How to Apply for a Tax ID in Washington

Washington state is one of the country’s most active start-up hubs, boasting one of the highest number of patent holders per 1,000 people. With one of the nation’s strongest economies, Washington has experienced growth in the field of information technology and hi-tech innovation. As a savvy business owner, you’re a part of what makes the state of Washington an exciting place to start a business. Amidst all the excitement if starting a new business, let GovDocFiling simplify the less glamourous process of required government paperwork.

Your Washington EIN is a required form of identification for many government agencies and financial institutions. You must have an EIN to open a business bank account, file taxes and even hire employees. Additionally, you tax ID number provides an extra level of security, effectively acting as a social security number for your business. GovDocFiling offers tax services to business owners in Washington, as well as those who need an Idaho tax ID number or a Colorado Tax ID number.

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Steps to Getting an EIN

The process of how to get a tax ID number in Washington state involves getting your business registered. The act of registering your business makes it a distinct legal entity. Though not all types of businesses are legally required to be registered, registration may give the business owner certain benefits. One very attractive reason to have your business registered is to protect your personal assets. If there is ever a dispute that involves your business, your personal liability will be limited. Another good reason to register your business is for the tax and legal benefits you may gain.

The Washington Secretary of State web site has many resources to help you get your business registered. You can find links to the forms you need to fill out and directions on how to get your business registered. GovDocFiling will be able to help you with your application for a federal tax ID once you have this important task completed.

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Update Your EIN

A successful business in Washington often has to adapt to fit the changing needs of the consumer. Sometimes the changes a business needs to make will result in applying for a new Washington tax id. For example, if a sole proprietorship needs to incorporate, it will also need a new EIN. Likewise, if a partnership drops one or more of the parties within it and adds others, the partnership will have to acquire a new federal tax ID. Simple changes, such as coming up with a new business name or moving to a new location, will not require a new ID number. If you aren’t sure if you need a new tax ID, our support team can help answer your questions.

A Simplified EIN Process

Do you have questions about how to get a Washington tax ID number? Click on “Apply for a Tax ID” to start our simplified paperwork process. Be sure to have a personal government issued identification number, like your social security number, available. You will also need a valid email address and business address. Select the type of entity your business best fits. If you are uncertain about your business’s category, take the brief survey provided to help you make the right choice. Once you have selected the correct category, complete the application. Lastly, submit a one-time government processing fee. Within one hour*, your business’s EIN will be emailed to the address you provided.

*Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

Whether your new business needs a tax ID to get started or your existing business needs a new tax ID because of changes that have been made, GovDocFiling will help you get your application processed quickly. Let us file your EIN form today.

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