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What You Should Know Before Starting an LLC in Maine

Like every other state, certain rules regulate the formation of an LLC in Maine. You must understand these rules to be equipped for the LLC formation journey ahead.

Let’s talk about some of these compliance requirements below.

  • You must file a certificate of formation with the Maine Secretary of State for a flat fee of $175. The state gives you the option to expedite this filing process at an extra cost of $50 to $100.
  • If you’re registering as a foreign LLC, you’ll need to file for a Statement of Foreign Qualifications to conduct business. The filing fee for this document is $250, but expedited filing will cost more.
  • The state government mandates LLCs to file an annual report to remain in good standing with the state. The filing fees for this report are $85 and $150 for domestic foreign LLCs, respectively.
  • LLCs in Maine enjoy pass-through taxation. Hence, members of your organization would be taxed at 15.3% federal self-employment tax rate and 5.8%-7.15% state personal income tax rate.

Over 150,000 small businesses are currently operating in Maine, making it one of the best states to establish an LLC. However, you must comply with all the requirements mandated by the state government to get your business up and running. Luckily for you, Inc Authority is here to help. 

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Choose a Unique Business Name

The first step to starting an LLC in Maine is selecting an official business name that adequately reflects your brand. The name must be unique to your business and should not be used by any other business to avoid confusion.

Before you pick a business name, you must do some research to find out if your desired LLC name is available or has been taken by another business. You can use the free name search tool Inc Authority provides for this.   

Make a Business Plan
Select a Business Name

Reserve Your Business Name

Once you’ve chosen a unique business name, you must reserve it or risk losing it to another business or organization. For $20, you can apply to reserve your name with the Secretary of State of Maine for up to 120 days. 

Your business name must also adopt the LLC naming conventions mandated by the state of Maine. It must have “Limited Liability Company” attached to it. Otherwise, it can have any of the alternatives like “L.L.C”, “LLC”, “L.C”, or “LC”.

Appoint a Maine Registered Agent

You must appoint a registered agent for your LLC in Maine. A registered agent is a business or individual who will be the official point of contact for your company. They will accept legal papers and tax documents on behalf of your LLC.  

You or any member of your LLC can serve as a registered agent or you can outsource it to commercial registered agent services providers. Whoever you choose, must have a permanent physical address in Maine. 

Reserve a Business Name and Domain
Choose an LLC Type

Decide on a Type of LLC

You can decide to run your company as a single-member LLC or multi-member LLC. A multi-member LLC allows you to hire employees and have several members, while in a single-member LLC, you would be the company’s sole member. 

The state of Maine also recognizes Low-profit LLCs (L3Cs). These are companies that can generate revenue and enjoy pass-through taxation. However, they must not have a political objective and have a charitable or educational purpose.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is an official document that outlines the terms of operations of an LLC. It acts as a binding agreement that allows the members of your LLC to make financial and functional business decisions according to guidelines. 

Maine government policies do not require LLCs to submit an operating agreement. However, we recommend that you create one to guide the operations of your company, especially if you plan to run a multi-member LLC in Maine. 

Choose a Type of LLC
Draft a Detailed LLC Operating Agreement

Register Your LLC by Filing the Certificate of Formation

Before your LLC in Maine can become a legally registered entity, you must file your certificate of formation with the Secretary of State. A certificate of formation is an official document that contains crucial information about your LLC. 

This document should contain the name of your LLC, contact information, and details of your registered agent. The filing fee for this document is $175. However, the government gives you the option of expedited filing for an extra cost of $50-$100.

Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Also known as a federal tax identification number, an EIN is used by the IRS as a means of identifying your LLC for tax reporting purposes. It’s also necessary for opening a business bank account and paying the employees of your LLC. 

If you run a multi-member LLC, you must get an EIN. For a single-member LLC, you can use your social security number as an EIN. However, get an EIN even for a single-member LLC in case you decide to hire employees in the future.

