What Information Do I Need to Obtain An LLC?

Are you thinking about starting an LLC? Although the process is straightforward, there are some important steps you don’t want to overlook.

Choose a Unique Name

Identification for your business is critical. A brand recognizable name instantly communicates your company’s image with your customers, but you can’t use another business’s name. You must research your own moniker.

When you’re ready, a DBA filing application protects your company’s public identity. To stay out of trouble with the IRS and to establish credit, federal Tax ID for LLC structures are mandatory. For an LLC, this usually takes the form of an EIN number.

Articles of Organization

This mandatory document establishes your LLC as a legal entity. It is a necessary step in the filing process, but with subtle variances in different states.

In general, you must know:

  • The name of your business
  • An address where your headquarters is located
  • Members with a controlling interest in the company
  • Your registered agent’s contact information

After completing and submitting this form, your business entity comes into existence, and you may begin to conduct your affairs.

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is only a requirement is a few states, but many choose to draft one of these documents voluntarily. Important business decisions are defined, and the structure helps to organize your firm before problems arise.

These documents often include:

  • Rules for finance and operations
  • Who the decision makers are and guidelines for authority and responsibilities
  • When and where executive meetings take place
  • Succession planning
  • How profits and losses are allocated

All controlling members of your LLC sign this document, and it becomes enforceable in court.

Get Help With Your Documents

You would rather focus on running your business, and at GovDocFiling, we make it easy to get started. We take care of the Tax ID application and other documents. Start your LLC application process without delay.