ZenBusiness is a leading player in the business formation services industry. Offering a blend of affordability, efficiency, and support, it is a go-to solution for many entrepreneurs. However, some businesses may find that the offerings of ZenBusiness alternatives are better suited to their needs.

This article delves into the intricacies of ZenBusiness, while also exploring the top ZenBusiness alternatives that cater to different business needs. Whether you’re starting a new venture or seeking to expand, this guide provides a range of options to choose from.

Without further ado, let’s begin our exploration—starting with an overview of ZenBusiness.

About ZenBusiness

Founded in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs, ZenBusiness has revolutionized the small business formation space. The company has a clear mission—it aims to simplify and expedite the process of setting up new companies for aspiring founders.

Known for its intuitive platform, ZenBusiness offers plans starting at $0, scaling up to $349 for its Premium package (not including state filing fees).

This affordability, coupled with services like domain name privacy and customizable operating agreements, positions ZenBusiness as a go-to solution for cost-conscious entrepreneurs​​​​​​.

What We Love About ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness has garnered praise not just for its accessible pricing but also a range of features that distinctly benefit entrepreneurs.

Let’s delve into the standout features that make ZenBusiness a preferred choice for many business owners.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard and Interface

One of the main features of ZenBusiness is its user-friendly dashboard and interface. This intuitive design simplifies the business formation process, making it easy for users to navigate through various steps.

The dashboard provides a centralized location for managing documents, tracking progress, and accessing services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

ZenBusiness is notable for its affordable and transparent pricing structure. Starting at $0 (excluding state filing fees), with clear increments for additional services, this transparency is invaluable for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

ZenBusiness’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs extends beyond the initial setup. In addition to its basic formation services, ZenBusiness offers extensive support and resources. This includes personalized customer service and access to a library of legal and business resources.

Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee

A significant feature of ZenBusiness is its Worry-Free Compliance guarantee. This service includes the management of essential legal documents and timely submission of annual reports, which is crucial for maintaining good standing with state authorities.

Customizable Operating Agreements

ZenBusiness provides customizable Operating Agreements, catering to the unique needs of different businesses.

These agreements are essential for defining the structure and rules of a business. Also, the ability to tailor them to specific requirements is a valuable asset for any entrepreneur.

Where We Think ZenBusiness Falls Short

Despite its many strengths, ZenBusiness is not without its limitations. While it excels in several areas, there are aspects where it may not fully meet the needs or expectations of every entrepreneur. These limitations often prompt businesses to look for ZenBusiness alternatives.

Here are five key areas where ZenBusiness could improve:

  • Limited Customization in Lower-Tier Packages: The entry-level packages offer fewer customization options, which might not be sufficient for businesses with specific needs.
  • Delayed Processing Times for Basic Plans: Basic plan subscribers experience slower processing times compared to higher-tier plans.
  • Additional Costs for Essential Services: Certain essential services, like EIN registration, come with additional costs, which can add up quickly.
  • Limited Scope in Legal and Tax Advisory: ZenBusiness provides legal and business resources, but it lacks comprehensive legal and tax advisory services.

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Top 7 ZenBusiness Alternatives

While ZenBusiness stands out in the business formation service space, it’s not the only player. For those exploring ZenBusiness alternatives, there are a range of options offering unique features and benefits.

So, here are the top seven alternatives to ZenBusiness:

1. Inc Authority


Image via Inc Authority

When exploring ZenBusiness alternatives, Inc Authority emerges as a formidable option, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses.

Renowned for offering free LLC formation services, including one year of free  Registered Agent, Inc Authority presents a holistic suite of services. This encompasses everything from credit coaching and funding solutions to business banking and website design, all under one roof.

Key Features:

  • Free LLC and Corporation formation
  • Complimentary first-year Registered Agent service
  • Business name availability checks
  • Free tax consultations
  • Digital storage for important documents
  • Business funding assistance
  • Bylaws and Operating Agreement assistance
  • Business credit analysis
  • Domain name and email address setup
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) acquisition

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic Package: $0 (plus state filing fees)
  • Starter Business Bundle: Pricing available upon contacting sales
  • Fasttrack Business Bundle: Pricing available upon contacting sales

Additional services are also available. However, like the packages above, pricing is only available upon contacting sales​​​​.

Why Choose Inc Authority Over ZenBusiness

Inc Authority shines in several areas where ZenBusiness doesn’t, particularly for those looking for a cost-effective entry into business formation.