Register Your LLC
Open a Business Bank Account

Set up Your Business Bank Account

Maine LLCs are required to have a business checking account that helps keep the business finances separate from its members’ finances. Once you’ve got an EIN, opening a bank account should be a pretty straightforward process. 

Besides your EIN, you’ll need other documents like the LLC operating agreement, certificate of formation, etc. As a startup, one business checking account should suffice for streamlining your finances. As you grow, you may need multiple accounts. 

Acquire Your Business License

The Maine government does not require LLCs to get a general state-level business license. However, depending on the particular county or city your business operates in, you may have to get a municipal license or tax license.

The type of goods or services your LLC provides will also determine if you need to get an industry-specific license. You’ll need a license if your LLC provides financial services, healthcare, architectural services, construction work, etc.

Open a Bank Account for Your LLC
Get the Required Permits

Choose Your LLC’s Tax Structure

The great thing about starting an LLC in Maine is that you get to choose whatever tax structure you want. Other business entities do not enjoy this flexibility. LLCs generally enjoy pass-through taxation, avoiding double taxation. 

As an LLC owner in Maine, you’ll pay Maine’s individual income tax at the rate of 5.8% to 7.15% of your income. If you choose to be taxed as a C-Corp, you’ll pay the 21% federal income tax rate and 3.5% – 8.93% graduated corporate income tax.

Get Insurance

If your LLC has at least one employee, whether full-time or part-time, Maine requires you to get worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance covers any work-related injuries that may occur from accidents or illnesses.  

It is not a requirement to obtain property and liability insurance for your LLC in Maine. However, it is advisable to get them because they protect your company from property damage, injury claims, and lawsuits that may affect your finances.

Choose Your Tax Structure
Get a Trade Name

Get a Trademark (Optional)

When you start a new company, you need to create logos, brand colors, designs, and other elements that are unique to your brand identity. Getting a trademark will protect your brand elements from being copied by another business. 

You must first check with the patent office’s Trademark Electronic Search System to verify that there are no trademarks similar to yours. Then, submit your application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and await approval.

Get a Website (Optional)

Although this is not a mandatory step, it is highly recommended. One of the keys to staying ahead in a digital age is creating a website for your business. Ensure you design it with your brand logo, colors, and other unique brand elements. 

Your website should also have a domain name that matches your legally registered business name or DBA (doing business as). This makes it appear more professional and credible, thus attracting potential investors or business partners.  

Get a Trademark
Stay Compliant

Remain Compliant

After you’ve registered your LLC in Maine, you must keep up with certain ongoing compliance requirements mandated by state laws. You’re required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State. The legal deadline for this report is June 1.

The annual report verifies that you’re still a viable LLC operating under state laws. The filing fee for this report is $85 for domestic LLCs and $150 for foreign LLCs. You can also choose to file it online or print it out and submit it by mail. 

Why Should Outsource LLC Formation?

Starting an LLC can be an overwhelming process. If you make any filing mistakes, you’ll have to pay additional fees to correct them. However, if you use expert LLC formation service providers like Inc Authority, you’ll save considerable time and money.

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

Why should you bother with complicated registration processes when the experts are here to help you for free?

Starting an LLC in Maine involves lots of paperwork and complex requirements. With experts to oversee every aspect of your LLC formation, you can ensure a smooth and straightforward process.

100_ Accuracy

Zero Errors

Correcting filing mistakes for LLCs in Maine takes up more time and comes with additional costs of at least $50. 

When you hire an expert, there’s no room for mistakes. Experts who have been doing this for years will help you save r money by ensuring there are absolutely no errors in your documents during the filing process. 

Faster Filing

Save Time

If you don’t have experience, starting an LLC all by yourself could take you weeks or months to complete. 

Experts who do this day in and day out can get the process completed much faster than you can. They’ll review your paperwork, file it, and help you get your business up and running in no time.

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Limited Liability Protection

One of the biggest advantages of running your business as an LLC is the liability protection it offers. Unlike partnerships and sole proprietorships, LLCs protect their members from debt and liabilities incurred by the company.

