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GovDocFiling has partnered with Gusto to offer you a one-stop solution for all your HR needs. Get payroll, talent management, employee benefits, time-tracking, and more as part of one comprehensive HR solution.

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Receive one free month of payroll services.

Work is so much more than a paycheck, that’s why Gusto was built to be a full-service payroll and people platform.
From handling payroll taxes to answering your HR questions, we simplify complex tasks so you save time and feel like an expert.

Gusto's hiring, onboarding, and engagement tools were built to help you save time while setting your team up for success from their very first day. Even if you're remote.

Setting up your HR the right way can help avoid fines and lawsuits down the line. We’ll give you the tools to help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations that affect your business.

Finally, employee benefits for every business. With Gusto, you can offer affordable health and financial benefits to support your team into the future


Gusto makes payroll easy by enabling you to pay your employees for their hard work in a few clicks. They also calculate and file your payroll taxes.

  • Unlimited payroll runs
  • Tax registration in 50 states
  • Payroll tax calculation & filing
  • Time-tracking synced with payroll

Employee Benefits

Build the right health and financial benefits package for your employees, within your budget, with the help of Gusto’s licensed advisors and experts.

    • Health & life insurance
    • HSA and FSA
    • 401(k) retirement savings
    • Commuter benefits

Hiring & Onboarding

Gusto makes hiring and onboarding easy with custom onboarding checklists, offer letters, and hiring workflows created via integrations.

  • Job listings & offer letters
  • Custom onboarding checklists
  • Online doc signing & storage
  • Integrated hiring workflows

Talent Management

Review your employees’ performance, and manage employee training & development using end-to-end talent management solutions from Gusto.

  • Learning and development tools
  • Performance review templates
  • Third-part software integrations
  • Automated feedback requests


Gusto provides a simple time and attendance tracking solution for small businesses and automatically syncs this employee data with payroll.

  • Time-off requests and approvals
  • Geolocation mobile time tracking
  • Employee overtime alerts
  • Paid-time-off & leave policies 

Insights & Reporting

Gusto provides all HR-related data in the form of actionable reports that can help you make strategic decisions for your small business.

  • Workforce and project costing
  • Surveys & trend analysis
  • Automated custom reports
  • Workforce and project costing

If you want to outsource your entire HR function to a single provider, then Gusto is our top recommendation. We’ll ensure you get the best prices and deals.

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Avoid Costly Compliance Mistakes with Gusto’s HR Solutions

HR might not be a core business function, but if managed poorly, it can have some very real consequences. Non-compliance with government regulations related to HR can result in heavy penalties.

  • An Occupational Safety and Health Act violation can cost you up to $7000.
  • Employee lawsuits can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.
  • An ACA penalty may cost you as much as $2000 per employee.

Gusto ensures proper tax and compliance management that can help you stay compliant and avoid such penalties. It will calculate and pay your payroll taxes and ensure compliance with local tax regulations.

Manage Remote Teams Using Smart Technology by Gusto

Gusto’s HR solutions for small businesses allow you to manage remote teams efficiently using best-in-technology and tools. Whether it’s time-tracking or online employee onboarding, managing remote teams has never been easier.

  • Send welcome emails, e-sign offer letters, and complete all onboarding tasks online.
  • Pay employees and contracts in 80+ countries, without worrying about tax compliance.
  • Enable single-click login and logout, and efficient time-tracking for remote employees.

Gusto equips you with everything you need to run a multinational organization with remote teams working from anywhere in the world.

Gusto Pricing Plans: How Much HR Outsourcing Costs

Gusto offers the most cost-effective HR solutions for small businesses and GovDocfiling’s users get extra benefits using our exclusive partnership discounts.

Check out the plans and click on GovDocFiling’s link to find the best deals for your small business.


$40 per month
+ $6 per month per person
$60 per month
+$9 per month per person
Custom pricing
  • Employee profiles and self-service
  • Full-service single-state payroll
  • 2-day and 4-day direct deposit
  • Basic hiring and onboarding tools
  • Gusto-brokered health insurance administration
  • Employee financial benefits
  • Payroll and time-off reports
  • Integrations
  • Basic support
  • All Simple plan features
  • Multi-state payroll (W-2s and 1099s)
  • Next-day direct deposit
  • Advanced hiring & onboarding tools
  • PTO management and policies
  • Time tracking and project tracking
  • Workforce costing and reports
  • Team management tools
  • Full support
  • All Plus plan features
  • HR Resource Center
  • Compliance alerts
  • Certified HR experts
  • Payroll migration and account setup
  • Health insurance broker integration
  • R&D tax credit discount
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee surveys and insights
  • Dedicated support

We have done our research and partnered with Gusto because it is one of the best HR solutions provider for small and mid-sized businesses. 

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Create Streamlined HR Workflows with Software Integrations

Gusto provides integrations with accounting, finance, learning, tax, and other tools and apps to help you create automated and streamlined workflows.

Let all your business tools work together to provide the best results for your small business.

Gusto allows you to manage lal your tools from one place and run your integrated HR function, seamlessly.

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Customer Reviews: See What Customers Say About Gusto

“My favorite thing about Gusto is the fact that it takes a lot of tedious and time consuming payroll work off my plate and allows me to focus on my business.”


Ian Reid, Owner

Distant Moon, Inc. (Hamilton, VA)

“With Gusto, I think of payroll as a 30-second job now rather than 30 minutes and scary. The website is so friendly and a joy to use.”


Pankaj Garg, Business Owner

Integrative Pain Clinic, LLC (West Chester, PA)

“I love having a Concierge team I can call on if I have any questions. I also totally enjoy having the ability to have Human Resource questions answered or researched quickly.”


Regina Massey, Chief Operations Officer

Perioperative Services of Mississippi (Jackson, MS)

“The support team at Gusto is so helpful. We rely on them constantly. Whenever something comes up, I reach out and 24 hours later they tell us what to do or assure us that they’ve already handled it for us.”


Amneet Bhurji, Finance Manager

Student Loan Hero (20+ states)


FAQ on Gusto’s HR Solutions for Small Businesses

HR is a non-core business function that is crucial to business success. As a small business, you can’t afford to dedicate most of your time and effort to managing HR, when you can easily outsource it to professionals.

Hiring internal HR staff can take years and a lot of money as well.

HR Outsourcing to an HR solutions provider like Gusto helps you:

  • Free up your time and dedicate it to core business activities
  • Save money by getting access to experts without having to hire them full-time
  • Reduce compliance risks and manual errors related to payroll and taxes
  • Streamline your HR process from the start and have it running smoothly

At GovDocFiling, we regularly review service providers and software for small businesses. We’ve done our research and we recommend Gusto HR solutions for small businesses. 

The best part is that if you use our link, you’ll get the best offers and deals on their human resources solutions.

Gusto is a full-service HR solutions provider for small businesses. It offers everything from payroll to employee performance management. Here is a quick list of key services offered by Gusto:

  • Payroll administration
  • Talent management
  • Time-tracking and attendance
  • Onboarding and hiring process
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Analytics and reporting
  • HR consulting services

Small businesses outsource HR to have their HR processes run smoothly, without any hassles, and so can you. Gusto is the best HR outsourcing company for small businesses and you should give it a try.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Gusto’s plans are designed to grow with your small business. You can switch to higher-tier plans as your business grows and can get add-on services if you don’t want everything that comes with the Premium plan.

With Gusto, you can bill contractors at a per-person cost, as they understand that you don’t pay contractors on a regular basis. They’ll only charge you for contractors in months you’ve paid them. If you work exclusively with contractors, they have a contractor-only plan starting at $35 per month.