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Things to Know Before Starting an LLC in Missouri

Before you form your Missouri LLC, it’s wise to understand the key requirements and considerations. This will ensure a smooth setup process and prepare you to run your business successfully. 

Here’s an overview of some important things to know:

  • If you’ve already incorporated your LLC in another state and want to conduct business in Missouri, you will need a Certificate of Authority from the Missouri Secretary of State. There is a $155 fee for this certificate.
  • You must pay the initial cost of $50 to file your Articles of Organization online to the Secretary of State to start a Missouri LLC. The fee increases to $105 if you decide to file your formation documents via mail.
  • While LLCs in Missouri are not required to file an annual report or pay annual tax or fees on LLCs, you must pay employer taxes to the federal and state governments if your Missouri LLC has an employee.
  • You may need a Doing Business As (DBA) registration, which costs $7, if you want to operate under a name besides your legal Missouri LLC name. Each desired name requires a separate filing and is valid for five years.   

If you are a Missouri resident and plan to conduct business within the state, it’s better to form a domestic Missouri LLC rather than registering in another state and paying for a foreign LLC in Missouri.

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Select an LLC Name

The first step in forming an LLC in Missouri is to choose a unique LLC name that’s not already taken by another business. You need to choose a name that reflects your business and complies with Missouri’s naming regulations. 

It must contain the terms “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” or their abbreviations (LLC, L.L.C., LC, LLC). Conduct a business name search using the Missouri Online Business Filing database to ensure availability.

Select an LLC Name
Reserve a Business Name and Domain

Reserve a Business Name and Domain

In Missouri, you can secure your LLC business name for 60 days by filing an Application for Reservation of Name with the Secretary of State. The filing fee is $25 and can ensure your chosen name remains available. 

If you need more time after the 60 days are over, you can renew the reservation for two additional 60-day periods. This brings the maximum reservation window to 180 days giving you time to complete the necessary steps. 

Appoint a Missouri Registered Agent

You need to designate a registered agent, either a person or a business entity, to accept legal documents on behalf of your LLC. The agent must have a permanent physical Missouri address and be available during business hours. 

You can act as your registered agent but you must be available to receive all legal correspondence at the registered address during business hours. This is why many LLCs opt for professional registered agent services.

Appoint a Missouri Registered Agent
Choose an LLC Type

Choose a Type of LLC

Missouri offers flexibility in forming LLCs. You can establish a single-member LLC if you’re the sole LLC owner or a multi-member LLC if there are several LLC owners involved, allowing for shared profits, losses, and decision-making.

If your business operates entirely within Missouri, a domestic LLC is the most suitable option. However, if you have an LLC registered in another state but want to conduct operations in Missouri, form a foreign LLC.

Create an LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC operating agreement, though not mandatory in Missouri, is highly recommended to establish clear rules and expectations for the business. It spells out ownership structures, voting rights, and a lot more. 

Additionally, it establishes procedures for important decisions, capital contributions, and revenue and income tax distributions. With a clear agreement, you can avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings down the road. 

Create an LLC Operating Agreement
File Your Biennial Reports

File Your Missouri LLC Articles of Organization

The official step to establish a Missouri limited liability company is filing the Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State. This can be done online for just $50. If you prefer paper filing, the filing fee increases to $105.  

An interesting advantage Missouri offers is the ability to form Series Missouri LLCs at no additional cost. These function like an LLC holding a collection of LLCs underneath it, allowing for compartmentalization within your business.

Obtain Your Certificate of Organization

Once you’ve filed and received approval for your LLC formation documents, the state will grant you a certificate signifying the LLC’s legal existence. This certificate acts as a vital document for the LLC’s financial operations and credibility. 

To obtain certified copies of your Missouri LLC Articles of Organization, you can order them by fax, mail, email, in-person, or online for a $10 processing fee. If you choose mail delivery, there’s an additional per-page cost of $0.50.

Obtain Your Certificate of Organization
Get an Employer Identification No.

Get an Employer Identification No.

An EIN is a federal tax identification number for your business assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can apply online or by mail. The online application has a processing time of 2-3 business days.

An EIN allows you to open a dedicated business bank account, separating your business income from your personal funds. This keeps your finances organized and is beneficial when applying for business loans or credit cards.

Open a Business Bank Account

Keeping your personal and business finances separate is crucial for your personal liability protection. By running all your business transactions through a dedicated business bank account, you can establish a clear distinction. 

This reinforces the limited liability status of your LLC, which shields you from liability in case of business debts or lawsuits. It also simplifies bookkeeping and tax filing, as you won’t have to untangle personal expenses from business costs.