Here are some reasons why Inc Authority stands out as one of the top ZenBusiness alternatives:

  • Comprehensive Suite of Services: From credit coaching to private banking, Inc Authority provides a wide array of services that extend beyond basic business formation.
  • Holistic Business Support: Inc Authority’s holistic approach caters to various aspects of business establishment and growth. It offers more than just formation services.
  • Expedited Filing Options: Inc Authority offers expedited filing services for those needing quicker processing.
  • Business Credit and Funding Solutions: Unique to Inc Authority, these services are particularly beneficial for businesses seeking financial guidance and support.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over Inc Authority

Despite the strengths of Inc Authority, ZenBusiness still holds the upper hand in some areas.

ZenBusiness’s pricing is more transparent and predictable. This allows businesses to budget effectively without the need to contact sales for pricing details. This clarity in pricing and process can be a deciding factor for many entrepreneurs.

Also, ZenBusiness offers a more streamlined process for business formation, which is particularly beneficial for those who value simplicity and efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward approach make the complex process of starting a business more manageable.

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2. LegalZoom


Image via LegalZoom

LegalZoom is one of the most popular ZenBusiness alternatives that offers comprehensive business formation services.

With a history of assisting over 2 million businesses, LegalZoom is not only about LLC registration. It extends its expertise to Corporations, Non-profits, and Sole Proprietorships, covering all legal aspects of business operations.

Key Features:

  • Registered Agent (RA) services
  • Foreign qualification services
  • Doing Business As (DBA) registration
  • Tax services and business dissolution support
  • Business advisory plans and compliance calendars
  • Legal forms packages and corporate name change services
  • Trademark search, monitoring, registration, copyright, and patent services

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic: $0 (plus state filing fee)
  • Pro: $249 (plus state filing fee)
  • Premium: $299 (plus state filing fee)

Why Choose LegalZoom Over ZenBusiness

LegalZoom offers unique advantages over ZenBusiness in several key areas. This makes it one of the best ZenBusiness alternatives in the business formation space. Here are some areas where LegalZoom has the upper hand:

  • Wide Range of Legal Services: LegalZoom provides extensive legal help for all aspects of running a business.
  • Established Expertise in Business Formation: With a track record of helping over 2 million businesses, LegalZoom brings a wealth of experience to the table.
  • Comprehensive Business Structures Support: LegalZoom caters to a variety of business structures, including Non-profits and Sole Proprietorships.
  • 60-Day Refund Policy: LegalZoom offers a clear, customer-friendly refund policy which enhances trust and reliability.
  • Network of Legal Experts: LegalZoom has a team of legal experts available to guide businesses through complex legal scenarios.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over LegalZoom

While LegalZoom provides a broad spectrum of legal services, ZenBusiness focuses on the essentials of business formation. This makes it more approachable for first-time entrepreneurs​​​​​​.

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3. Rocket Lawyer


Image via Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer, one of the top ZenBusiness alternatives, stands out for its comprehensive legal services alongside LLC formation.

While it may not be the primary choice for LLC formation solely, it becomes a significant contender when ongoing legal services are required.

Key Features:

  • LLC Operating Agreement drafting
  • Business plan development
  • Limited Liability Company worksheet
  • Single Member LLC Operating Agreement assistance
  • Corporate name change assistance
  • Trademark search, monitoring, and registration
  • Copyright and patent services
  • Customizable Operating Agreements
  • Legal advice from licensed attorneys

Pricing Plans:

  • RocketLegal: $39.99/month
  • RocketLegal+: $19.99/month

Why Choose Rocket Lawyer Over ZenBusiness

Rocket Lawyer excels in the following aspects compared to ZenBusiness:

  • Extensive Legal Services: Rocket Lawyer’s focus on comprehensive online legal services provides added value, especially for those who need ongoing legal support.
  • Customizable Legal Documents: Rocket Lawyer allows businesses to customize their legal documents based on their specific needs.
  • Legal Expertise: Rocket Lawyer provides businesses with access to licensed attorneys for legal advice. This offers a layer of professional guidance that ZenBusiness does not primarily provide.
  • Flexible Business Structures: Rocket Lawyer offers support for a variety of business structures, including LLCs, Corporations, and Nonprofits. There’s something for everyone.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over Rocket Lawyer

ZenBusiness offers a more specialized and focused approach to business formation. This makes it a better fit for those solely interested in this aspect.

