Franchise Litigation vs. Consumer Protection Litigation

Aside from the legal procedures, there are significant distinctions when comparing franchise litigation vs. consumer protection litigation.

Franchise litigation does not typically involve the general public. Rather, franchise litigation is a legal dispute between a business owner or franchisor, and the franchisee, an individual that buys a license to the business.

Conversely, consumer protection litigation does involve the public, and aims to protect individuals from fraudulent business behavior, scams, and identity theft.

Franchise litigation vs. consumer protection litigation may also require a different type of legal council depending on where you live, and the nature of the complaint. If you’re in need of legal services for either type of litigation, you will likely need to contact an attorney, or personal injury lawyer that specializes in their respective legal field.

Legal Services You Can Trust

Legal services for a business can make a huge difference in both avoiding problematic behavior, and navigating the waters when and if litigation is required. Legal services for a business includes a variety of tasks including contract/agreement review, as well as annual form filing, and EIN legal services.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to track the tax obligations of a legal entity. Legal entities include corporations, partnerships, some limited liability companies, nonprofits, and trusts, to name but a few.

While not all business are required to have an EIN, they do allow a business to complete important tasks, like hiring employees and opening accounts in the name of the business.

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