Does My Tax ID Number Change If the Location of My Business Changes?

You are not required to obtain an EIN if your business changes location. Businesses change their addresses all the time, and while obtaining a new EIN is not part of this transition, there are some agencies you will need to contact if and when you change your business address.

For example, you will need to apply for EIN with the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, and complete a Change of Address form. You’ll also need to contact your state’s Department of Revenue to ensure you receive information about state taxes and income taxes.

The distance the business is moving will determine whom you need to contact and with what information.

Other Reasons You Won’t Need a New EIN

In the event that you change the name of your business, or if you decide to open several business locations, you do not need to obtain a new Employer Identification Number, or EIN.

Conversely, the IRS does stipulate circumstances under which a new EIN is required. You will be required to obtain a new tax ID for your business if:

  • You’re subject to a bankruptcy
  • The business become incorporated
  • You operate your business as a partnership
  • You purchase, or inherit, a business and operate it as a sole proprietor

Businesses typically need a new EIN when their ownership or business formation changes. A new tax ID for a change in business location is therefore not required.

How to Apply for New Tax ID

 In the event that you do need a new tax ID or EIN, the best way to apply is online. Online applications are typically handled in 24 hours, and you can check on the standing of your order any time.