How Do I Validate My Tax ID Number When I Move?

If you are relocating your business, it is important to have all your tax information organized to make the process go more smoothly. One part of the moving process is validating your tax ID number, or EIN. Fortunately, verifying your tax ID number is not usually difficult.

How to Verify Your Tax ID Number

You can verify your tax ID number online. The process of applying for your EIN does not have to be time consuming, and it will be approved immediately upon completion. Although you only need to set aside a short amount of time to apply, it does have to be completed in one sitting, so make sure you are prepared. GovDocFiling, can assist you with expediting the process.

You might need to find your tax ID number before you can verify it. If you need help finding it, here are two places you can look:

  • The bank that provided funding for your business. They should have the number documented from when you started your business.
  • Your tax records. The number can be found on any tax form filed for your business, or specifically on the W2, Box B on your tax records.

How to Change Your Address

Business owners must complete Form 8822-B, which is the change of address form. It is important to pay attention to details and send accurate information in the correct format to avoid missing any important notifications. GovDocFiling can file this form for you, and in four to six weeks, the change of address should be processed.

To help transition to your new location, review your financial or tax documents to find and verify your tax ID number. Filling out a change of address form is also an important step in the process. If all necessary steps are taken, your preparation is likely to make it easier on you when it is time to do taxes. Contact us to get started.