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Why Form an LLC in Texas?

Backed by a strong economy, Texas is home to some of the largest businesses. The Lone Star state ranks third in WalletHub’s list of the best places to start a business.

Forming an LLC in Texas will help you enjoy these benefits:

  • You don’t need to worry about state property tax or paying taxes on individual and corporate income.
  • World-class infrastructure, abundant natural resources, and a supportive business community.
  • As an LLC owner, you are not personally liable for the debts or legal liabilities of your business.
  • LLCs are easier to run as they have fewer formalities and paperwork than C or S-corporations.

Forming an LLC in Texas lends credibility to your business, as an LLC is a recognized business entity. In addition to establishing a professional image, an LLC makes it easier to obtain financing and attract investors than Sole Proprietorships.

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 Pick a Name for Your LLC in Texas

The first step in forming your LLC in Texas is to pick a unique business name. If you have already come up with a name, you can check if it is available by contacting the Texas Secretary of State or by visiting the SOSDDirect website.

An easier and quicker way to check for the business name availability is to use the free “business name check” tool offered by Inc Authority. Ensure the name ends with “limited company,” “limited liability company,” or their abbreviations.


Reserve the Business Name

While it is not mandatory to reserve the name for your LLC in Texas, doing so can give you peace of mind. Reservation is important if it is a special name, such as a family name, or if you are not planning to start the business immediately.

If the name is available, you can file an application for “company name reservation” (Form 501) at SOSDirect, which takes one week to process. You will also need to pay a filing fee of $40 and your name will be reserved for 120 days.

Pick a Registered Agent

Whether you are forming your LLC in Texas or are incorporated in another state and wish to operate in Texas, you must be represented by a registered agent. A registered agent receives legal documents on the behalf of the business. 

Normally, companies charge about $249 for registered agent services for the first year after which the cost can go up. Inc Authority differs from other companies in that it provides free registered agent services with all its plans for the first year.


File The Texas Certificate of Formation

The next step to take in the process of forming your LLC in Texas is to submit the “Certificate of Formation,” also known as “Articles of Organization” in other states. To do this, you will need to fill out and submit Form 205 by paying a filing fee.

If your business is established in another state, you will need to file the form meant for a foreign LLC. Thankfully, Inc Authority takes care of all the crucial paperwork and submits them on time to the authorities for free, saving you time and money.

Draft the Operating Agreement

While Texas does not require an LLC operating agreement, it is highly recommended to create one to ensure efficient business operations. The agreement helps clarify each member’s responsibilities and reduces the risk of disputes.

The agreement should contain details like the LLC’s offerings and the procedures to be adopted for dissolution, voting, and so on. Inc Authority handles the drafting of your Texas LLC operating agreement if you opt for any of its paid plans.


Obtain an Employer Identification Number

Also known as Tax ID, the Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number the IRS assigns for tax purposes. Every LLC in Texas needs an EIN if it has several members, and wants to hire employees or open a business bank account.

The EIN is also required to file taxes and apply for loans. While there are different ways of applying for the EIN, the easiest and quickest way is to let Inc Authority submit Form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf.

Obtain Business Permits and Licenses

Depending on the nature of your business or the industry, you may need to obtain additional licenses and permits to run an LLC in Texas. The state has published a guide listing 300+ business types that need specific permits and licenses.

If you are unsure of what licenses and permits apply to your Texas limited liability company, you can contact Inc Authority. Their team of experts will provide consultation to help guide you on all your business licensing requirements.


Open Your Business Bank Account

Having a business bank account for your LLC in Texas will help separate your personal finances from your business’s. To open a business bank account, you need to submit your LLC formation documents and EIN to the bank.

Inc Authority offers the services of a private banking specialist with the Fasttrack plan that you can leverage to choose a bank that offers business checking accounts. The specialist will also advise you on the required documentation.

File Business Taxes

Once you receive your EIN and Certificate of Formation, your business is officially a legal business entity and can start operating in Texas. However, to remain in good standing with the state and the IRS, LLC owners need to file taxes on time.

LLCs in Texas need not pay state income tax, but must pay the federal income tax and franchise tax on their net profit. LLCs also need to pay self-employment tax and sales tax, while its members need to file self-employment taxes.