Additionally, the straightforward and transparent pricing of ZenBusiness, without the need for a monthly membership, is a standout feature. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who prefer simple, upfront costs.

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4. Northwest Registered Agent


Image via Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top ZenBusiness alternatives. It’s especially known for its custom-tailored packages that appeal to more experienced business owners.

Northwest Registered Agent stands apart with its comprehensive range of options and a strong emphasis on privacy and personalized service.

Key Features:

  • LLC formation and maintenance
  • Registered Agent service (free for the first year)
  • Business address and mail forwarding
  • Free Operating Agreement
  • Free phone service for 90 days
  • Privacy by Default service
  • Corporate Guide service

Pricing Plans:

Northwest Registered Agent’s pricing structure is unique. Unlike other providers that offer tiered packages, you only have to pay Northwest Registered Agent if you need the assistance of a team of experts. The filing service and Registered Agent fees are $100 and $125 respectively.

Why Choose Northwest Registered Agent Over ZenBusiness

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top ZenBusiness alternatives as it outshines ZenBusiness in certain aspects. Let’s explore some of them.

  • Custom-Tailored Services: Northwest Registered Agent offers a range of customizable services tailored for more experienced users.
  • Lower Long-Term Costs: It offers a more affordable annual Registered Agent fee compared to ZenBusiness.
  • Comprehensive Privacy and Support: It offers unique services like Privacy by Default and Corporate Guide.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over Northwest Registered Agent

ZenBusiness is more suited for first-time business owners with a simpler, more straightforward formation process. Also, it offers a clearer and upfront pricing model, which can be beneficial for budget planning.

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5. MyCompanyWorks


Image via MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks is a seasoned player in the LLC formation space that’s been in operation since 2001. One of the best ZenBusiness alternatives, it offers a comprehensive range of services for entrepreneurs, especially those who value premium-level customer support.

Key Features:

  • The ‘Startup Wizard’ service
  • Compliance, spelling, and accuracy audits
  • Next business day processing
  • Comprehensive name search
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization
  • Personalized organizational meeting minutes
  • Personalized Operating Agreement
  • Free company alerts

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic: Starts from $59 (excluding state fees and Registered Agent assistance)
  • Entrepreneur: Starts from $179 (excluding state fees)
  • Complete: Starts from $259 (excluding state fees)

Why Choose MyCompanyWorks Over ZenBusiness

MyCompanyWorks has the following edges over ZenBusiness:

  • Long-standing Experience: With two decades in the business, MyCompanyWorks brings a depth of expertise and reliability.
  • Personalized Service: Offers more personalized documents and services, such as organizational meeting minutes and Operating Agreements.
  • Excellent Customer Support: MyCompanyWorks is known and celebrated for its outstanding customer service.
  • Interactive Startup Wizard: Its unique Startup Wizard helps new business owners navigate post-formation tasks effectively.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over MyCompanyWorks

Unlike MyCompanyWorks, ZenBusiness’s straightforward process is particularly friendly for first-time business owners.

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6. Tailor Brands


Image via Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands stands out as one of the best ZenBusiness alternatives, especially for entrepreneurs focused on branding along with LLC formation.

It has a track record of assisting over 30 million entrepreneurs. It blends LLC services with branding tools like logo making and website design, offering a comprehensive package for new businesses.

Key Features:

  • Standard LLC formation services
  • Annual compliance assistance
  • Operating Agreement drafting
  • Expedited processing option
  • Trademark application support
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) registration
  • Registered Agent service
  • Logo maker and branding tools
  • Free website domain for one year
  • Website builder

Pricing Plans:

Tailor Brands’ pricing packages start at $0 + state filing fees for LLC formation. Additional products and services come at extra costs.

Why Choose Tailor Brands Over ZenBusiness

Here are some of the advantages that Tailor Brands holds over ZenBusiness:

  • Integrated Branding Solutions: Tailor Brands uniquely combines LLC formation with extensive branding tools. This is crucial for businesses trying to build their online presence.
  • AI-Powered Design Tools: The use of AI in creating logos and other branding materials streamlines the design process.
  • Comprehensive Business Tool Suite: Alongside LLC services, Tailor Brands offers a range of tools like social media post creators and business card tools.
  • Website Domain and Builder: It provides a free website domain for a year and a website builder tool.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over Tailor Brands

Although it’s one of the top ZenBusiness alternatives, Tailor Brands still comes behind ZenBusiness in certain areas.

First, ZenBusiness’s pricing model is more transparent compared to Tailor Brands, where the final cost is only revealed at the checkout stage.

