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When you’re starting a business, you have many choices to make regarding the structure of your new company. You also have options on the company you partner with to guide you through the process. Toward this end, we provide Northwest Registered Agent review to give you the best information to make an informed decision on many aspects of your company.

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A Closer Look at Northwest Registered Agent

Whether you want an LLC provider comparison or more basic information, we seek to help you understand your options. A comprehensive review of Northwest Registered Agent can assist companies in making a good decision. Understanding how the company operates, what is the availability of its resources and how it charges fees all become important components for comparison.

Customer Service

Northwest Registered Agent reviews generally provide high marks for the customer service aspect of the business. The company shows pride in the human touch, making an effort to engage clients with a live person on calls. Customers who must leave a voicemail should expect a response in under two hours during a normal business day.

The service company also receives praise from its customers for a variety of reasons related to customer service. Support services respond promptly whether through online, email or mobile platforms. The company avoids upselling pressures and even has a catchy trademarked slogan: “We’re just not annoying.” The company does not charge late fees.

Payment Options

NW Registered Agent reviews highlight the diversity of payment options offered by the company. This can help new businesses struggling with costs as they strive to get a company off the ground. Payment features for the main plan or add-ons include distinct options and benefits:

  • A $39 fee to file for an LLC
  • Automatic, integrated payment for state filing fees
  • A Pay in Full option for the main plan
  • A VIP service that allows for monthly payments
  • Free document scanning for five documents a year
  • Notification of price changes

Not all financial matters provide exceptional value to clients. For example, the annual service plan does not allow for refunds for services purchased or rendered. This could leave a company paying for services it did not use if it chooses to go with another service.


The basic plan through Northwest Registered Agent prices out at $225 a year. This ranks in the middle of affordability when compared with other business formation plans according to our review. Clients can also purchase other features during the check-out process.

These options require an opt-in selection that adds to the transparency of the fee structure. The following list includes possible add-ons:

  • Compliance filing for $100
  • Certified copy of Articles of Organization for $55
  • Corporate supplies for $15-$100
  • Trucking agent coverage for $125
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • S Corp filing for $50

All of these provide potential benefits for new businesses and should be considered during an LLC provider comparison. Some add-ons, such as an EIN filing for $50, deliver convenience rather than a necessary service.


Northwest works hard to limit the exposure of your documents to third-party services, making privacy a priority. The company may work with outside attorneys and couriers when filing legal documents, but otherwise it provides other services in-house. It promises not to share or sell information to other companies.

NW Registered Agent Core Services Review

Well, no company review is complete without discussing the services they offer. Northwest Registered Agent offers much more than just registered agent service.

The company doesn’t provide any free/trial package, which means you’ll have to pay to test their services.
But don’t worry; we’ve tried them for you, and hence, this NW Registered Agent review will give you a deep understanding of whether you should opt for their services or not.

So, stick with us until the end.

Following is the review of business services provided by NW Registered Agent.

Registered Agents

LLCs and Corporations are required to appoint a local registered agent wherever they are willing to operate their business.

Can they do it by themselves?

Of course, yes, but the cost of compliance management would skyrocket.

That’s why it becomes essential for businesses that operate in several states to outsource the registered agent requirement to a specialist agency.

And this is why NW Registered Agent exists. Of course, they’ve expanded to many service lines, but registered agent service has remained at their core since the beginning.

The company itself says that it started the business as a registered agent service provider. By opening offices in every state, NW Registered Agent makes sure that their clients receive important notifications all the time, irrespective of the state.

The registered agent service becomes more necessary with the fact that before a lawsuit or other legal action reaches the courts, all parties are notified. And when you’re doing business in several states, it’s better that you receive the notifications on time.

During our review, we found that NW Registered Agent is beyond satisfactory at providing the registered agent service.

