How Do I Choose a Name for My LLC?

You are ready to start your new business and want to form an LLC to help make it official. As you prepare for the LLC formation process, you need to choose a name. If you are like many business owners, this is one of the biggest and most challenging decisions early in the process of starting a new company. Fortunately, once you have your name ready, submitting an LLC application through GovDocFiling is easy.

This still leaves you with the question of “how do I name my LLC?” The short answer is that it can be whatever you choose. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

What is an LLC?

Before forming and naming an LLC, it is important to understand what it is. A Limited Liability Company is an entity type used to create a business that is legally separate from its owners. The most significant characteristic is that the shareholder’s liability is limited to the value of their investment into the company.

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However, unlike a corporation or other limited liability entity, an LLC can be taxed like a partnership. In this way, LLC owners enjoy the benefits of a partnership with the protections of a corporation.

Naming an LLC

When choosing a name for your LLC, it must conform to a few requirements. First and foremost, it must be unique in your state. So, as you consider possible names, do an LLC search to determine if the name is already taken. It is generally good practice to avoid names that may be easily mistaken for each other, even if they are not exactly the same.

Depending on the state you are registering in, there may be other criteria. Some states have specific word requirements and restrictions. Check with your state to find these requirements.

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Forming an LLC is easy with GovDocFiling. You can complete the process by filling out our online LLC application. We also help with other filings. For example, you can apply for EIN to get a tax ID for your new business.