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Things to Know Before Starting an LLC in Mississippi

Running an LLC in Mississippi will require you to follow certain rules and regulations. Understanding these requirements before owning a Mississippi LLC will help you know how to run your business effectively. 

Let’s discuss some of them below.

  • Obtaining a Mississippi Certificate of Existence (Certificate of Good Standing)  costs $25, and the application must be done online. You typically need this certificate if you want to register to do your business in another jurisdiction. 
  • Businesses like banks and insurance companies cannot operate as LLCs in the state of Mississippi. Your LLC name can also not include words like bank, banker(s), banking, trust or trust company, insurance, and limited partnership.
  • Foreign LLCs must first register with the Mississippi Secretary of State. So if you plan to do business within the state as a foreign LLC, register your business using Mississippi’s online filing system. The filing fee is $250.
  • Mississippi LLCs with five or more employees (with a few exceptions) must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. The rate will depend on factors like the size of your LLC, the risks involved, and your claim history. 

Starting an LLC in Mississippi comes with many benefits, but it’s paramount to adhere to all the formation requirements and follow the necessary guidelines. Inc Authority can help with both Mississippi LLC’s business formation and ongoing compliance requirements. 

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Select a Business Name

Choose a unique and relevant business name that your customers can easily remember. It must be distinguishable from the name of any other foreign or domestic business entity registered in the state of Mississippi.

You can confirm your chosen LLC name’s availability by conducting a business name search online. Also, ensure that you follow the Mississippi LLC naming conventions, including adding words like “LLC” to it. 

Select a Business Name
Reserve Your Name and Buy a Domain

Reserve Your Name and Buy a Domain

After choosing a name for your Mississippi LLC, consider reserving it till you officially register your LLC. This helps protect the LLC name from being taken by another Mississippi business entity before you form your LLC in Mississippi.

While at it, secure a matching domain name for your business website. If a good domain name is not available for your selected business name, you might have to consider changing your name and getting a matching domain name. 

Appoint a Mississippi Registered Agent

In any state where you conduct business, you need to have an official address where someone is available during business hours to receive all business correspondence. This individual or business is called a registered agent. 

You need a local registered agent to receive the legal documents on behalf of your LLC and forward them to you. This could be an individual or a business, but they must be a state resident or authorized to do business in the state. 

Select an LLC Type

Select an LLC Type

You may form a single-member LLC or a multi-member LLC, depending on the number of co-owners of your Mississippi LLC. You also need to choose between a domestic LLC or a foreign LLC, depending on your needs.

You can also opt for a professional LLC. This is for Mississippi limited liability companies that offer services permitted only by licensed professionals, such as law attorneys, dentists, architects, and accountants.

Draft an Operating Agreement for Your Mississippi LLC

Even though you can complete this step after registering your Mississippi LLC, we recommend handling it earlier. A written operating agreement gives you a clear vision of your future business, including how it should be run.

LLC operating agreements list down all that pertains to running your new business, including conflict resolution, rules of governance, members’ rights, succession plans, and more. It’s a must-have document if you want to run your LLC efficiently.

Draft an Operating Agreement for Your Mississippi LLC
File Your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report

File Your Mississippi Certificate of Formation

One of the most crucial parts of forming an LLC in Mississippi is filing the Certificate of Formation, which is done through the state’s online filing system. This will allow your LLC in Mississippi to legally run its operations within the state. 

You can file your certificate online or print and mail it to the SOS’s office. The filing fee is $50. We recommend filing online as it is the fastest and most efficient way. Inc Authority can file it on your behalf, further simplifying the process. 

Obtain an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)

All newly formed LLCs in the US must acquire an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service, except for single-member LLCs. The EIN is a nine-digit number that acts as a social security number for a business. 

It comes in handy when opening a business bank account, filing tax returns, and paying income tax, among other things. You don’t need to pay any fee when applying for an EIN, but you’ll need a taxpayer identification number. 

