How do I file for an EIN in Colorado?

Employee Identification Numbers, more commonly referred to as EINs, are issued by the federal government for tax administration purposes. In addition to filing taxes, EINs are also required to obtain certain permits for your business, open business bank accounts, and apply for credit cards. You may apply for an EIN in Colorado or any other state as long as you meet these EIN requirements:

  • Your primary business is located within the United States or a U.S. Territory.
  • You have a valid Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number

It only takes a few minutes to fill out our online EIN form. Simply select your entity type and enter information including the physical address the entity will use and the responsible party on the one-page SS-4 form. Once completed, it takes an hour* to receive your unique, nine-digit EIN electronically. A hard copy of the official issuing letter from the IRS may take up to four weeks to receive, however.

*Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

You may or may not be able to use your Colorado Tax ID Number until you receive this letter. Certain banks require this document before they will open a new account or extend credit to a business owner.

Do I Also Need a Colorado State Tax ID?

Colorado typically requires business owners to obtain a State Tax ID in addition to the EIN. The State Tax ID is required for filing business taxes, state income tax, state sales tax, employee income tax withholding, and sales tax exemption permits.

Get Your EIN Started Today

Apply for your EIN online through GovDocFiling. We’ve streamlined the process for you—no confusing IRS instructions to read through. If you have questions about getting an Employee Identification Number, we offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our qualified representatives are happy to answer your questions or assist you with any of our services.