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Why Should You Form a C-Corp in Georgia?

A C-Corp is an often overlooked business entity for small business owners. However, choosing to run your business as a C-Corporation can offer strategic advantages that other entities like LLC and S-Corporation cannot. 

The considerable advantages that C-Corporations offer include:

  • Provide the owners with limited liability protection: Like an LLC, a C-Corp in Georgia is a separate legal entity from its owners. As such, all debts and liabilities belong to the business and the owner’s personal assets cannot be used to clear them.
  • Free transfer of shares: Shares in a C-Corporation offer both management and economic rights. Shareholders of a C-Corp are free to transfer their shares and rights to a new owner. Conversely, an LLC member can only sell their economic rights.
  • Attractive to investors: It’s easy for C-Corporations to attract investors because of the ease of transferring shares. In addition, venture capitalists prefer investing in C-Corporations because they can ask for equity in the business in exchange for financing.
  • Easy to attract employees: Georgia Corporations have an easier time attracting top talent because they can offer a competitive benefits package that includes employee stock options. Other entities don’t have this flexibility, and hence struggle to hire the best workers.

The advantages of forming a C-Corp in Georgia make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs with ambitious growth plans. The ability to transfer shares makes it easy to attract investors who will provide the funding you need to grow your business.

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Choose a Name for Your C-Corp in Georgia

Georgia business owners should choose a unique name for their C-Corp. You can check the availability of your preferred business name by searching Georgia’s C-Corp business name database. You can also reserve your name online for 30 days.

As per Georgia law, the name shouldn’t be longer than 80 characters and must end with the terms “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Limited,” “Company,” or their abbreviations. It must also not include restricted words that can confuse the public like “FBI” or “CIA.”

Choose a Name for Your C-Corp in Georgia
Prepare Your Georgia C-CorpGÇÖs Articles of Incorporation

Prepare Your Georgia C-Corp’s Articles of Incorporation

To legally create your Corporation in Georgia, you must prepare and file Articles of Incorporation with the Georgia secretary of state.

Your Articles of Incorporation must include the name of your C-Corp in Georgia, the total number of shares the Corporation will issue, the name and address of the incorporator, the name and address of your Registered Agent, and the address of your principal office.

Appoint a Registered Agent

Georgia law requires all Corporations to appoint a Registered Agent for the organization. The Registered Agent receives official legal documents and correspondence from the state and other bodies. They’re also responsible for filing compliance reports with the state. 

The Registered Agent must have a physical address in the state and be available during regular business hours to receive important business documents. You can be your own Registered Agent or seek a dedicated Georgia Registered Agent service like Inc Authority.

Appoint a Registered Agent
Prepare Corporate Bylaws

Prepare Corporate Bylaws

Though you’re not required by the state corporations division to do so, it’s advisable to create the corporate bylaws for your C-Corp in Georgia. This is an internal document kept at the C-Corp’s main office that sets the basic rules for running the organization. 

Your corporate bylaws should touch on issues such as the number of directors, the responsibilities of the different offices, and when to hold annual meetings. Well-defined corporate bylaws show banks, creditors, and investors that your C-Corp is legitimate. 

Appoint Directors for Your C-Corp in Georgia

C-Corporations in Georgia are required by law to have at least one director. The person signing the Articles of Incorporation must appoint the initial directors to serve on the board until the first annual meeting when the shareholders will elect new board members.

The board directors should be at least 18 years old. The corporate bylaws will state how many directors the Georgia Corporation will have. The directors do not have to be Georgia residents or shareholders in the C-Corp unless stated in the corporate bylaws.

Create a Shareholder Agreement

Create a Shareholder Agreement

For you to launch and operate your C-Corp in Georgia smoothly, you’ll need to draft a shareholder agreement. This is an agreement between the C-Corp owners that outlines the legal structure for making crucial decisions and the obligations of all shareholders. 

The shareholder agreement also establishes the total number of shares issued and their fair price. It also sets clear directives on how outsiders can become shareholders in the company as well as stating the payment details in the event the C-Corp is put for sale.

Issue Shares of Stock

Issue stock certificates to all the shareholders of your C-Corp in Georgia for their capital contribution to the organization. Shareholders can contribute property, services, cash, or a combination of these three in exchange for partial ownership in the organization. 

Enter the name, address, and contact information of the shareholder in the stock transfer ledger. Georgia doesn’t require C-Corps to set a par value for their stock. As such, you need to specify the par value of your shares in your Articles of Incorporation.

Issue Shares of Stock
Review Tax Requirements and Apply for EIN

Review Tax Requirements and Apply for EIN

All Corporations in Georgia should apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. The EIN is a unique nine-digit number that identifies the Corporation as a business entity. It’s used for tax purposes and opening a Corporate bank account. 

C-Corps in Georgia pay corporate income tax at the rate of 6% and must file returns at the state and federal levels. Additionally, Georgia Corporations are required to pay the net worth tax. The shareholders of the Corporation also pay taxes on their earnings, resulting in double taxation.

Apply for the Necessary Licenses

Your C-Corp in Georgia may need certain permits and licenses based on your industry to operate legally in the state. Find out from the state department which licenses are mandatory for your Corporation and apply for them in advance.

Examples of permits Georgia Corporations need include a zoning permit, occupation permit, liquor license, and health permit. Considering how difficult it is to acquire these licenses, working with a professional service like Inc Authority will help you save time.