Their service highlights are:

  • Same price every year
  • Same-day local scans and mailing
  • Free limited mail forwarding
  • Lifetime support from Corporate Guides®
  • Privacy by Default ®
  • Free online tools for compliance reports and data
  • No hidden fees

In addition to that, the address that NW Registered Agent provides can be used as a business address for that state. Their registered agent service provides the address you’ve chosen on your public documents, which helps you keep your address private.

You can learn more about their registered agent service on their website.

Registered Agents
LLC Filing

LLC Filing

LLCs are among the most popular business structures in the USA. But, like any other legal structure, LLCs are not straightforward to form.

You need to obtain various licenses and permits when you plan to start your LLC. This makes the entire process quite challenging as you’d not know which licenses and permits are necessary for your business and the process of obtaining them.

This is where the LLC formation service by NW Registered Agent comes in handy.

During our review, we found that the company provides you with both options — hiring them as a consultant or registering your LLC by yourself.

Additionally, the fact that they’re present in all the states in the US ensures that you can get your LLC started in a few days when you opt for their services.

The company offers LLC filing services in two speeds — a ten-day filing time and a three-day filing time, where of course, the cost for a three-day filing is more than for a ten-day. But this essentially ensures that you’ve got full control over your LLC formation.

We dived deep into NW Registered Agent’s LLC filing service during this review. What we found was that you just need to provide information on the platform and they’ll take care of the rest of the process. Additionally, you can choose all the additional services you’d like from them before checking out, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

But is it worth spending $300-400 just on LLC filing? And can you do it for less by yourself?

In most business cases where the business owner doesn’t have the bandwidth to indulge in government offices and documentation, it’s worth every penny.

As per our review, here’s why you should opt for NW Registered Agent’s LLC filing service.


The biggest advantage of NW Registered Agent’s services is that they’ve got a presence in each state. This means that they know the filing methods and requirements of every state.

This enhances the speed of the filing and reduces the cost for the same. As a client, you can leverage NW Registered Agent’s existing operational logistics, which you’d otherwise have to figure out all by yourself.



Privacy is the key concern for businesses when they file for LLC formation. If you’re someone who doesn’t want the company data to be stolen or your business address to go public, the LLC filing service by NW Registered Agent can be fruitful for you.

NW Registered Agent can provide you with a level of privacy that you might not be able to achieve while filing by yourself or hiring a standard filing service provider.

The Privacy by Default service offered by NW Registered Agent is the one to check out, and we particularly liked it during our review. This service automatically minimizes the exposure of your personal data and access to it too.

The best part about this service is that you don’t have to specifically opt for it. Instead, this service is included as a default service and there are no extra fees to be paid.

This service also includes a guarantee that your data will always remain confidential and will never be sold. So, this is a service you can trust your data with.

(Start your LLC with the best privacy features today!)

Free Added Services

During this review, we found that when you opt for NW Registered Agent’s LLC filing service, you can avail their mail forwarding and business address services for free. By combining business address and mail forwarding, you can achieve an increased level of data security and seamless service.

Free Added Services
Local Expertise

Local Expertise

The local business expertise of NW Registered Agent makes sure that your business gets all the licenses and permits it would require to operate in each state. And this is a major advantage that we’d like to highlight in this review.

They also have 700 customer service representatives who work all over the USA and they can assist you with all the issues that you might face related to your business in each state of the country.

You can learn more about LLC filing services by NW Registered Agent on their website.

Corporation Filing

If you don’t know how to start a corporation or need someone to do it for you, NW Registered Agent is a great option for Corporation filing. During the NW Registered Agent review, we found that the Corporation filing service offered by the company is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to incorporate.
This service is fairly similar to the LLC filing service and NW Registered Agent offers its Privacy by Default®, mail forwarding, and local expertise as a bundle to get you started hassle-free.

Corporation Filing
Non-Profit Formation

Non-Profit Formation

In the United States, non-profits are formed at the state level and require state sales and income tax exemptions in most states. If formed and managed in the right manner, non-profits can obtain federal tax-exempt status from the IRS too.

