Does changing the name and structure of my business, require a new EIN?

You don’t need to obtain a new Employer Identification Number, or EIN, if you’re simply changing the name of an existing business, though the IRS does expect you to provide notification of the new name after you register it.

Any time the structure of a business changes, you will need to apply for a tax ID number. A sole proprietorship that becomes a partnership or corporation, for example, requires a different tax ID number.

What Are All the Business Structure Changes That Require a New EIN?
  • Corporations: When two corporations merge, a new EIN is necessary if a new company is created or subsidiaries exist. Changing tax designations from C-corporation to S-corporation doesn’t require a different tax ID number.
  • Partnerships: If one partner buys out the company to operate it as a sole proprietorship, a new tax ID number is needed. Declaring bankruptcy doesn’t require a new EIN.
  • Acquisitions: When you buy or sell a business, the new owner must apply for a different EIN.
  • LLCs: If you decide to start an LLC, you will need a tax ID number. The only exception is if you operate a single-person LLC with no employees.
What About Address Changes?

As in the case of name changes, moving your business to a new location doesn’t require changing your EIN number. In fact, there are several things you can do with your business under an existing tax ID number:

  • Change its name
  • Shift locations
  • Expand or renovate
  • Add additional locations or stores
  • Create business divisions
How Many EINs Can I Have?

When you already have a valid EIN for your company, the IRS will not issue you a new one. That means it’s important to understand whether you qualify or not before filing an application to avoid spending unnecessary time and money.

If your business seems to be located in a gray area and you’re not sure what to do, our professional advisors can help. Contact us for assistance applying for EIN or preparing documents related to business structure changes. That way you receive all of the benefits with none of the stress.