Obtain an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Open a Business Bank Account

Open a Business Bank Account

It’s vital that your Mississippi LLC has its own bank account to maintain its limited liability status. If you mix personal and business funds, you risk being held personally liable for damages against your limited liability company. 

Opening a business bank account also helps you establish a banking relationship for your LLC, which helps when you want to secure loans. You’ll need your operating agreement, EIN, and LLC Certificate of Formation to open an account. 

Get the Needed Licenses and Permits for Your LLC

Even after registering your limited liability company in Mississippi, you still won’t be able to operate until you acquire all the needed business licenses and permits. These will depend on the nature of your business and its precise location. 

Even though a state-level business license is not required in Mississippi, some counties and cities need various permits and licenses for businesses. These include zoning permits, occupational permits, and trader’s licenses. 

Get the Needed Licenses and Permits for Your LLC
Choose a Beneficial Tax Structure

Choose a Beneficial Tax Structure

One of the perks of setting up a limited liability company is that you have the freedom to decide how you want to be taxed. Mississippi LLCs can be taxed as a C-corporation, sole proprietorship, S-corp, or partnership.

Check with the Mississippi Department of Revenue to see if your LLC is subject to any state taxes. It’s important to note that Mississippi has a sales tax rate of 7% and a flat 5% individual income tax rate before you make a choice.

File Your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report

Once you’ve formed your Mississippi LLC, file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). It’s a new requirement, and failure to comply may attract up to $500 per day in civil fines.  

The BOI report can be filed online. If you start your LLC between Jan 1 2024 and Jan 1, 2025, you’ll have to file your report within 90 days from the formation date. After Jan 1, 2025, you’ll have 30 days to file the report. There’s no filing fee. 

File Your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report
File Your Annual Report

File Your Annual Report

All Mississippi LLCs must file annual reports once every calendar year with the Mississippi Secretary of State. The annual reports can be filed online anytime on or after January 1st of each year and are due by April 5th of the same year.

An annual report provides the state with information about your LLC, including if it has changed ownership. You need a state-issued Business ID Number to file the report. The filing fee for foreign LLCs is $250 and domestic LLCs is $0. 

Get a Website and Open Accounts on Social Channels

Both big and small businesses need a website to conveniently offer information about their businesses to potential customers. Use professional web design services to get your website up and running and ensure a good user experience. 

With your LLC’s website already established, set up social media channels next. Choose one or two social platforms that are most relevant to your business. These platforms should be the ones your target audience uses the most. 

Get a Website and Open Accounts on Social Channels
Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

Your legal obligations don’t end once your Mississippi LLC is up and running. You must stay updated on ongoing legal and tax requirements to ensure you remain compliant with the state’s laws and regulations in the long term. 

For example, you must file your annual report every year, as we previously mentioned. You’ll also need to fulfill certain requirements at the local level, such as paying local taxes, employer taxes, obtaining city licenses, and so on.

Why Should You Outsource Instead of Forming an LLC Yourself?

Business filings can be tough and failure to do it right can be costly and time-consuming. When you outsource the filing process to experts like the team at Inc Authority, you’re assured of a smooth, convenient, and efficient process, from start to finish. 

Below are some of the reasons why you need to outsource your Mississippi LLC formation process to a pro.

Simplified Process

Simplified Process

Hiring a professional to form your LLC ensures that everything works out smoothly while you focus on other aspects.

When working with Inc Authority, all you need to do is fill out a form and provide required documents. Inc Authority’s team will handle the rest!

No Errors

No Errors

Even one small error on your LLC formation application or documentation can render your application null and void.

Outsourcing to professional firms like Inc Authority ensures such instances never occur. They’ll thoroughly review your application and leave no room for error.

Quick Filing

Quick Filing

Handling all the complex paperwork and filings for your new business yourself can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

By outsourcing, you can leave the entire filing process to a professional firm like Inc Authority, which is equipped to get it done much faster and more efficiently.