The Benefits of Choosing Inc Authority for LLC in Texas

From handling the paperwork to offering guidance to ensure you meet all the requirements for forming an LLC in Texas, Inc Authority has what it takes to be the best business formation services. Here are some of the benefits you get.

Free Service

100% Free

Inc Authority is a reliable company that offers 100% free LLC packages.

Get registered agent services, tax consultation, and filing services, for free.


Great Support

Customer support is available via phone and email, 7 days a week.

Inc Authority has received 4.9/5 rating for its excellent customer support on TrustPilot.


 Reliable Service

Forming an LLC in Texas can be a confusing and lengthy process.

Inc Authority offers expedited filing and advisory services that you can rely on.

Form an LLC in Texas for Free

LLC Formation

Forming an LLC in Texas involves filing and submitting multiple forms whether it is to reserve your business name, apply for EIN, or file the certificate of formation. You will also need to file other reports on an annual basis.

Inc Authority is known for its efficient services that help you fast track formation of an LLC in Texas. Their LLC formation experts draft your operating agreement, in addition to handling all other documentation accurately, the first time.


Registered Agent

The registered agent services are complimentary for the first year whether you opt for the free plan or a paid plan. This allows you to save money in the initial year. You can renew the service for a nominal rate after the first year.

This ensures you do not miss important legal notices and documents. You can also change your address within the state without filing paperwork each time you move as the registered agent will receive the documents on your behalf.

Business Name

This feature helps save the time and hassle involved in visiting multiple websites or making phone calls to check if your business name is available. Just key in your chosen name and the free tool checks availability in seconds.

The business name check feature is included in the paid plans as well. If you need help with choosing a business name in Texas or other states, Inc Authority has several tips and free resources on the topic that you can leverage.


Tax Consultation

When you are forming an LLC in Texas, you may be concerned about how to optimize tax savings and maximize your tax savings. Inc Authority’s expert tax professionals offer free tax planning consultation services.

During the one-hour free consultation, the experts will discuss all aspects of tax including exemptions, tax deadlines, inventory, and deductions. This will help you understand how to make the most of tax-saving opportunities.

Digital Storage

Digital storage of documents offers a number of benefits. These include increased accessibility, reduced physical storage requirements, and improved security through access controls. Plus, you avoid the risk of misplacing documents.

Inc Authority helps you enjoy these benefits by offering a free digital storage option. On the online client portal, you can store and access important business documents such as the Certificate of Formation and LLC operating agreement.


Credit Analysis

Some of the key concerns that most entrepreneurs have relates to their credit score and access to funding. Inc Authority’s business funding and credit expert will review your credit status and financing needs and offer the best solutions.

While this is also available as an add-on service, the free LLC package offers the best value with a free credit check and funding analysis. The experts will guide you on building credit and help you qualify for suitable business loans.

S-Election Form

An s-election form is a document that is filed with the IRS in order to elect to be taxed as an S-Corporation. An S-Corporation allows income to be passed through to shareholders and avoids paying corporate income taxes.

To qualify for the S-Corp status, a business must meet certain requirements.If you want an S-Corp status for your LLC, Inc Authority will handle the preparation and filing of Form 2553 with the Internal Revenue Service.


Funding Analysis

Most new businesses find it difficult to obtain the funds they need to get their business off the ground and keep it running smoothly. Approaching different investors and pitching to banks can be an exhausting experience.

That is where Inc Authority can help. It not only offers free credit analysis but also suitable funding solutions by connecting you with business funding experts. In addition to boosting your credit, you can pre-qualify for various loans.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Inc Authority stands above the rest. Their team of highly trained and experienced customer support representatives is available on all days of the week with any questions or concerns you may have. 

The company is committed to offering the best possible service over the phone, email, and live chat for US-based customers. You can also go through the helpful resources they have on their site to find answers to commonly asked questions.



The free package includes these services:

  • Registered agent service for 1 year: 
  • Tax planning consultation: 
  • LLC formation:  
  • Digital document storage: 
  • Business credit and funding analysis: 
  • Business name check: 
  • Preparation and filing of S-Election Form 2553: 

Price: Free

Starter Business Bundle

This is the first premium service bundle. It includes all the features that are offered in the free package, along with a few other helpful features.

