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Bench Bookkeeping: All You Need to Manage Your Finances

Simplify Your Life as a Business Owner with Reliable Bookkeeping Services.

Bench will provide you with a team of bookkeepers to do your books, and intuitive software to monitor your finances. Get one month free and 30% off your next three months!

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Professional bookkeepers will import and organize your data to prepare financial statements.

You will have a complete record of your finances and can keep track of your financial health.

Visual reports will help you gain insights into your finances to make strategic business decisions.

Should You Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

One of the challenges to accounting in small businesses and start-ups is time. It is important that all transactions be entered into their respective journals in a timely manner.

For small businesses, it is very easy to get behind on data entry and lose or misplace documents that are necessary to complete your reports.

As a small business owner, you often have many priorities tugging at you daily and it is easy to let something like accounting take a backseat to other urgent issues.

For many businesses, their banks and investors require regular financials to be provided in standard formats. These are sometimes difficult to prepare in an accurate and timely manner.

For these reasons, Bench Bookkeeping partners with entrepreneurs all over the country. It provides you with a team of bookkeepers to do your books, and intuitive software to monitor your finances. It’s everything necessary to do your bookkeeping.

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Bench Bookkeeping and Financial Toolkit at a Glance

Bench is a proprietary software solution that was launched in 2013 to help businesses take care of their finances.

With Bench, you get connected to bookkeeping experts and get access to a powerful financial tool.

Regardless of your company’s financial situation, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with having control over your financials.

Bench Bookkeeping helps you achieve this effortlessly and at affordable rates.

You’ll get all the benefits of having a bookkeeper without the learning curve and at almost half the cost. You’ll also get detailed financial reports and cash flow updates, not to mention an easy time during tax season.

Being one of America’s largest bookkeeping services, Bench is an experienced company that partners with numerous platforms to make its services easily available to you.

These include Stripe to make your online payment process easy, Shopify and BigCommerce to integrate easily with your ecommerce platform, etc.

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Bench Accounting Review: How it Works

The moment you sign up, your financial accounts will be linked to your Bench account. Bench will have access to your credit cards, bank accounts, and loans to come up with monthly financial statements for you.

Here’s how that works.

Start of the Month

To complete your bookkeeping and create accurate financial statements, Bench will gather the financial records you need.

You won’t even need to fetch your bank or credit card statements if you connect your accounts to Bench.

Bench directly pulls your statements automatically  into the software as it directly synchronizes with all major banks.

During Each Month

Once Bench has all the documents needed, the team will finalize and complete your books within 15 business days.

Your Bench team creates your monthly financial statements, categorizes your transactions, and reconciles your accounts every month.

Additionally, they will correct your books as needed to make sure they are flawless and tax-compliant.

End of the Month

Your online bookkeeping team will send you a message once your books have been finalized to let you know they’re ready for review. For the first two months, Bench will review and walk you through your books over the phone.

Bench will then allow you to choose how frequently you’d like to communicate with them on phone, and only then will they contact you.

Choose the Bench bookkeeping services to make your accounting and bookkeeping process seem like a breeze.

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Bookkeeping Support from Professionals

The Bench Bookkeeping team includes a network of professionals who keep track of clients’ books and take care of their financial needs.

You’ll get a dedicated Bench bookkeeper when you sign up. You can reach them on phone or message them via the application.

Here’s what your Bench bookkeeper will be responsible for.

  • Asking questions to understand your company’s needs.
  • Introducing you to the software and its key features.
  • Filing your taxes and sending you the tax report.
  • Import your financial data into your Bench account.
  • Calculating your expenses & contact you if needed.
  • Having a second bookkeeper double-check your books.

You can also bring up every other important detail about your business if your Bench bookkeepers fail to ask about it.

You’ll be able to manage your financials and monitor progress on the Bench software. So, you won’t have to keep contacting your bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Support from Professionals
Web-Based Financial Reporting Technology

Web-Based Financial Reporting Technology

The Bench Bookkeeping service lets you communicate with the Bench team and track your accounting progress. Since it’s web-based, both you and your bookkeeper can easily access it.

This financial reporting technology brings all your accounting needs under one platform eliminating the need for different accounting applications.

Here are some functions the Bench software performs.

  • Maintaining up to 15 accounts (bank accounts, merchant accounts, etc.)
  • Bank reconciliation, preparing an income statement and balance sheet.
  • Producing visual reports of financial statements and other transactions.
  • Bookkeeping for businesses that are behind on their accounting records.
  • A mobile application to monitor your financial accounts on the go.

With this, you can track your financial performance metrics, tell if you’re making profits, find out how much your cash flow is, and assess your overall financial health.

Set your company up for success with this easy-to-use financial tool!

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Tax Filing Support for Small Business Owners

Bench offers tax advisory to small businesses all year round. The team will make a tax plan that’s specific to your business needs. With a premium subscription, you will not need to pay any extra fees.

If you’re behind on your tax preparation, the Bench bookkeeping solution will help you get back on track with the IRS. Here’s what you’ll get with the Bench tax team.

  • Year-round tax support from experts so you don’t miss deadlines.
  • An integrated bookkeeping solution that’s organized and detailed.
  • Great tax filing service as you’ll be dealing with an expert team.
  • Customized tax support, specific to your business needs.

You don’t have to wait for tax season to organize your documents. You can have Bench do it for you. Your dedicated tax experts will support you through the filing process, giving you a stress-free tax season.

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Tax Filing Support for Small Business Owners
Numerous Integrations

Numerous Integrations

One important feature you want to consider in any bookkeeping service should be its integrations. Bench offers numerous integrations to related software that your company will need.