This means that if your LLC incurs debts, creditors cannot use the personal assets of the members of the company to repay the loan. You’ll only be held liable if you or any of your members personally guaranteed the business loan. 

Limited Liability Protection
Flexible Tax Structure

Tax Flexibility

Another huge advantage of starting an LLC is the flexible tax structure it offers. Members of an LLC can deliberate and choose a taxation structure that best fits their business needs and meets their financial goals. 

LLCs can choose to be taxed as a Sole Proprietorship or a Corporation. If your LLC is taxed as a Sole Proprietorship, you’ll pay a personal income tax, while LLCs taxed as C-Corporations would pay federal and graduated corporate income tax.  


Unlike other business structures, operating an LLC will incur significantly lower costs. The filing fees for LLCs are more affordable than fees for corporations and partnerships. In fact, some states in the US don’t require any filing fees. 

Besides filing fees, the operational costs of an LLC are relatively affordable. LLCs follow a less complex operating structure compared to corporations, so, they cost less to run. The pass-through taxation structure also saves money. 

Less Paperwork

Less Paperwork

The simple operational structure of an LLC ensures that its members have minimal paperwork to deal with. Creating and filing official documents for an LLC does not take as much time as it would for other business entities. 

Corporations are required to hold annual board meetings and provide detailed minutes and reports, which can signify more paperwork. LLCs are not obligated to hold such meetings and do not need to bother with lengthy reports. 

Ease of Management

The management structure of an LLC is solely determined by its members. An LLC can be manager-managed or member-managed. However, corporations don’t enjoy this flexibility but must be managed by a board of directors.

In a member-managed LLC, one or more of the members of the company can make decisions or changes to business operations. Alternatively, a manager-managed LLC hires an externally contracted manager to oversee business operations. 

Ease of Management
Ownership Flexibility

Ownership Flexibility

There is no restriction on the type of owners an LLC can have. The members can all share ownership interests. An LLC can also be owned by an individual, corporation, or other LLCs, as long as they are legally licensed to operate in the state. 

Furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of people or businesses that can own an LLC. Your company is allowed to operate as a single-member LLC, which has one sole owner, or you can have an unlimited number of owners.

Ability to Hold Assets 

The state of Maine recognizes an LLC as a legal, independent entity that is separate from its owners. As such, your company has the right to acquire assets on its own without having members co-sign purchase agreements. 

If your LLC should face legal action, members’ personal assets will be protected, and only the LLC’s assets will be put on the line. Keeping the business and personal assets separate makes it easier for you to streamline finances.

Ability to Hold Assets
Ability to Enter into Contracts

Ability to Enter into Contracts

An LLC is an independent entity and can get into contractual agreements with other individuals or businesses. This means that members or owners of the LLC will not be required to personally co-sign contracts that the LLC enters. 

This distinction also presents an LLC as a more credible structure than partnerships and sole proprietorships. Furthermore, investors prefer to enter into contracts with businesses rather than people, which makes it easier to secure funding. 


These are the benefits you’ll get with the free plan. 

  • Business Name Search: Inc Authority makes it easy for you to find available business names using the free name search tool on its website. It allows you to search through a comprehensive list of registered firms to find available names. 
  • Registered Agent Services for One Year: Even with the free plan, Inc Authority provides free registered agent services for your LLC. This saves you the trouble of hiring a paid registered agent to serve as your company’s point of contact. 
  • Secure Document Management: With Inc Authority’s free plan, you don’t need to worry about losing the paperwork associated with your LLC. It provides a secure online database to store your operating agreements, annual reports, etc. 
  • Tax Advisory: Inc Authority’s services don’t just stop at business formation. It also provides tax advisory services from experts who will guide you through the process of choosing a suitable tax structure that will maximize your tax savings. 
  • LLC Formation: This is the main service that Inc Authority offers. Its team of experts guides you through every step of forming an LLC in Maine, ensuring that you provide all the necessary documents and make no mistakes when filing them. 
  • S-Corp Election and Filing: Are you thinking of choosing an S-Corp tax structure for your LLC in Maine? Not a problem. Inc Authority’s professionals will help you review and file the S-Corp election form in no time and get the special tax status. 
  • Business Funding Analysis: Your LLC needs adequate access to funding sources in order to grow and expand. Inc Authority recognizes this need and assesses your short-term finance needs and provides reliable funding options for you.

