Will I ever need to apply for a new EIN for the same business?

As times goes by, it is only normal for your business to experience changes. You may need to change its name, address, or even its structure. As your company changes over time, you may wonder if you need to apply for a new EIN. Here are some guidelines for when you’ll need to apply for a new tax ID number for your business.

When Do I Need a New EIN?

The circumstances that require you to get a new tax ID depend on your entity type.

  • Sole proprietorships: If you incorporate, become a partnership, or go through a bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Corporations: If you switch to a partnership or sole proprietorship, a new corporation is created by a merger, or get a new charter from your secretary of state.
  • LLCs: If you create a new LLC with multiple members, you opt to file taxes as a corporation as a single-member LLC, or pay employment or excise taxes.
  • Partnerships: If you incorporate or the partnership is taken over by a single partner and runs it as a sole proprietor.
  • Trusts: If the trustee changes or the grantor gets a new name or address.
  • Estates: If a trust forms from estate funds or you run an estate as a business after the owner passes away.

As you can tell, not all business changes require you to get a new EIN. Generally, you won’t need to get another EIN if you’re only changing the name or address of your company.

How to Get a New EIN Number

If you find out you’re required to get a new EIN, don’t worry! You can easily submit an SS4 form online via GovDocFiling to get a new one. The process takes a matter of minutes and you’ll get your new EIN delivered to your email quickly.

How Should I Change the Address or Name of the Company?

If you do not need a new EIN because your situation doesn’t match one of those listed above, then you simply need to file a change with the IRS. This requires you to prepare an individualized communication for the request, because there is no single form like there is when you register a company. Write a letter requesting the change and providing information about why it is necessary. Include all of the following details:

  • Your company’s current registered name and address
  • The state in which you are incorporated
  • The business structure—partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.
  • The nature of the changes to be made
  • The reasons for the changes being made

Include evidence of the company’s name change in your communication to speed the process and send your communication to the IRS office for your state. You should be notified via mail when a change has been made.

What if I do Need a New EIN?

The good news is that the process for obtaining a new EIN is the same as the first one. Since your company must be reincorporated as a new entity before you can file for a new tax ID, the IRS does not view this as an application for a new EIN from a business that already has one. Instead, it considers the old business to be no longer operating, and it treats your new request as the first request for an EIN from a new company.

The process will not be any faster or slower because it is an EIN for a company that is reincorporating. You can still expect the same turnaround for both your EIN confirmation and your paper records. To get started, navigate over to the application page and select the type of entity you will be registering today. Then, fill out the simple form and wait for your email confirmation. GovDocFiling makes the process as simple as possible so you can get your EIN quickly.