Open a Business Bank Account
Acquire Business Licenses and Permits

Acquire Business Licenses and Permits

Depending on your business type and location, you may need to obtain specific licenses or permits to operate legally in Missouri. You can check with your local city or county clerk’s office for information on the licenses required.

On the state level, however, LLC businesses selling tangible personal property or taxable services within the state need to obtain a sales tax license. This is issued free of charge by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Choose Your Tax Structure

You can choose to be taxed as a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership depending on your preferences. By default, Missouri LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities, meaning the profits and losses are reported on the members’ tax returns. 

This simplifies tax filing for many small businesses. However, if your Missouri limited liability company has significant profits or you plan to have many members, choosing a C-corporation or S-corporation tax status could be advantageous.

Choose Your Tax Structure
Get Insurance

File for a DBA (Optional)

In Missouri, if you want to operate your business under a name different from your legal LLC name, you’ll need to register a fictitious business name, also known as a Doing Business As (DBA). This involves a filing fee of $7. 

You’ll need to submit a separate application for each fictitious name you wish to use and your DBA registration lasts five years. Once that period expires, the renewal involves the same process to keep the fictitious name.

Get a Trademark (Optional)

To shield your brand identity from being used by others, consider registering a trademark for your LLC in Missouri. This applies to your business name, logo, tagline, or any other unique elements that distinguish your brand. 

The Missouri Secretary of State’s Corporations Section of Business Services oversees trademark and service mark registration for a fee of $55. By registering your mark, you gain exclusive rights within Missouri for ten years.

Get a Trademark
Stay Compliant with State Policies

Stay Compliant with State Policies

Maintaining your LLC’s good standing in Missouri goes beyond the initial formation process. You’re required to maintain a registered agent and registered office within Missouri to ensure you’re notified of any legal matters promptly.

This address will be listed on public records and used for official communication. By keeping a registered agent and office in Missouri, you demonstrate to the state that your LLC is actively operating and adhering to legal requirements.

Why You Should Outsource LLC Formation Instead of Doing It Yourself

Although launching your Missouri LLC is straightforward, the formation process is time-consuming and requires filing several pieces of paperwork. This is why you outsource LLC formation to a pro to free up your time and ensure a smooth launch. 

Efficient Processing

Efficient Process

When you hire a professional, they handle the process smoothly, making it hassle-free.

 Instead of dealing with extensive paperwork, and procedures of different government departments, you simply need to complete a form and provide the necessary documents.

Error-Free Formation

Error-Free Formation

One mistake in your application can cause delays or even rejection of your application.

Professionals specializing in LLC formation have the experience to review your documents and minimize the risk of errors that could stall your business launch.

Expedited Filing

Expedited Filing

Getting your LLC formed can take a while and might get overwhelming if you do it yourself.

Business formation service professionals can handle the filing process for all the necessary documents quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on getting your business going.

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Liability Protection For Members

One of the most significant benefits of starting an LLC in Missouri is the liability protection it offers to its owners, also known as members. LLCs are considered a separate legal entity and are responsible for their own debts and obligations.

This means that if the company incurs debt or faces legal action, members’ personal assets are protected. This protection allows an LLC to operate as an independent business entity, knowing your personal belongings are safeguarded.

Liability Protection For Members
Flexible Tax Structure

Flexible Tax Structure

By default, LLCs in Missouri are considered pass-through entities. This means the business doesn’t pay taxes. Instead, the profits or losses of the LLC pass to the l LLC members who then report them on their personal tax returns.

LLCs in Missouri can elect different tax classifications beyond pass-through taxation. You can opt to be taxed as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or even an S corporation. This allows you to select the best tax option for your LLC.  


Forming and maintaining an LLC in Missouri is a relatively affordable process. The filing fee with the Missouri Secretary of State is low compared to other states, and there are no annual franchise taxes or minimum capital requirements.

This makes it an attractive option for small business owners who want to keep their startup costs low. Compared to corporations, LLCs have simpler administrative formalities, reducing the need for legal services and keeping costs lower. 

Affordable process
Less Paperwork

Less Paperwork

Missouri LLCs benefit from streamlined paperwork compared to corporations. Paperwork filings with the state are minimal, requiring fewer formalities, with Missouri not mandating annual reports or franchise taxes for LLCs. 

While maintaining good business practices is still important, LLCs provide relief from the strict requirements corporations must adhere to. There are no strict formalities for meetings, recordkeeping, or maintaining detailed minutes.

Ease of Management

You have the freedom to choose how your business will be managed, whether by a single member, multiple members, or through managers.  This allows you to tailor the management approach to your specific needs and preferences.  

There are also fewer legal restrictions on profit-sharing arrangements within an LLC. Members can agree on how profits and losses will be distributed, providing greater control and flexibility compared to a rigid corporate structure.

