Apply for a Federal Tax ID in Alaska

The idea of creating a new business in Alaska may sound scary to some people. After all, it can seem like a remote place, especially to those used to life in the lower 48 states. But Alaska is actually a great state for entrepreneurs.  Alaska’s laws provide single-member LLCs with tax and liability protection. It was also recently listed as the third-most tax friendly state for businesses. The summits of Alaskan mountains may be frigid, but the business climate is warm. Ranked as one of the top states for entrepreneurs, Alaska is a welcoming environment for new businesses looking to tap into the growing population and consistent flow of tourists. In addition to low business taxes, you’ll find an absence of state income tax and sales tax, making it an ideal place to relocate. Niche businesses and restaurants in particular do quite well in Alaska, and the scenery is without parallel anywhere in the United States.

Before you can start a business in Alaska, you need a federal tax ID number. The government uses a tax ID number, also called an Employer Identification Number, to identify businesses. You need an EIN to file tax returns and obtain a business license. GovDocFiling can help you with this step so you’ll have more time to enjoy the wonders of Alaska and creatively plan for your business launch.

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File for Alaska EIN

Let Us Simplify the Filing Process for You

Applying for an Alaska EIN number can be difficult, especially for first-time business owners. GovDocFiling is here to help.

To start, determine how you want to structure your business. GovDocFiling tells you everything you need to know about S-corporations, C-corporations and limited liability corporations so you can determine which format fits your business goals.  Or, you can simply take GovDocFiling’s survey. Just answer a few questions to find out the right entity type for your company.

GovDocFiling also provides a simplified tax ID application form right on its website. You can access the form 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need to complete the application is some basic information about yourself and your business.

Best of all, GovDocFiling deals with the IRS for you. You won’t have to waste hours on the phone or trying to navigate a complicated government website. Once your online EIN application is finished, GovDocFiling sends it right to the IRS. Within weeks, you will have a fully usable Alaska tax ID number.

GovDocFiling simplifies the process of obtaining an EIN and provides all the LLC forms you need to get your business up and running. So if you want to be an entrepreneur in Alaska, head over to the GovDocFiling website.

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