How to Apply for a Tax ID in Wyoming

As a Wyoming business owner, you live in an economy very distinct from neighboring states like Idaho and Colorado. Wyoming thrives on mineral extraction and tourism, presenting many different opportunities for unique businesses, services and attractions. The atmosphere for domestic tourism is unique to Wyoming, as new potential customers and business opportunities present themselves on an almost regular basis. Having recognized this, you’ve created a business plan, assessed your resources and you’re ready to apply for your Wyoming tax ID number. With GovDocFiling to help you file LLC forms and other documents, starting your business has never been easier.

Attaining a Wyoming EIN helps your business gain legitimacy with government agencies and financial institutions. Companies need tax ID numbers in order to open bank accounts, file taxes and even hire new employees. In addition to these mission critical projects, a tax ID offers a level of security to your business as well as an official form of identification. Think of your tax ID as your company’s social security number.

If you’re ready to take the leap in a state that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, your next step is to learn how to form an LLC in Wyoming. GovDocFiling is one tool that can make that process easier by helping you secure a Wyoming Tax ID number.

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Your Wyoming Tax ID Through GovDocFiling

Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a tax ID number is issued by the federal government and is required for most kind of business entities. GovDocFiling’s Tax ID application services starts by helping determine which type of business entity is appropriate for your venture. Unless you have a strong background in business or tax law, you might not be sure whether your business should be registered as a limited liability company, a corporation or something else. GovDocFiling takes the guesswork out of this question with a simple survey to help you understand which type offers the best terms and benefits your business.

Once you’ve confirmed your entity type, GovDocFiling walks you through the steps to registering your business’s name and paying the federal filing fee. Processing typically takes about an hour*. Even after your application is approved and your EIN issued, you can continue using GovDocFiling’s Wyoming tax ID number lookup feature to quickly pull your information in the future.

*Most EINs are processed same or next business day, unless bundled with state formations, processing times will vary.

If you’re on the path to starting a business, you have bigger things to worry about than things like figuring out how to get a Tax ID number. Leave the ins and outs of submitting federal paperwork to GovDocFiling and get started today.

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