Where Is My DBA Filed?

Deciding on a business name is an important part of establishing a business. In most cases, the name of a business is not the name of the person establishing the entity, and that’s because most owners’ names have little to do with the products or services being offered.

Sole proprietorships or partnerships are common business types that require the registration of a business name, fictitious business name, trade name, or any other name that differs from the legal name of the person establishing the business.

To do business as a name other than person that owns the business, you must register a business name with the proper state agencies, a process known as DBA application filling.

Where Is My DBA Filed?

You might be wondering: where is my DBA filed? Do I do it online, or in person?

Filing a DBA is usually done in person, at either the county clerk’s office or the state department, depending on the state and where you plan to do business. In rare cases, a state may not require the registering of the name at all.

Because filing a DBA is unique to each jurisdiction, you should become familiar with your state’s DBA laws, which govern where a DBA is filed, when and if it must be renewed, and any associated fees for the filing.

The reason states have individuals register for DBAs, an abbreviation for doing business as, is to protect consumers from nefarious businesses and to hold business owners accountable when and if legal matters must be pursued.

Now that you know where to file your DBA, the next step is deciding what to call your business. Once you’ve registered your business name with the appropriate state agencies, you can begin working under your new business name.

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