How Do I Obtain Business Licenses and Permits?

If you are starting a business, you need to make it a legal entity. For business licenses and permits, there are generally requirements at the local, state and federal level.

Typically, a business license is a document granted at the local level. It requires that you pay a fee in order to obtain a tax registration certificate. This permits you to legally conduct business in that area. You may need multiple licenses and permits depending on where you operate your business, what type of business you operate and the specific needs of your business.

The specific documentation you need and that amount that this documentation will cost can vary by state and even by local municipalities. While permits and licenses can vary by state, there are several scenarios in which you will likely need licenses or permits to move forward:

  • If you are building on a piece of land, you will likely need a construction permit from your local government, depending on the zoning laws in your location.
  • If you are building a store front, commercial kitchen or anything similar, you will likely need to build in a way that is compliant with local codes.
  • If you are selling alcohol, you will need a liquor license. In some states, your individual employees may need individual liquor licenses.
  • If you will be using street parking for company vehicles, you may need a permit from your local government.
  • If you are building a parking lot, you may need a land use permit from your local government.

Additionally, there may be specific regulations that pertain to your specific industry. There may be state boards or industry agencies that regulate your industry, with some of these requiring that you pass an exam. For example, in most states individuals need to pass an exam and be licensed to practice as a hairdresser.

While it is important to have all necessary permits and licenses in order to be in compliance with government regulations, it can seem overwhelming to sort out what you need and apply for these documents. In this case GovDocFiling can be a way to simplify and expedite the process of applying for and obtaining business licenses and permits. Click here to contact us!