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The Sunshine State has had a booming business community for decades. Young entrepreneurs, especially, are flocking to Florida to take advantage of the ever-growing business opportunities. Small businesses make up 98.9 percent of Florida’s business profile, and 43.2 percent of Florida employees are small business employees. Small businesses understand the multitude of profits to be made in Florida. If your business has one or more employees, operates as a corporation, and files various business taxes, the federal government legally requires the business to have an EIN. For entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure how to get an EIN in Florida, GovDocFiling’s online EIN filing service makes the process simple.

GovDocFiling is your fast, user-friendly solution for obtaining a Federal Tax ID number. If you are starting a new business, increasing your workforce, applying for financing, or seeking a federal contract, you might need an EIN to remain competitive. Cutting through IRS bureaucratic red tape can be daunting for even the savviest entrepreneur. We are here to help you navigate the complex process and successfully obtain a Federal Tax ID number for your Florida business.

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The Easy Solution for Getting Your Business Going

With GovDocFiling, applying for a Florida Tax ID could be the fastest and easiest thing you do for your business. Our easy to navigate online application lets you select your business entity type to be directed to the correct application. You can also hover over each entity type for a detailed definition before you select one. One you go through our simple process and obtain your Florida Federal Tax ID number, you can focus on the bigger stuff—like acquiring the necessary permits, licenses, insurance, and customers for your business. In the state of Florida, chances are you will also need to file with the Florida Division of Corporations after obtaining a Tax ID.

GovDocFiling’s clear, simplified filing process is what makes us the most sought out resource for new businesses. Our devoted support team, ethical business practices, and quick turnaround time will ensure that you get the proper tax service you need for your business. Our online EIN application takes only minutes to fill out, meaning we can help you get your business off the ground in no time. Don’t make your business wait any longer—apply for your Florida Tax ID with GovDocFiling today.

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