Second, while Tailor Brands excels in branding and design, ZenBusiness might be more suitable for entrepreneurs who prioritize a simple, efficient formation process over additional branding services.

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7. Swyft Filings


Image via Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is among the top ZenBusiness alternatives offering streamlined business formation services. It caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners in the U.S. and focuses on simplifying the legal entity establishment process.

Key Features:

  • Compliance tools
  • Document access and storage
  • Experienced professional assistance
  • Customizable document templates
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Compliance monitoring tools
  • Domain name registration
  • Express document shipping

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic: $0 + state fees
  • Standard: $199 + state fees
  • Premium: $299 + state fees​​

Why Choose Swyft Filings Over ZenBusiness

Swyft Filings presents the following advantages over ZenBusiness:

  • Rapid Processing Times: Known for its fast turnaround, Swyft Filings is ideal for entrepreneurs needing quick service.
  • Customized Business Solutions: Offering personalized solutions, Swyft Filings ensures that each business setup meets the specific needs of its clients.
  • Experienced Professional Support: Access to a team of experts provides confidence in the correct and efficient setup of LLCs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: The satisfaction guarantee policy adds a layer of security for new customers.

Why Choose ZenBusiness Over Swyft Filings

While Swyft Filings focuses on speed, ZenBusiness provides a balance of cost-effective services with a focus on long-term business compliance and support.

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How to Identify the Right ZenBusiness Alternatives for You

There are several critical factors you should consider when opting for ZenBusiness alternatives. In the following sections, we will explore essential criteria to note to ensure that you make the best choice.


Pricing is a key factor to consider when choosing an alternative to ZenBusiness. Compare the pricing structures of different ZenBusiness alternatives, paying close attention to what each package includes.

It’s crucial to assess whether the lower-priced options cover all the essential services you need or if they come with hidden costs. Remember, the cheapest option is not always the best in terms of value, especially if you need to pay extra for vital services.

Customer Support

The quality of customer support is vital, particularly for new business owners. So, make sure you evaluate the customer service reputation of each ZenBusiness alternative. Look for services that offer comprehensive support, such as live chat, phone support, and extensive online resources.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for LLC formation and other services is another crucial factor to consider when exploring ZenBusiness alternatives. If you need your business up and running quickly, look for a service that offers expedited processing.

However, remember that faster services might come at a higher cost. Compare the standard processing times and expedited options to find a balance that suits your timeline and budget.

Range of Services

Consider the range of services offered when choosing an alternative provider. Some ZenBusiness alternatives provide basic LLC formation services.

Others offer additional services like legal advice, annual compliance, and even branding and marketing support. Think about the current and future needs of your business when evaluating your options.

Ease of Use

Assess the ease of use of various ZenBusiness alternatives before making your final choice. A user-friendly interface and straightforward process can save time and reduce stress, especially for those new to business formation. Look for services with clear instructions, simple forms, and helpful guides to navigate the process efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What type of business is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a company specializing in LLC formation and business services. It offers various solutions for businesses, including Registered Agent services and compliance management.

Q2. How legit is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a legitimate and reputable LLC formation service. It’s known for its efficiency and customer satisfaction by helping business owners set up and maintain their companies.

Q3. Does ZenBusiness have hidden fees?

ZenBusiness is known for its transparent pricing structure, with no hidden fees. All costs are clearly outlined in its service packages.

Q4. Why not to use ZenBusiness?

Some may opt for ZenBusiness alternatives if they require more complex legal and tax advisory services or seek highly personalized business formation services that ZenBusiness does not offer.

Q5. What is Worry-Free Compliance?

Worry-Free Compliance refers to services from ZenBusiness that ensure that your business stays compliant with state regulations. It includes managing annual reports and legal document filings.

ZenBusiness Alternatives: Wrap Up

Throughout this article, we have explored various ZenBusiness alternatives, highlighting their unique strengths and offerings. For instance, Inc Authority is notable for its comprehensive suite of business tools, while LegalZoom is renowned for its extensive legal services.

Each alternative presents distinct advantages, whether in terms of affordability, customer support, or specialized services. So, it’s important to carefully consider the various options, taking into account the factors discussed in the preceding sections.

There are several ZenBusiness alternatives that may be ideal for your business. Thankfully, our extensive list is carefully curated to guide you in finding the option that aligns best with your specific business needs. We encourage you to fully utilize this guide for your benefit.

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