However, filing for a non-profit is more complex than LLCs and Corporations. Following is the standard procedure to form a non-profit:

  1. Select your non-profit’s name
  2. Appoint a registered agent for your non-profit
  3. Submit articles of incorporation for your non-profit
  4. Formulate and adopt non-profit bylaws
  5. Get EIN from the IRS
  6. Apply for tax exemption status [501(c)(3)]
  7. Apply for state tax exemption (if applicable)
  8. Obtain necessary licenses and permits
  9. Register your non-profit for charity
  10. Submit reports required by your state

If you’re new to filing for a non-profit organization, you may find some parts of the process extremely challenging, especially if you’re establishing a non-profit in multiple states.

That’s where companies like NW Registered Agent can help you with the process. During this review, we also found that the services offered by them are upto the mark.

Corporate Guide Service

Corporate guide service is a bundle of essential business services offered by NW Registered Agent. It includes business formation, state and EIN filing, registered agent, periodic state filings, client account, mail forwarding, bylaws, and other essentials.

During this NW Registered Agent review, we found that this bundle of services can save a lot on costs for startups. Most startups are low on cash in the beginning, and having to pay high state filing fees would only reduce the cash reserves.

But can consultants like NW Registered Agent reduce the cost of licensing?

Yes, during this NW Registered Agent review we found that the consultant can save more than 80% on the licensing cost.

For example, it costs around $500 to file an LLC with the state of Massachusetts if a start-up decides to do it on its own. With consultants like NW Registered Agent, this all can be done at $89. That’s quite a saving.

What made this review more interesting is the fact that start-ups don’t have to pay NW Registered Agent upfront. Businesses can just pay on a monthly basis and enjoy the benefits of a premium registered agent service.

This is how the corporate guide service by NW Registered Agent works:

  1. You decide on the business structure
  2. You sign up for a corporate guide service
  3. NW Registered Agent prepares and submits your documents to state
  4. Obtain EIN for your start-up
  5. You start your business operations
  6. NW Registered Agent continues providing you corporate guidance

The corporate guidance service by NW Registered Agent looks worth considering. The prices for the corporate guidance service, however, differ by state. Click on the following link to know the latest pricing per state – >Corporate Guidance Service Pricing.

Corporate Guide Service
Trademark Service

Trademark Service

Unless you’re a legal startup, you probably won’t have an understanding of how to protect your branding elements, including name and logo.

Of course, you might know that you can file for a patent/trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. But, preparing and filing the application isn’t easy. Add to that the tracking and follow-ups.

It’s better to seek help from a consultant like NW Registered Agent for trademarks and patents, so your business ideas remain safe. Not only this, but NW Registered Agent can also help you sue those who infringe your trademark or patent.

During our review of NW Registered Agent, we could identify the reasons why you should use their trademark registration service. Here are the reasons:

  • NW Registered Agent gets your trademark forms reviewed by an attorney
  • Takes your forms through clearance check to ensure you have a likelihood of registration
  • Handle the office action response to mitigate the possibility of rejection

Generally, it takes 8-10 months for your trademark to get registered once it’s filed with the USPTO. Moreover, with NW Registered Agent, the total cost for one trademark is usually $499.

To know more about trademark services by NW Registered Agent, visit their website – >Trademark Services.

Review of Other Services Offered by NW Registered Agent

Other than the core services mentioned above, NW Registered Agent also offers additional services.

Let’s review them one by one.

Business Maintenance Services

Maintaining a business is as demanding as opening it. Compliances like annual reports and federal taxes aren’t very straightforward to manage. This is where business maintenance services by NW Registered Agent can come in handy.

  • Annual Report Filing Service – NW Registered Agent can handle your annual report compliance for $100 + State Fees. The company will create annual reports for your business each year.
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) – You can avail NW Registered Agent’s EIN filing service for as low as $50.

Registering Business in a New State – If you want to register your business in other states as a foreign LLC or Corporation, you need to go through “foreign qualification.” During our review, we found that NW Registered Agent can help you register your business in other states too.

