What are the benefits of applying for an EIN online?

Your business’s unique tax identifier helps to distinguish your business activity from your personal life and sets you apart as a serious professional. When you are applying for tax ID numbers, use GovDocFiling’s online EIN application.

Problems with Fax or Mail Processing

The IRS allows new domestic businesses to apply for tax ID by mail or fax. Either method ultimate accomplishes the same result, but processing times are much longer.

In the case of a fax, you must have access to a fax machine and submit a paper form. Many new companies don’t even have this outdated office equipment.

You must also print and manually complete forms to file them by mail. It’s up to you to supply the postage and wait time includes delivery to the IRS and receipt through the mail of your approved document.

Problems arising during the application process further complicate and delay you EIN.

Advantages of Online forms

There are many benefits to EIN online application forms:

  •    Clean digital forms are easy to interpret and complete
  •    Faster transmission times ensures the IRS receives your application quickly
  •    Automated approval speeds results in many instances
  •    No need to purchase postage or fax services

GovDocFiling helps entrepreneurs acquire their employer identification numbers by processing applications for our clients. We make sure your application is complete and free of errors, and we resolve hassles with the IRS. Your time remains free to focus on your business startup.

Special Instances

If you are an international firm or have run into issues with your EIN in the past, the IRS may prohibit you from filing online, but GovDocFiling can still help. The IRS accepts the information you provide in our online form, and we manage the application process to guarantee you still benefit from the same convenience.

Get Started with Your EIN Application

Make sure the IRS receives your application. Apply for EIN online with GovDocFiling. We can also help you restructure your business and show you how to start an LLC.