S-Corp Florida: A Guide to Starting an S-Corp in Florida

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Why Should You Form an S-Corp in Florida?

Starting an S-Corp in Florida offers a lot of advantages. 

If you have an LLC, electing to be taxed as an S-Corp will help you avoid paying self-employment taxes. If you have a C-Corp, electing to be an S-Corp in Florida will help you avoid double taxation as you get the S-Corp tax designation.

Here are some notable benefits of starting an S-Corp in Florida:

  • Your business will be taxed as a pass-through entity i.e. business profits will be taxed as part of your personal federal income taxes.
  • Due to a more formal business structure, S-Corps in Florida are considered more credible and trustworthy by investors and stakeholders.
  • By better managing employee salaries and dividends, S-Corps can enjoy more lucrative tax benefits than C-Corporations.
  • It is easier to raise funds for S-Corps than Sole Proprietorships or Partnerships as S-Corps are more trustworthy and can issue shares.

The benefits of S-Corps combined with lenient tax rates in Florida make opening an S-Corp in Florida lucrative for business owners.

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Choose a Business Name

The first step in the process of starting an S-Corp in Florida is choosing a unique and relevant business name. You need to check the state database to ensure that no other business is using your chosen name.

Inc Authority offers a free business name check service that you can use to find a unique business name in minutes. Also, don’t forget to book a domain name, similar to your business name, for your business website.

Choose a Business Name
Register a Florida LLC

 Register a Florida LLC or Corporation

To form an S-Corporation in Florida, you need to be either a domestic C-Corporation or an LLC. As such, you need to register your business in the form of either of these before you can choose to be an S-Corp.

Inc Authority will file all the paperwork on your behalf to register your business. This includes preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation or Organization depending on which business entity you choose.

Apply for a Tax ID or EIN

Irrespective of which business entity you choose, you need to apply for an employer identification number or Tax ID. This is necessary for hiring employees and paying taxes for your business.

An EIN works in a similar fashion as a social security number, except for businesses, not individuals. It is your business’s identity in the eyes of the IRS (internal revenue service) and helps the government track your business activities.

Apply for a Tax ID
Fill Out and File the S-Election Form Photo

Fill Out and File the S-Election Form

As mentioned above, you need to have an operational LLC or C-Corp before you can choose to be taxed as an S-Corp. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can file the S-Corporation election Form 2553.

You need to complete this process either within 75 days since you started your business or at the beginning of a new financial year. Inc Authority helps you fill out and file the s-election form, to get the S-Corp tax status.

Why Choose Inc Authority to Form an S-Corp in Florida

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Hassle-Free Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

An S-Corp in Florida is a business that has applied for a special tax status where it is taxed as a pass-through entity. This means that the profits of the business will be taxed under the owners’ personal federal income tax returns.

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a domestic Corporation can choose to get the S-Corporation status in Florida. To do that, they simply need to fill out and file Form 2553 with the IRS.

Apart from being an LLC or a C-Corp, an S-Corp should:

  • Not have over 100 shareholders
  • Have only one class of stock
  • Not be financial institutions, insurance companies, or other ineligible types of Florida businesses
  • Have domestic S-Corporation shareholders and no non-residents as shareholders

S-Corps provide many tax benefits and advantages over other business entities. An S-Corp enjoys the pass-through taxation of sole proprietorships as well as the liability protection of a Corporation. This keeps your personal assets safe.

Regular Florida corporations can avoid double taxation by opting to become an S-Corp. LLCs can avoid paying self-employment taxes by choosing to become an S-Corp.

Choose our trusted partner Inc Authority to start an S-Corp in Florida for free. You’ll just need to pay the state filing fees and they’ll take care of everything from document preparation to filing. Additionally, you’ll also get their registered agent service for free for one year. It’s the best deal you’ll get.