Can I have more than one EIN?

If you run a business, you probably already have an EIN. However, as your company grows or you start new businesses, you may be wondering, “Do I need a new EIN?” Here are some answers to help you understand when you can have multiple EINs

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Can You Have 2 EIN Numbers for the Same Business?

If you only run one business entity, the IRS will only issue you a single EIN. It’s not possible or necessary to have multiple tax ID numbers for a single company.

Can You Have Multiple EIN Numbers for Different Divisions?

As your business expands or changes, you may decide to open different divisions.  Depending on how you decide to structure your multiple subsidiaries, you may need several EINs. You may be able to operate multiple divisions under a single parent company, meaning you only need one tax ID number. However, if you decide it’s best to separate your divisions into distinct entities, you’ll need an EIN for each subsidiary.

Can You Have More Than One EIN If You Run Multiple Companies?           

As an entrepreneur, you may start multiple entities such as corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships. In this case, it’s necessary to obtain multiple EINs for each separate entity. This is because the IRS requires independent identification for tax purposes.

How Do I Apply for More EINs?

If you determine you need another or multiple new EINs, the easiest and fastest way is to complete an online application. Other application methods, such as by mail or phone call, can take several weeks to complete. GovDocFiling makes the whole process simple and efficient. You can get numerous EINs swiftly delivered straight to your email. As you operate multiple companies, you may need to shut one down. In that case, you can read our FAQs on how to cancel an EIN.

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