I’m Moving to a Different State. Do I Need to Wait to Order My EIN or Can I Order it Now?

When a business relocates, the owner must order a tax ID for their new state. The owner does not have to wait to order their EIN. They can do it while they are still in their original state, or once they get to the new state. Even if they do not have the new address, they can still order it.  There also may be other times when a business needs to order an EIN. 

When You Establish a New Business

If you are establishing a business, it is important to apply for an EIN as soon as possible. The IRS uses this number to identify your business uniquely. To complete the taxes for a business, it must have an EIN. GocDocFiling makes this process easier and faster.

When Your Current Business Changes

If there is a change in ownership, a new EIN is required. Each type of business may have different reasons for needing a new EIN. It is important for those who are sole proprietors, part of partnership, or own LLCs, corporations, estates or trusts to review the requirements for needing a new EIN for their specific business entity.

There are some situations in which it is necessary to order an EIN. Business owners who are moving to a new state do not have to wait to order their EIN, but they are required to order a tax ID for their declared home state. Sometimes, a business will order a new EIN because they are required to due to changes in their business. It is also important to apply for an EIN if you are trying to establish a new business.