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Personal Liability Protection for Owners

The first benefit that you’ll enjoy as an owner of an LLC in Mississippi is personal liability protection for all LLC members. Despite not being a formal structure like a C-corp, an LLC provides similar protection for its business owners. 

For instance, in case your LLC fails to pay its debts, the members are not held responsible. Members’ personal assets can’t be seized to pay the LLC’s debts in any circumstance. This is why many new business owners opt for an LLC. 

Personal Liability Protection for Owners


It’s generally cheaper to form and run a limited liability company in Mississippi, compared to other business entities like corporations. For example, unlike a Mississippi corporation, LLCs do not pay any filing fee for annual reports. 

The operational costs for running a Mississippi corporation are also much higher compared to those needed to run an LLC. This makes Mississippi LLCs great for entrepreneurs looking for an affordable and easy-to-run business entity. 

Administrative and Management Ease

Standard LLCs in Mississippi have more flexible rules on how they must be run, compared to corporations. Members can create their own rules and guidelines and include them in the LLC operating agreement that governs their business.

Mississippi corporations have a fixed management structure in the form of a board of directors. LLCs in Mississippi, on the other hand, can either be managed by the members or appointed managers to run the business’s daily operations. 

Administrative and Management Ease
Flexible Ownership Structure

Flexible Ownership Structure

When you start an LLC in Mississippi, you’ll o enjoy flexibility in terms of who can own the business and how many members there can be. Some entities like S-corps and partnerships have limitations on who can be a business owner. 

For instance, certain businesses can’t register as an S-Corp. S-corps do not allow non-resident shareholders and you can’t go beyond 1000 shareholders. LLCs have much fewer restrictions on who can and can’t be LLC owners. 

The Right to Hold Assets

Another benefit of starting an LLC in Mississippi is that you can keep your personal assets separate from the business ones. LLCs have the legal right to hold assets since the businesses are considered separate entities from their members. 

The ability to hold assets ensures that in case your business fails, only the company assets are seized. None of the assets that you and other members of the LLC hold can be taken to pay the company’s debts or liabilities, if the need arises.

Less Paperwork


Below are the features you’ll enjoy with the free business formation plan:

  • Business name search tool: It provides an easy-to-use business name search tool where you can type your preferred business name and see if it’s being used by any other business entity within the state. 
  • Free registered agent services: Whether you choose a free or paid business formation plan, Inc Authority will provide you with a Mississippi registered agent. You can get their services entirely free for the first year.
  • Online document management: With Inc Authority, you have the option to store all your business documents online and access them anytime through your Inc Authority account. This simplifies document management.
  • Tax planning consultation: The free plan also comes with a free tax planning consultation. Inc Authority will provide you with a tax planning expert who will guide you through everything related to your LLC’s taxes. 
  • LLC formation: Inc Authority is well known for its LLC formation services. Its team of experts will review and file your application and get your LLC registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State efficiently and quickly.
  • S-Corp election and filing: In case you prefer the S-corp special tax status, Inc Authority will help you fill out and submit the S-election form (Form 2553 of the IRS) to get you the federal S-corp status quickly.
  • Business funding analysis: Every business requires sources of funding in order to operate smoothly and expand further. Inc Authority experts will assess your funding requirements and offer trusted funding sources. 

This plan is perfect for bootstrapped startups and small businesses that want a legal business entity without spending too much.

Price: Free


Below are the additional services you’ll get with the Starter plan:

  • LLC operating agreement: You should draft an operating agreement for your Mississippi LLC. Inc Authority offers different templates that you can use to create a comprehensive operating agreement.
  • Employer Identification Number: Running an LLC in Mississippi requires you to have an EIN. Inc Authority’s Starter Plan will help you with the application process and ensure you get this number as soon as possible. 
  • Corporate forms and documents package: Starting and running your LLC requires you to create various documents regularly. Inc Authority offers multiple templates for these documents to help you draft them quickly. 
  • Compliance notifications: Mississippi laws require LLCs to comply with certain rules and regulations. Inc Authority will send you reminders on upcoming deadlines and inform you of the compliance requirements. 
  • In-depth tax advice: While a brief consultation is offered with the Free Plan, this involves a more comprehensive evaluation of your LLC’s tax requirements and offers the best possible tax savings. 
  • Web design and marketing services: In case you intend to create a website for your LLC, you’ll need a domain name that matches your business name. This plan gives you that along with 5 different email addresses. 