Apply for the Necessary Licenses
Submit Your First Report

Submit Your First Report

Within 90 days of establishing your C-Corp in Georgia, you must submit your initial annual registration report to the state department. The report provides the current record of your C-Corp’s management structure, mailing address, and Registered Agent. 

In the report, you must list the three key principal officers of the Corporation, i.e. CEO, Secretary, and CFO. It must also include a notice of your intention to form a C-Corp in Georgia in a local newspaper. There’s a fine of $250 when you don’t submit this report.

Why Choose Inc Authority to Form Your C-Corp in Georgia

There are so many things you need to do to form a C-Corp in Georgia. Without the help of a business formation agency like Inc Authority, it’ll take you a lot of time and effort to satisfy all the requirements set by the state corporations division.

100 free

100% Free

Inc Authority is the most affordable business formation agency you can use to form your C-Corp in Georgia. They provide this service for free and you only have to pay the mandatory state fee to create your Corporation. Unlike other organizations that charge hundreds of dollars for basic features, our trusted partner delivers so much value for $0. 

Fast Processing Times

Fast Processing Times

Inc Authority understands that you want to form your C-Corp in Georgia in the shortest time possible. With more than three decades of experience, our trusted partner knows what to do to get your C-Corp application approved on time. They will go over your documents before submitting them to the state to ensure there are no errors that can delay the process.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Our trusted partner Inc Authority will take care of everything for you so you don’t have to rush from one state department to the next seeking approval for your C-Corp in Georgia. This will free you up to do other things to get your Corporation up and running like improving your product line, creating a sales plan for your C-Corp, and convincing investors to fund your business.

So, start your business formation process now to launch your C-Corp.

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Business Name Check

Georgia state law requires every Corporation to have a unique business name that is distinguishable from other organizations within the state. Georgia business owners are, therefore, required to check the availability of their preferred name before registering it. 

Inc Authority has an online name check tool you can use to check the availability of your preferred name. The tool is free to use and it works by scanning Georgia’s corporate division database to check if another Corporation is using your preferred business name.

Business Name Check
Separate Legal Identity

Free Registered Agent Service

All Georgia Corporations are required to have a Registered Agent who will receive legal notices and documents from the state. Serving as your own Registered Agent is difficult since you’re required to be present at the provided address during working hours. 

Inc Authority will serve as your Registered Agent to ensure you don’t miss important notices. While other agencies charge hundreds of dollars for this service, our trusted partner provides this service for free for the first year to keep your startup costs low.

Digital Storage & Delivery

Inc Authority takes the safety of your legal documents very seriously. That’s why they provide digital storage and delivery of your C-Corp formation documents. This will ensure you don’t lose important documents since you will always have a copy online. 

Delivering your startup documents online also makes it easy for you to share them with shareholders who will want to know if you have registered the Corporation. And as you do so, you won’t have to worry about losing the documents since the copies exist online. 

Digital Storage _ Delivery
Tax Planning Consultation

Tax Planning Consultation

C-Corporations have complex tax requirements that can overwhelm any new business owner. The tax experts at Inc Authority will walk this journey with you to ensure your C-Corporation in Georgia remains tax compliant and doesn’t miss important filing dates. 

They will also guide you on how to plan your finances to help you make tax savings. Unlike S-Corporations, C-Corps have additional taxes they need to comply with like the net worth tax. Inc Authority will help you manage such C-Corp tax obligations effectively.

Free Plan

Inc Authority’s free plan is full of amazing features to help you launch your C-Corp in Georgia with ease. It provides the following services at $0 processing fee + state fees:

  • Business name check
  • Free Georgia Registered Agent service for one year
  • Digital document storage and delivery
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Preparation and filing
  • 24/7 Inc care support
  • Business credit and funding analysis

Price: Free

Starter Business Bundle

The Starter Business Bundle provides the following features to entrepreneurs who want to start a C-Corp in Georgia. 

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Complete corporate bylaws
  • Initial meeting minutes and resolutions 
  • EIN/federal tax ID number 
  • Annual compliance notifications
  • Web domain & email addresses

Price: Custom

Fast Track Business Bundle

The Fast Track package has premium features to help entrepreneurs run and manage their C-Corp in Georgia. Its features include:

  • Everything in the Starter Business bundle
  • INC Success Advisor Package 
  • Private banking specialist 
  • Personalized business advice
  • Expedited filing

Price: Custom


Starting a C-Corp in Georgia with Inc Authority is absolutely free. The agency doesn’t charge a processing fee and you only have to pay the mandatory state filing fee.

The shareholders of an S-Corporation only pay taxes on their profits, hence avoiding double taxation. A C-Corp in Georgia is taxed twice. The business income is taxed at the corporate level and the shareholders also pay taxes on their profits.

Both an LLC and Corporation are incorporated business entities that are separate legal entities from their owners. However, an LLC doesn’t have a board of directors and doesn’t issue corporate stock. It’s also not subjected to double taxation and can’t go public.

To register a C-Corp in Georgia you have to file your Articles of Incorporation with the Georgia secretary of state, appoint a board of directors, and issue share certificates to the shareholders.

Not necessarily. The state doesn’t require you to have corporate bylaws but it’s advisable to create them to set the ground rules for operating your C-Corp in Georgia.