These include payroll, and payment processing, ecommerce, and subscription management software.

Here are common integrations that Bench offers:

  • Shopify: Bench integrates with this popular ecommerce site builder enabling online merchants to streamline their bookkeeping tasks.
  • Gusto: This integration lets you do both your bookkeeping and payroll functions seamlessly and integrates with Xero and Intuit, etc.
  • FreshBooks: This is an invoicing tool for small business owners that lets them accept payments online.
  • Stripe: You can easily accept both one-time and subscription payments online and connect them with your Bench account.
  • Paypal: Your transactions will sync with Bench if you integrate with the Paypal payment processor solution.

Bench bookkeeping is the ultimate solution for all your tax and bookkeeping needs. The best part is that you can get a discount using our link.

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It’s Quick and Saves you Time

The Bench Bookkeeping service saves you a lot of time. After you sign up and link all your accounts to Bench, you can sit back and let them take care of everything else.

You’ll not need to keep sharing any documents with Bench, as they’ll have direct access. The communication between you and the team will be quick as you can both communicate using the Bench software.

This tool provides both cloud-based software access and professional services in a single platform.

It’s Quick and Saves you Time
It Has Reliable Customer Support

It Has Reliable Customer Support

Getting in touch with the Bench Bookkeeping team is easy. You can contact your Bench bookkeepers directly through your account as they’ll also have access.

If you have an accountant, you can provide them with their own login information for your Bench bookkeeping account.

Your bookkeeper will keep you updated on your financials, and you can talk to them if you have any doubts. They’re available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST and you can contact them phone or email.

It’s Affordable

Bench’s most noteworthy benefit is the amount of money it can save you on bookkeeping tasks. Bench handles everything after you connect your financial accounts.

It’s also a more affordable option compared to other bookkeeping services. It charges a flat monthly rate. Other bookkeeping services charge based on the number of accounts.

Each Bench Bookkeeping plan allows for up to 15 financial accounts, which can include bank accounts, credit cards, and loans. Other bookkeeping services commonly includes only a few accounts in entry-level plans.

It’s Affordable
The Platform is Interactive and Secure

The Platform is Interactive and Secure

The Bench Bookkeeping dashboard is interactive and easy to navigate. It contains the accounting and messages functions.

With the messaging tab, you can send and receive messages from your bookkeeper. The accounting tab lets you track financial transactions, view reports, connect your accounts, run, and download visual reports, and upload documents.

The website uses employee background checks to safeguard your financial information. Bench. co also provides 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption to alleviate your concerns. This is the same level of encryption many banks use.

Bench Has a Mobile Application

This tool is especially suitable for small business owners who are constantly on the go.

With the Bench Bookkeeping mobile application, you can easily message your assigned Bench bookkeeper at any time. You won’t have to sign in to your desktop application if any issues arise.

You can also monitor your business performance and view cash updates in real-time.

Furthermore, you can make purchases and add these entries directly to your financial statements. You can scan receipts to make expense reporting more straightforward.

Bench Has a Mobile Application

It's Difficult to Switch Providers

As Bench Bookkeeping is not an enterprise solution, you may need to switch to other software as your business grows. This could be difficult as Bench doesn’t integrate with popular software like QuickBooks and Xero.

However, you can get an Excel or CSV file of your transactions from your Bench bookkeeper. Also, Bench does partner with FreshBooks, which is a popular invoicing and accounting system for bigger businesses.

It's Difficult to Switch Providers
You Risk Losing Your Bookkeeper

You Risk Losing Your Bookkeeper

Should you choose to switch from Bench Bookkeeping to another accounting service, you’ll lose your bookkeeper. While using Bench, you get assigned to an accounting professional, with whom you can communicate directly and build a relationship.

This person understands your business and handles all your financial needs. Moving away from Bench means you lose this relationship with your bookkeeper as they’re only available in-house.

Cash Basis Accounting

The Bench bookkeeping service is best suited for businesses with a simple accounting procedure. Money gets into their accounts and out, with no prepayments or accrual.

While this is suitable for most small businesses, it may not be for others. The Bench software may not be best for recognizing accrued income or prepaid expenses. These all reflect as either income or expenses, which may be inaccurate.

Cash Basis Accounting

What Makes Bench Better Than Other Alternatives?

As a small business, your options will often include a do-it-yourself accounting software or hiring a dedicated bookkeeping team.

Bench Accounting gives you the best of both worlds. Below is a detailed outline of how it compares to these two options.

Bench Bookkeeping vs DIY Accounting Software

Here’s a quick comparison between the Bench Bookkeeping service and DIY accounting software.

Bench BookkeepingDIY Accounting Software
Professional supportYou get support from in-house accounting expertsYou do everything yourself
Importing recordsLinked to your credit cards and bank accountsMay import financial data from your different accounts
Types of businessesSuited for small businesses and startupsCan be adapted for different business types
Mobile appAvailableMay or may not be available
Who it’s forSmall businesses that need professional support but not large enough for advanced accountingSmall businesses that are starting out and or businesses that don’t need professional support, just the software
Learning curveNo need to learn the softwareThere is a learning curve involved
Accounting typeCash-based accountingMay allow accrual-based accounting
Price Range$249 to $499 per month$12 to $50 per month

Bench Bookkeeping vs Traditional Bookkeepers

With traditional bookkeeping, the main drawback for most small businesses is usually the cost involved.

Here’s how Bench compares to hiring a bookkeeper.