When am I required to change my employer identification number (EIN)?

There was a change in your business and now you wonder, “Do I need a new EIN?” An employer identification number (EIN) is a nine-digit code provided by the IRS. This unique identifier acts as a social security number for businesses. Unlike personal ID numbers, there are times when a business needs a new EIN number.

When Do I Need a New EIN?

A new EIN is necessary when there is a significant change in the structure of a business or if the owners of the business change. If a company takes on a new form in such a way that it becomes an entirely new legal entity, the EIN must also change to reflect the status.

Here are some examples:

  •    A sole proprietorship files bankruptcy and reorganizes after the case is discharged
  •    A sole proprietorship becomes a partnership or reorganizes as corporation or LLC
  •    A corporation dissolves, and a single owner continues to operate as a sole proprietor
  •    New owners purchase or inherit an existing company but continue previous operations
  •    The principal actor in the business dies, and a new manager assumes responsibility

Corporations and LLCs have unique ownership structures. They may sell stocks or memberships to investors as a way of generating funds. While it is true that each of these acts constitutes a change in ownership of a portion of the firm, these events are not a cause for a new EIN.

When Don’t I Need a New EIN

Some normal business-related activities may seem like significant changes, but they do not require a firm to obtain a new EIN.

  •    Operating out of several locations
  •    Moving headquarters to a new facility
  •    Working in several different states
  •    Changing the name of the business

Large organizations may still choose to have multiple EINs to distinguish between activities within various departments.

Get Help with Your EIN

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