How Does the IRS Handle a Change of Address?

When and if you or your business changes address, you must notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to ensure you receive any relevant correspondence. For example, you’ll want to update your address to ensure you receive any tax refunds. Or, if you establish an EIN with the IRS, you’ll more easily be able to retrieve your tax ID number, as well as any other relevant documents pertaining to your businesses.

What Is An EIN?

Most businesses need what’s called an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to execute various business tasks, including opening a bank account in the name of the business, and establishing a payroll for employees.

You’ll need to know how to apply for an EIN with IRS in order to complete these tasks, or you may choose to work with a third party service provider, who can file the forms on your businesses’ behalf.

Once you establish an EIN with the IRS, you’ll need to keep your business records updated, particularly your address, to ensure you receive all the necessary documentation for your business.

What to Do If You Change Your Address 

The easiest way to keep your address current is to update it when you file your tax return. However, this only works if you change your address before you file your return. Simply complete you tax return with the new address and the IRS will automatically update the information.

You can also change your address anytime by completing Form 8822, which is a change of address form.

It can take up to six weeks for a change of address form to be processed. Once you establish an EIN with the IRS, it is your responsibility to keep your records up to date.