Price: Custom


Below are the additional services you’ll get over the Starter plan:

  • Customer success advisor: Inc Authority will assign a dedicated customer success manager or an account manager for your account. They’ll guide you through the entire LLC formation process and answer any questions.  
  • Private banking specialist: A separate business bank account is vital for proper management of your business finances. Inc Authority will assign a private banking specialist who will help you find the best banking options.
  • Personalized business advisory: Besides helping you form your LLC, Inc Authority is committed to seeing you grow. Its expert business advisory services will help you grow your business quickly and take it a level higher. 
  • Expedited preparation & filing: Same-day filing is one of the biggest benefits of choosing this plan. Clients on the Fasttrack plan are priority clients and Inc Authority will ensure their applications are filed within one day. 

If you’re looking for top-tier, personalized services, and super quick filing, then this is the best plan for you. It’s Inc Authority’s highest tier plan and ideal for businesses who want premium services and are willing to pay for them. 

Why Choose Inc Authority to Form an LLC in Mississippi

It’s no doubt that Inc Authority is one of the leading LLC formation service providers in the US. They’ve been in the game for 30+ years, and are well aware of the ins and outs of the process.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should choose Inc Authority over any other service provider in Mississippi.

Free Service

100% Free Service

You may have to pay hefty fees, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars, just to file for your Mississippi LLC. 

But this is not the case with Inc Authority, as it offers the service completely for free. Just pay the state filing fee and you’ll be good to go.

Unmatched Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

Working with Inc Authority gives you access to tons of resources and professionals in various fields.

Whether it’s a free tax planning consultation, banking consultation, or business funding advice, Inc Authority has all the expert advice you need.


No Hassles

Forget about going through tons of complicated paperwork and long forms every other day.

Inc Authority simplifies the work for you by handling all the paperwork. With this, you’ll have ample time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Form an LLC with Inc Authority


To start an LLC in Mississippi, you’re required to pay a fee of $50 (in addition to a $4 credit card fee) to file a Mississippi Certificate of Formation.

You must fill out this application online, through the Mississippi Business Services portal. Upon completing the application, you can now submit it by mail, electronically, or in person.

Besides the one-time state filing fee, there are additional costs related to running an LLC in Mississippi that you may have to consider. These include taxes, license fees, and insurance premiums.

Yes, LLCs need to pay different types of taxes in Mississippi. In regard to income tax, for instance, LLCs are considered pass-through tax entities, meaning the role of paying income taxes falls on the LLC owners. Your LLC won’t pay taxes on its income, the owners will do so on their share of the business’s income. 

If your LLC has employees, you have to pay employer taxes to both the state and federal governments.

If you plan on selling taxable goods or services to your customers in the state, you must pay sales tax to the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR).

As an owner of an LLC in Mississippi, you’ll have both one-time expenses and ongoing expenses, which are the things that you need to keep your company afloat. Some of the ongoing expenses you need include utilities, taxes, health insurance, raw materials, fuel efficiency, and tech subscriptions. 

Your LLC’s operating agreement needs to state how you can remove an LLC member and the reasons that could lead to this decision. 

In case you don’t have an operating agreement in place, you can remove a member only if there’s written consent from all the LLC members. After this, you’ll need to update the state of Mississippi with your annual report filing. 

To register a foreign LLC in Mississippi, you’ll need to file an application for registration of a foreign LLC online and pay $250, together with a $8 credit card fee, to the Mississippi Secretary of State. 

Mississippi foreign LLCs also need to register for Mississippi sales tax and acquire any needed permits and licenses.