How Can I Check the Status of My EIN Application?

When you are in the process of getting an EIN or any other government filing, you want to make sure everything is going smoothly. Fortunately, when you submit your online EIN application through GovDocFiling, you can check in on your application status at any time. This useful tool is just one of the many benefits of using our services. 

Steps to Check Your Status

Checking the status of your application is easy. Follow these simple steps at any time:

  1. Before starting, locate your order number from your application
  2. From the GovDocFiling website, click the “Check Order Status” link on the right
  3. Enter your order number and email address in the form and click submit
  4. This will show you the current status of your application order
Apply for an EIN
Process for Applying for EIN

If you have not yet submitted an application to get your federal tax ID number, you can begin the process easily. Simply click the “apply for a tax ID (EIN) number” at the top of the page. Then select the appropriate entity type. This will open the relevant online EIN application for your entity type. From there, follow the instructions on the page.
This process is quick and easy and can be completed online. Getting an Employer Identification Number can help you with paying taxes, employing people and applying for financial services.
In addition to getting an EIN, you can also make various other filings through GovDocFiling. For example, you can submit your LLC forms to create a new entity. All these processes can be completed on online.

Get Started

If you are ready to get started with your online government filings, we are here to help. Whether you want to apply for a Federal tax ID number, submit your LLC forms or complete various other filings, you can do so quickly and easily. Once you’ve submitted your application, you can check the status at any time.