Ease of Management
Ownership Flexibility

Ownership Flexibility

An LLC offers flexibility in ownership and management. Unlike a sole proprietorship, where you and the business are the same or a corporation with a rigid ownership structure, an LLC allows you a lot more flexibility in ownership structure.

Your LLC can have multiple members, with varying ownership percentages based on their contributions. You can also decide voting rights within your Missouri LLC, where members are entitled to varying levels of decision-making power.  

Ability to Hold Assets

One of the benefits of forming an LLC is the ability to hold assets separately from your personal holdings. Since an LLC is considered a separate legal entity, it can hold assets under its name, separate from your personal holdings. 

This offers liability protection for LLC owners and creates a clear distinction between what the business owns and what you own. If your business gets sued or defaults on a loan, your personal assets and accounts are generally protected.

Ability to Hold Assets
Ability to Enter Into Contracts

Ability to Enter Into Contracts

Unlike a sole proprietorship, where the owner and the business are considered the same, an LLC is a distinct legal entity. This separation empowers LLC members to freely enter into contracts with various stakeholders or form joint ventures.

Additionally, having separate legal identities for your business and yourself simplifies record-keeping and finances. Contracts are made with the LLC, not you personally, which makes it easier to track business income and expenses.


The free plan gets you the core LLC formation essentials. Here are the features Inc Authority’s free plan offers:

  • Business name search: You can use the free business name search tool Inc Authority offers to ensure your chosen name is available and complies with state regulations. This can help you avoid potential delays and legal issues.
  • 1-year registered agent services: With the free plan, Inc Authority provides free registered agent service for one year. The agent will act as your official point of contact for legal documents, keeping you informed and in control.
  • Online document management: The free plan offers a secure online repository for all your documents. You can access them from any device, ensuring they are always readily available whenever you need them.
  • Tax planning consultation: The free plan also includes a complimentary tax planning consultation with a dedicated tax professional who will answer your questions and help you understand relevant tax laws and deductions. 
  • LLC formation: Inc Authority takes the burden off your shoulders by handling the LLC formation paperwork. Its team will meticulously review your LLC formation documents to ensure they comply with Missouri state regulations.
  • S-corp election and filing: With the free plan, the team handles the filing of the form for S-corp election with the IRS to ensure that your LLC meets the requirements and receives consideration for the S-corp tax status.
  • Business funding analysis: Inc Authority’s free plan includes business funding analysis. The team of experts will assess your current financial situation to determine the most suitable funding options for your business.

With Inc Authority’s free plan, you have access to all the essential business formation services you need to get your Missouri LLC started. If you require additional features or premium services, check out the paid plans. 

Price: Free


Here are the add-on services the Starter plan provides:

  • LLC operating agreement: An operating agreement establishes the operational framework for your LLC. Inc Authority will guide you through the creation process of your LLC operating agreement, ensuring your agreement addresses all the necessary elements for effective business management.
  • Ownership certificates: With the Starter Plan, you’ll get pre-designed templates and reference materials to create and issue ownership certificates to your LLC members. These certificates can serve as a formal record, promoting transparency in ownership rights and interests.
  • Employer Identification Number: An EIN is important for tax purposes and is often necessary for opening a business bank account, or hiring employees. Inc Authority streamlines the process of obtaining an EIN by assisting you with the application, ensuring your EIN is obtained swiftly.
  • Corporate forms and documents package: If you opt for the Starter plan, you’ll get professionally-designed templates for essential legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and certificates. These templates ensure you have the necessary documentation ready in no time.
  • Compliance notifications: With Inc Authority’s Starter plan, you get helpful reminders and updates on upcoming deadlines you need to meet to stay compliant with important regulations. This helps ensure your business operates smoothly and avoids any potential penalties.
  • Detailed tax consultation: The Starter plan offers one-on-one guidance from a tax specialist who will help you develop a tax plan that minimizes your tax burden and maximizes deductions and credits. This goes beyond the brief consultation offered in the free plan. 
  • Web domain + 5 business email addresses: A professional website is important to boost your digital presence. Inc Authority can connect you with trusted web design partners to build a user-friendly website. You’ll also receive up to 5 business email addresses.

Price: Custom


Here are the additional services you’ll get over the Starter plan:

  • Customer success advisor: In addition to the useful features of the Starter plan, Inc Authority includes a dedicated customer success advisor with the highest-tier plan. This advisor acts as your business advisor, answering all your questions, and providing ongoing support and guidance to run your limited liability company.
  • Private banking expert: Inc Authority’s Fasttrack plan offers complimentary access to a private banking expert. The expert will guide you through the process of selecting the best business banking options for your LLC and choosing an account that suits your transaction volume, growth plans, and cash flow requirements.
  • Personalized business advisory: With Inc Authority’s Fasttrack plan, you’ll receive tailored business advisory services that go beyond business formation. This includes a comprehensive business evaluation, which helps you understand your business objectives and strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • Expedited preparation & filing: The Fasttrack plan is designed to get your business up and running in record time. By opting for the Fasttrack plan, you become a priority client, receiving dedicated attention and swift application processing. This saves you valuable time and allows you to establish your business efficiently.