The free LLC formation plan gives you the basic features you need to set up a functional LLC in Maine. However, if you’re looking for more personalized services, you should consider the paid plans.

Price: Free


This plan provides the features in the free plan, with the following additional benefits:

  • LLC Operating Agreement: Your LLC needs to have an operating agreement to guide how the company will function. Inc Authority will provide professional templates to help you draft a comprehensive operating agreement for your LLC in Maine. 
  • Employer Identification Number: Maine law mandates all LLCs to get an EIN for tax identification purposes. The Starter plan gives you access to experts who will make the EIN application process as seamless as possible for you.
  • Corporate Forms and Documents: Establishing an LLC in Maine involves different types of forms, documents, and legal paperwork. With this plan, Inc Authority will give you the guidance and templates needed to draft the necessary documents. 
  • Annual Compliance Reminders: It can be difficult to remember all the annual compliance requirements your LLC in Maine must keep up with. Inc Authority lets you focus on your business by sending reminders to help you stay compliant.
  • In-Depth Tax Consultation: While the free plan comes with basic tax advisory services, the Starter plan gives you a more detailed look into your tax structure. Inc Authority’s experts will offer more personalized insights to maximize your taxes. 
  • Web Domain + 5 Business Email Addresses: In this digital age, establishing an online presence for your business is necessary. Inc Authority will provide  5 business email addresses and a web domain to match your business name. 

Price: Custom


Take a look at the additional benefits you’ll get over the Starter plan. 

  • Customer Success Advisor: When you choose the Fasttrack plan, which is Inc Authority’s highest-tier plan, you get a dedicated customer success advisor who will be your point of contact at every step of the way. They’ll answer your questions and help you make the best decisions concerning your LLC in Maine. 
  • Private Banking Specialist: Besides a customer success advisor, you’ll also be assigned a private banking specialist to assist you with the financial planning aspect of your business. They’ll ensure you understand how to streamline your finances and help you choose the most suitable business banking options.
  • Personalized Business Advisory: Inc Authority is not just concerned about helping you start your LLC in Maine. It also offers additional services to ensure your business is running as it should. With the Fasttrack plan, you’ll get business advisors to help you create a solid business plan that meets your goals.  
  • Expedited Preparation and Filing: Although the Maine state government offers expedited filing for some LLC formation processes, you’ll have to pay extra for it. The Fasttrack plan automatically includes expedited preparation and filing. This means you can get access to same-day filing and processing at no extra cost. 

The Fasttrack plan is the most expensive plan Inc Authority offers, but it comes with more personalized services tailored to your specific business needs. If you’re working with a limited budget and can afford to be patient, you can start with the Free plan.

Why Choose Inc Authority to Form an LLC in Maine

When it comes to LLC formation, Inc Authority is undoubtedly your best choice. The company has been in this business for 35 strong years. You can rest assured that you have a team of experts behind you. Here’s why you should choose Inc Authority.

Free Service

100% Free Service

Inc Authority is dedicated to helping you save your money rather than spend it unnecessarily.

That’s why it offers LLC formation services at no cost. While other companies charge exorbitant amounts for the same service, Inc Authority waives its service charges and processing fees.

Unmatched Expertise

Unmatched Expertise

Inc Authority does not compromise on quality. It provides the best team of experts to work with you.

From banking specialists to tax experts and business advisors, Inc Authority provides only the best of the best to guide you and make your LLC formation journey faster and more efficient for you.   


Hassle-Free Experience

Inc Authority takes on the burden of complex LLC formation procedures so you don’t have to.

