How do I cancel my EIN?

If you are changing entity types, considering closing up shop for a business or retiring and selling your corporation to another entity, you may be wondering how to cancel an existing EIN and/or getting a new one. The EIN is the employer identification number that is issued by the IRS when your company is first set up. Once your EIN is issued, it is a permanent number and will never be reused for any other entity. Here are some things to know about what to do if you are shutting down your business or making big changes in the ownership structure.

Apply For A New EIN

Make Changes

Although you cannot cancel your EIN, you may be able to change EIN information with the IRS. Starting a new company? Apply for EIN online to begin with. If you already have an existing EIN account with the IRS, here’s how you can change things:

  • Change the name of your business by either writing to the IRS or filling out the appropriate form for your business type.
  • Make a change of address by filling out Form 8822-B.
  • Complete Form 8832 to change the type of business, or apply for LLC structure.
  • Write to the IRS or visit a field office for any other major changes.

Cancel or Close

If your business is ready to shut down, you may be wondering how to close EIN accounts with the IRS. You cannot cancel your EIN, however, you can close your account with the IRS. You’ll need to send a letter to the IRS office and explain the reason you want to close your tax account. You’ll need to include important details about your business, such as the corporation name, structure, address and EIN.

If you are thinking about making a big change to your business and want to see how you can work your current EIN, or if you want to apply for an EIN, get started here. GovDocFiling has streamlined the process of applying for an EIN for busy professionals and lets you avoid the complicated IRS website.

are specific steps and requirements for informing the IRS of these intentions. As noted, some changes can be accomplished via filing of the appropriate IRS forms. However, some changes require writing a letter to the IRS, as does closing your business.

What to Include in Your letter

A letter to the IRS requesting an account closing should be written on business letterhead and include this information:


  • The complete legal name of your business or organization


Example: My Own Company LLC


  • The existing Employer Identification Number (EIN)


Example: 12-3456789


  • The business or organization’s full physical address


3426 Company Blvd.

Suite 999

Anywhere USA 12345


  • The reason you are requesting your account be closed
    • Retirement
    • Dissolution
    • Starting a new business




  • When possible attach a copy of the original EIN Assignment Notice


This is the notification you received when you first applied for an EIN

Where to Send Your Letter

If you are closing a business account, send your letter to this address:

Internal Revenue Service

Cincinnati, Ohio 45999

If you are an exempt organization that isn’t covered in a group ruling, has never filed an exempt return and never applied for formal exemption, send your letter here:

Internal Revenue Service

Attn: EO Entity

Mail Stop 6273

Ogden, UT 84201

Keep in mind that the IRS can not close your account until you have filled all the necessary tax returns.

If you’re closing an existing account because your business is undergoing major changes or you’re starting a new business, applying for a new EIN is incredibly simple. GovDocFiling offers a streamlined application process that is both quick and convenient. Our 24/7 team of professionals is available to answer all your questions and to assist with completing our easy online application form. Start your application here.