  • Custom State Filed Articles: Inc Authority will prepare and file the necessary legal documents with the state in which you are forming your business, including articles of incorporation or articles of organization.
  • Deluxe Record Book: Businesses get a Deluxe Record Book to maintain a record of transactions, contracts, operating agreement, checking account information, dispute resolution, and other matters.
  • Operating Agreement/Bylaws: Inc Authority’s LLC formation experts will draft custom operating agreements or bylaws as required for your business, outlining ownership, roles, responsibilities, and procedures.
  • Initial Meeting Minutes and Resolutions: LLCs are required to file certain reports annually and provide meeting minutes. Inc Authority offers initial meeting minutes to help ensure your business is compliant with state laws.
  • Annual Compliance Notifications: Every LLC in Texas has to comply with requirements such as filing the Franchise Tax report. With notifications from Inc Authority, you need not worry about missing deadlines. 
  • Business Email and Website Domain: Apart from business formation services, Inc Authority offers comprehensive business services that are valuable for startups such as web domain and 5 email addresses.

Price: Custom

Fasttrack Business Bundle

This plan offers a few services that are useful for those looking to start an LLC in Texas in addition to what is offered in the Starter package.

  • Expedited Filing: Inc Authority offers rush service wherein they prirotize your order, prepare and send documents within 24 hours to speed up your LLC formation.
  • Private Banking Specialist: Inc Authority’s private banking specialist is available for premium customers to guide them through the process of opening a business bank account.
  • INC Success Advisor Package: Businesses get unlimited support for crucial matters such as banking, business licenses, credit cards, business funding, and accounting.
  • Personalized Business Advice: Business startup specialists at Inc Authority offer expert insights and support for new businesses to streamline the process of forming an LLC in Texas.

You can avail any of these services listed in the Fasttrack package as an add-on in the Starter Bundle.

Price: Custom


To form an LLC in Texas, you need to file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State and pay a filing fee that starts at $300. Additionally, you may be required to pay an annual franchise tax fee and hire a Texas registered agent.

Registered agent services can cost between $249 to $300 per year. If you need a Certificate of Good Standing that shows your business is compliant with state requirements, you may need to pay an additional fee of $15. In addition, you may need to obtain state/federal business licenses and permits that cost anywhere from $30 to over $200.

Many business formation services charge a processing fee of $79. So, adding up these costs, the cost of LLC in Texas can come up to $680 to $1000.

With Inc Authority, you can save a significant amount of money as they waive processing fee and labor charges in addition to offering completely free services.

Absolutely. A limited liability company provides several benefits for an individual or business entity in Texas, including limited liability protection, tax flexibility, less documentation, and the potential for significant cost savings. 

Forming an LLC in Texas is also relatively fast and straightforward. The state has an online filing system that allows business owners to quickly and easily file the necessary paperwork to form their LLC.

What’s more, Texas also has a wide pool of talent and is known for minimal government regulations. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to start an LLC in Texas.

Ultimately, an LLC in Texas can be a great way to protect yourself and your assets while taking advantage of the strong business environment in Texas.

The first step is to choose a name for your limited liability company and make sure it meets all of the requirements set by the state. Next, you need to file and obtain the Texas LLC certificate from the Secretary of State and pay all applicable fees. 

Create an LLC Operating Agreement and apply for EIN as well as other business permits and licenses. Inc Authority makes it easy for you to get started and guides you through each step so that your LLC is quickly registered in Texas.

To create an LLC in Texas, you will need to file a Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. This document must include your LLC’s name, purpose and duration, registered agent information, and the names and addresses of all members.

You can get the LLC application form (Form 205) on the Secretary of State’s website. You will also need to create an LLC operating agreement, obtain an EIN, and open a business bank account.

Additionally, you’ll need to obtain licenses or permits from other state agencies to operate your business legally.

However, a quicker way of forming an LLC in Texas is to use Inc Authority’s free business formation services.

Their team will fill out and submit your LLC application form Their expert advisors are available to provide guidance and answers throughout the process.

Inc Authority is here to help you get started on your journey of starting an LLC in Texas for free. Its free Texas LLC formation package includes free registered agent services for the first year in addition to free tax consultation, credit analysis, and business name check.

It is possible to form an LLC in Texas typically within 5 to 7 business days. However, the time taken can vary based on the process you follow, the method of filing, and whether you opt for expedited or standard filing.

With Inc Authority, the process of getting an LLC in Texas is fast and easy as they handle all the paperwork.