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Payment Solutions For Merchants by Merchants

We live in a digital world, and how you operate your business needs to keep up.  Research has shown that accepting credit cards can increase sales up to 23%.  Gov Doc Filing has partnered with Darvinci Merchant Services (DMS) to provide payment solutions across all industries: “Payment Solutions for Merchants by Merchants.”  Don’t get taken advantage of by your bank or other third party resellers. Don’t settle for overly high rates from some of the plug and play companies out there.  Gov Doc Filing and DMS can assist you in getting low rates with exceptional service and support.  We offer 24/7 technical support for anything from account support to transaction questions/issues.

  • Easy online application approved within 24-28 hours
  • Terminals shipped directly to merchant with simple setup instructions
  • Email notifications for all transactions including charge-backs and risk
  • Ability to accept all payment types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, Gift Cards, Electronic Checks

Find the payment processing solution that is right for you! Below are features available to you through Darvinci Merchant Services, at a better rate that most payment processing solutions.


Mobile Payments:

Mobile payment is the fastest growing type of payment choice for consumers and vendors across the globe.  Merchants can accept mobile payment with an internet connected PC, laptop or tablet.  You can key in cardholder’s information or use a mobile swiper for fast seamless transactions.  Accept NFC(Near Field Communication) payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.  Make sure your business keeps up with the technology your customers your customers are using with Mobile Payment solutions. Apply Now!

Debit Cards:

Every personal and business checking account comes with a debit card, so your business will greatly benefit from accepting them.  Statistically customers spend more when they use Debit cards compared to cash.  These have taken the place of personal checks and merchants gets paid much faster and without the risk of a check not clearing.  Merchants can also elect to allow customers to get cash back from their transaction which can lower bank fees and also reduce the risk of having large sums of cash on premise. Apply Now!

Check Services:

If your business receives a decent volume of checks as payments, enrolling in check services will help eliminate the risk of checks not clearing.  You can accept checks via your terminal and you will be able to verify funds immediately plus funds will deposit directly into your account eliminating the risk of bounced checks.  This service is available for both personal and business checks. Apply Now!


Wireless Payments:

Is your business as wireless as you are? Today there are a variety of industries that require the acceptance of credit cards while out in the field.  These can include: Food trucks/carts, kiosks, special events, outdoor venues, or even home based businesses. Whatever your business type is, we have a wireless payment solution for you.  No plug? No problem!! You’ll be able to connect and get instant card authorization via cellular signal.  There are no phone lines or electrical plugs needed and you can run transactions wherever your business takes you. Apply Now!

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT):

Does your business qualify to accept EBT? State welfare departments allow certain vendors (usually grocery and convenience stores and limited retailers) to accept issued benefits from its recipients in exchange for goods.  If your business qualifies for EBT, we can provide a payment solution for you. Apply Now!

ACH Solutions:

Does your business need to accept payments from a business or personal checking account? If so, ACH solutions might be just the thing your business needs to: Increase Cash Flow, Expedite Payments, Reduce Fees.  You can schedule one time debits or also schedule recurring payments on the date of your choice.  ACH payments are is an excellent solution for business that have monthly memberships with regular payment schedules. Apply Now!


Online Payments:

The online marketplace is open 24/7/365 so it’s important that your payment solution for your online store is robust and reliable.  We can offer web checkout(cart) services with a virtual terminal allowing your business to process transaction online securely and efficiently.  You can perform all the same transaction types as you can with a traditional terminal including: keyed and swiped transaction, process refunds as well as batch your daily deposits.  Our software is fully integrated with all the top eCommerce platforms you use for your online store. Apply Now!

Point-of-Sale (POS) Equipment:

How your retail business processes sales and runs credit cards is integral to its success.  For our retail customers, we some of the best solutions out there for your store.  Our POS options will allow you to run sales reports, reports on trends, create loyalty campaigns, manage staff and track inventory.  Options include terminals that are fully customizable and are integrated with QuickBooks.   POS systems are fully web based and you can get real time data from any device allowing you to manage your business from anywhere. Apply Now!


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