How to Apply for a Tax ID in Utah

Job growth is expected to be at least 2.8 percent every year through 2020, more than double the national average. When you look at Utah’s business policies and climate, it’s easy to see why. Utah’s population is the youngest of the 50 states, and about 90 percent of the adults have at least a high school education. Not only is Utah’s labor supply high, but the business costs are also low. Perhaps that’s why Forbes consistently ranks this state as one of the best to do business in.

If you want to take part in this state’s growing economy, you may wonder how to get a tax ID number in Utah. GovDocFiling can make that process easy for you. We have teams of experts available to get your Utah EIN quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on other business matters.

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Our Easy, Three-Step Process

Getting a Utah tax ID number is as easy as one, two, three. First, tell us what type of business you want to get the ID number for. Of course, your company is unique. If you’re not sure what selection to choose, our handy quiz can help. Secondly, fill out our easy online application. This form provides GovDocFiling with the essential information we need to get your application through. Finally, you just leave the rest to us. We will quickly process your application and get your Utah EIN. Sometimes, we can get tax ID numbers in as little as one day.

Changing Your LLC Could Mean Changing Your EIN

If we’ve already helped you get your employer identification number for your Utah LLC, you may still need our help in the future. Making certain changes to the structure of your LLC may require you to get a new federal tax ID number. For example, if your LLC was created as the result of a corporation conversion, you will need to apply for a new tax ID.

However, there are many changes you may make to your LLC that will not require acquiring a new EIN. If you reduce the number of partners in your LLC, you may still keep your original tax ID number. If you increase the number of partners in your LLC, you may still keep your original number. And if you began your business as a sole proprietorship and file papers to become an LLC, you can take your EIN with you.

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Making Sure You’re Ready for an EIN

GovDocFiling exists to help you get your business operating legally. But before we can do all the legwork of filling out those IRS forms for you, your LLC needs to be properly registered. The Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code will supply you with a guide to help you make sure you contact all the necessary agencies. Don’t look at this step as another hoop to jump through. Registering your LLC not only allows you to apply for an EIN, but it also protects your personal assets from being involved with your business activities. Being a registered business may also give you certain tax and legal benefits.

The intersection of business and government can get messy. If you have any questions, our support team is available to help via phone or email 24/7. GovDocFiling is dedicated to making this process as painless as possible. If you also want to file in neighboring states, you’re in luck. We can help you obtain a Colorado tax ID number or an Arizona tax ID number with ease. Start the process to obtain your Utah EIN today.

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