Inc Authority may be a great option for your business.

Inc Authority is an ideal provider for businesses that want affordable or free help. The company’s free entity setup is a great service for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Inc Authority isn’t just for beginners, though. Its premium packages prove that it can offer in-depth help. This is great for complex business matters.

Pros of Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers an array of great benefits to clients. When you start an LLC with Inc Authority, you can enjoy pros such as the following:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Free and low pricing available
  • Serves customers nationwide
  • A year of service from a registered agent
  • Reliable and accessible customer service

Cons of Inc Authority

The benefits that Inc Authority offers are clear. Still, there are some cons that prospective customers should consider, too:

  • Some customer reviews report upselling
  • Premium services may be pricey for new businesses

These cons ultimately don’t outweigh the pros. Inc Authority is still a top provider for free and low-priced services. This is true even if its premium packages do cost more.

Inc Authority Reviews from Around the Web

Reviews from Inc Authority’s prior clients are a great resource. Inc Authority is widely reviewed and highly regarded across several different review platforms. Some of the stats that may interest prospective clients are as follows (updated october 2021):

4.6out of 5

“I was able to get everything started with ease! They offer so much help in a lot of different ways. Chance, my business advisor, was extremely helpful! He actually seemed to have my best interest in mind.”

– David H.

4.8out of 5

“Service is top notch, they have everything you need to accelerate your start up. And amazing customer service representatives like Melanie make navigating and understanding the applications very easy!”

– Karen A.

FAQs about Inc Authority

Judging from the wealth of enthused client reviews, yes. Most customers would say that Inc Authority is worth the investment. Customers report that they receive exceptional service at each price point.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they can do what an LLC formation service can do. This isn’t the case. By law, all LLCs and corporations must have an address to receive legal notifications. A registered agent provides this address. They also act as an authorized recipient of your government mail. Most business owners lack the qualifications to perform this service for themselves.

A registered agent is a person or entity who receives your government mail, but they do much more than this. Registered agents offer privacy to businesses. They do this by forwarding legal notifications to a designated business address. This address is used rather than the physical location of your business.

One or more individual owners operate an LLC. A group of shareholders owns a corporation. These shareholders vote to dictate the operation of the company.

Whether you should establish an LLC or a corporation depends on your business. LLCs are easier to establish and manage, but a corporation may have easier access to capital than an LLC. Inc Authority can help business owners decide which option is best.

Every business is different, so there’s no set timeframe for when your business will be up and running. A business that has only one employee and requires no funding will have a shorter timeframe. A business that requires a lease on a large building, a loan, and inventory will take longer. Inc Authority does offer expedited service as part of its Tycoon Business Bundle. This is great for entrepreneurs who are eager to start.

Inc Authority offers free entity setup as a service to small business owners. It is also a gesture of trust-building. The company hopes to establish a relationship with clients. Inc Authority wants to earn the continued business of clients who enjoy this service.

You need several things to start an LLC or corporation. First, you need a business concept. You also need a business plan. Finally, you need a license to operate.

Why Choose Inc Authority?

You’ve probably seen a number of Inc Authority reviews on the web by now, and if you’re like us you haven’t found a comprehensive source yet. We built this page to summarize the critical information you need as a business owner to make a final decision about whether Inc Authority is the LLC formation provider that is best for you.

We’ve also built a side by side comparison of Inc Authority, Zenbusiness and Incfile.

View the comparison