Can I serve as my own registered agent to form an LLC?

Every state requires that a limited liability company have a registered agent when forming or incorporating a business. The registered agent may be either a business or an individual person – and yes, you can be your own registered agent for LLC formation as long as you meet the requirements. The registered agent must do the following:

  • Live in the state where the LLC is registered
  • Receive service of process in a lawsuit or other legal matter
  • Receive annual LLC reports
  • Receive franchise tax forms
  • Keep Articles of Organization, LLC operating agreements, tax returns, and other necessary documents on file

As long as your physical address is in the same state that the LLC business is registered in, you can be the registered agent if you are willing the meet these obligations. While it may seem convenient to be your own registered agent, keep in mind that doing so requires you to maintain sometimes irregular business hours and have your address made public. This can pose a problem if you do not want your home address openly available to the public. The amount of junk mail you receive at your physical address is also likely to increase.

If your LLC is rather large and includes storefronts in multiple states, you will need a registered agent for each state you are doing business in. In such a case, it is likely not possible to be your own registered agent in each state. Some businesses like to hire out registered agent services. If another business or person is your registered agent, they will pass on any important LLC documents to you as necessary.

You can apply for LLC formation using the forms available through GovDocFiling. You may also consider tax ID protection by ensuring you fill out an online EIN application to get your employer identification number. Start your LLC the easy way today.

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