Business Maintenance Services
Services for Foreigners Doing Business in the USA

Services for Foreigners Doing Business in the USA

For foreigners, doing business in the USA might be tricky as they often are unfamiliar with the local state laws and federal compliance requirements. This is where consultants like NW Registered Agent come in handy.

Following are the services NW Registered Agent provides to foreign companies:

  • USA company filing
  • Initial resolutions
  • Business address
  • Local phone number and mail forwarding
  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws

And most importantly, Northwest’s registered agent service can prove to be a boon for non-American companies. They won’t necessarily require to have a physical set up to operate in the USA. NW Registered Agent can provide them with the office address and registered agent service for the same.

(So, get your foreign company started in the United States today.)

Records and Legal Documents Services

Legal terms and lawsuits are nightmares for businesses. With corporate attorney fees skyrocketing, it gets essential for start-ups to register for the legal services provided by consultants like NW Registered Agent.

During our review, we found Northwest to be a reliable and pocket-friendly legal service provider. Following are the different services you can avail from Northwest:

  • Law on Call – This service brings instant legal advice to your start-up at a low price point, making it easier for you to afford it. You can avail on-call law assistance for as low as $9 a month, of which the first two months are for free.
  • Legal Forms for Business Operations – Forms like Operating Agreements, Bylaws, minutes of meetings, membership, and stock certificates can be downloaded from the NW Registered Agent’s website for free. Follow the below links:
  • Business Document Copies – There are several possible scenarios when you need a certified copy of your business documents. During our review, we found that NW Registered Agent can help you obtain these authorized copies without any hassle. The cost for certified business documents varies as per the state. You can find out the pricing details here – Order certified copies of business documents.
Records and Legal Documents Services

Frequently Asked Questions

With its unique pricing approach, Northwest Registered Agent gives clients flexibility in pricing. The final cost depends on what features you select. The basic package for LLC formation services costs $225 a year. This package includes the registered agent fee, which runs $125 by itself. Clients can pay annually or monthly.

The monthly billing package runs $37 a month and includes EIN filing and state filing fees. The monthly cost could change depending upon what state you register your company in.

A registered agent performs many important services for your company. Many of these services fall into the essential category and provide significant value to many business owners, particularly those with limited experience in business formation. A registered agent can make sure your company remains compliant with financial requirements.

A registered agent can also accept correspondence on behalf of a company. These documents include tax forms, government notifications and legal notices.

NW Registered Agent reviews indicate the value varies for each company when it comes to having a registered agent. A business owner cannot operate as the business’s own registered agent. In addition to offering the basic services, NW Registered Agent also seeks to go above and beyond in these areas:

  • Business maintenance tools
  • State compliance notifications
  • Customized software
  • A secure online account

By looking at the information in Northwest Registered Agent reviews, you can get a better sense of the services this company offers. You can also get a sense of its costs and those of its competitors. This should give you a good foundation for your decision. You can also visit the company’s website.

Deciding on a registered agent and LLC formation provider involves many personal considerations. You should consider a variety of factors:

  • The overall pricing and fee structure of a plan
  • The quality of customer service
  • The information from customer reviews
  • The reputation of the company
  • The number and quality of services offered

If your company operates as an LLC, it must have a business address and a registered agent address. A virtual business address is acceptable so long as the registered agent has a physical address. This real address can accept the important legal documents required for business compliance.

NW Registered Agent provides a virtual office for an add-on fee of $49 a year. It’s one of their best features, according to our review. A mail forwarding fee of $40 a year provides extra security for receiving important notifications.

Here’s more information about the company apart from what you read in the review. The company is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in business formation services. It does not rank as the largest company offering these services, but it does generate positive reviews from past customers. It has a good reputation, especially in the areas of customer service support and privacy matters.

The company began as a registered agent service. It opened offices in every state, eventually growing into a national registered agent service. Over time, the company expanded to business formation and compliance services.