If you prefer expedited and personalized LLC formation service, Inc Authority’s Fasttrack plan is tailored to meet such requirements. However, if you don’t mind waiting for some days or weeks, you can opt for the free plan.

Why Choose Inc Authority to Form an LLC in Missouri

Inc Authority has been simplifying LLC formation in Missouri for 30+ years. Its experienced team ensures a smooth process, and their services are completely free, as you only pay the state filing fees.

Free Service

Free Service, No Hidden Fees

Forming an LLC in Missouri with Inc Authority involves no hidden charges or exorbitant surprise costs.

You only need to cover the state filing fees and they handle the rest. You can invest your money into growing your business.

Unmatched Expertise

Expert Guidance and Assistance

Inc Authority provides you with access to a team of experienced professionals across various fields in business management.

These experts bring years of experience to the table and offer valuable services and assistance with setting up your business.


Stress-Free Formation Process

Forming an LLC often involves complex paperwork and dealing with unfamiliar state regulations. 

Inc Authority’s team of experts will review and file all the necessary documents with the Missouri Secretary of State.

Form an LLC with Inc Authority


Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to form an LLC in Missouri:

  • Select a Business Name: Choose a unique name that complies with Missouri naming regulations.
  • Reserve a Business Name and Domain: Secure your chosen name for 60 days by filing an Application for Reservation of Name with the Secretary of State.
  • Appoint a Missouri Registered Agent: Designate a registered agent with a physical Missouri address to receive legal documents on behalf of your LLC.
  • Choose a Type of LLC: Decide between a single-member or multi-member LLC, and a domestic or foreign LLC.
  • Create an LLC Operating Agreement: Though not mandatory, it’s recommended to establish clear rules and expectations for the business.
  • File Missouri LLC Articles of Organization: File online or by paper with the Missouri Secretary of State and pay the required fee.
  • Obtain Your Certificate of Organization: Once approved, receive a certificate signifying your LLC’s legal existence.
  • Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN): Obtain an EIN from the IRS, which is necessary for tax purposes and opening a business bank account.
  • Open a Business Bank Account: Get a business account to keep personal and business finances separate for legal protection and easier financial management.
  • Acquire Business Licenses and Permits: Check local requirements and obtain necessary licenses or permits.
  • Choose Your Tax Structure: Decide how you want your LLC to be taxed based on its structure and needs.
  • File for a DBA (Optional): If operating under a different name, register a fictitious business name with the Missouri Secretary of State.
  • Get a Trademark (Optional): Consider registering a trademark to protect your brand identity within Missouri.
  • Stay Compliant: Maintain a registered agent and address within Missouri and adhere to legal requirements to keep your LLC in good standing.

Starting an LLC in Missouri offers several benefits, including: 

  • Liability Protection: Members’ personal assets are protected, providing peace of mind when it comes to business debts and legal issues.
  • Flexible Tax Structure: LLCs can choose from various tax classifications, including pass-through taxation, which offers tax advantages for members.
  • Affordability: Forming and maintaining an LLC in Missouri is cost-effective, with low filing fees and no annual franchise taxes or minimum capital requirements.
  • Less Paperwork: Missouri LLCs benefit from streamlined paperwork, with fewer formalities compared to corporations, reducing administrative burdens and costs.
  • Ease of Management: Owners can choose the management structure that best suits their needs, whether by a single member, multiple members, or through managers, providing flexibility and control.
  • Ownership Flexibility: LLCs allow for flexible ownership structures, accommodating one or multiple members, and offering different management options.
  • Ability to Hold Assets: An LLC can hold assets separately from personal holdings, offering additional liability protection for owners.
  • Ability to Enter Into Contracts: LLCs, as distinct legal entities, can freely engage in contracts or joint ventures, just as the LLC owners can enter into contracts.

Missouri LLCs aren’t obligated to file annual reports or pay annual taxes, however, employer taxes must be paid if you have employees.

Missouri LLCs aren’t obligated to file annual reports or pay annual taxes, however, employer taxes must be paid if you have employees.

To form an LLC in Missouri, you need to file Articles of Organization online with the Secretary of State which costs $50. Alternatively, paper filing incurs a $105 fee. If you’re conducting business in Missouri with an out-of-state LLC, a Certificate of Authority is required which costs $155.