The company’s experts already know the ins and outs of LLC formation and how to make it stress-free. They’ll review all your paperwork and ensure you have a smooth business formation experience. 

Form an LLC with Inc Authority


To file a certificate of formation for your Maine LLC, you’ll need to pay $175 for a domestic entity and $250 for a foreign one. If you want expedited filing, the state charges an extra $50 to $100. Each year, you must also pay $85 to $150 to file your annual report.

Here are the steps involved in setting up a Maine LLC. 

  • Choose a Business Name: Pick a unique business name that reflects your brand and is not used by any other legally recognized business in the state. 
  • Reserve Your Business Name: Complete a name reservation form for $20 to reserve your chosen business name for up to $120 days. 
  • Appoint a Maine Registered Agent: Appoint a business or an individual who will act as the first point of contact for your LLC in Maine. Your registered agent must be over 18 years old and have a permanent address within the state. 
  • Decide on a Type of LLC: Decide whether you want to operate your company as a single-member or multi-member LLC. Maine recognizes low-profit organizations, so you can also choose to operate as an L3C. 
  • Create an LLC Opening Agreement: Create an operating agreement document that outlines the rules under which your company will operate.  
  • Register Your LLC by Filing the Certificate of Formation: Make your LLC a legally established company by filing a certificate of formation with the Secretary of State for $175. 
  • Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN): You can get your EIN from the IRS by completing and submitting IRS Form SS-4 via the official IRS website. The process of getting an EIN is free.
  • Set up a Business Bank Account: Keep your business and personal finances separate by creating a checking business bank account for your LLC in Maine
  • Acquire Your Business Licenses: Some counties and cities in Maine require you to acquire a business license, depending on the type of goods and services you provide and the location you operate from.
  • Choose Your Tax Structure: While an LLC in Maine enjoys pass-through taxation, you can also decide to be taxed as a C-Corp or an S-Corp.
  • Get insurance: All Maine LLCs with one or more employees must obtain worker’s compensation insurance to protect employees from work-related injuries or illnesses. 
  • Get a Trademark: Apply to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark your company’s brand elements and keep them from being copied by another business.
  • Get a Website (Optional): It is not mandated by the government to get a website for your LLC in Maine. However, a website can help you extend the online visibility of your business to reach your target market, so it is advisable to get one. 
  • Remain Compliant: An LLC in Maine is required to remain compliant by filing an annual report on or before June 1. This costs $85 to $150 to file. 

LLCs in Maine enjoy pass-through taxation, and by default, the members will pay Maine’s individual income tax at the rate of 5.8% to 7.15% of their income. 

If the company decides to be taxed as a C-corporation, it’ll pay the 21% federal income tax rate and 3.5% – 8.93% graduated corporate income tax

Maine does not mandate LLCs to file their operating agreement. However, it is good practice to have one as it is a crucial document that outlines the company’s rules of governance, decision-making process, and other day-to-day business operations. 

Small businesses make up over 99% of businesses in Maine. It is one of the best places to set up an LLC due to its minimal requirements and straightforward registration process. Here are the benefits of starting an LLC in Maine. 

  • Limited Liability Protection: In the event of a lawsuit or debt issue, LLC members will not be held responsible to pay, only the company will be liable. 
  • Tax Flexibility: An LLC in Maine has the flexibility to choose its tax structure. A limited company can choose to be taxed as a Sole Proprietorship or Corporation. 
  • Affordable: LLC’s operational costs are much less than other business entities. 
  • Less paperwork: An LLC in Maine will only deal with minimal paperwork due to its simple operational structure. 
  • Ease of Management: Maine LLCs can decide to be manager-managed or member-managed. 
  • Ownership Flexibility: An LLC can have any type of business owner. It could be owned by an unlimited number of individuals or businesses. 
  • Ability to hold assets: An LLC in Maine is a legal, independent entity that can acquire assets with co-signatures from members of the business. 
  • Ability to Enter into Contracts: A limited liability company can also enter into contracts with other business entities, individuals, vendors, clients, etc.